Monday, September 18, 2006

Deferred Birthday

We put our house on the market. I've lived there on a massive block of land with some member of my extended family or other for over 17 years so it's time to cut the apron strings. First with Bumper, then Hippybro, now Babybro. We all cohabit happily with our kids and dogs and washing and gum leaves and skid marks on the grass because we're too lazy to use the driveway.

Anyway, we've been gazetted for subdivision but nobody's banging our door down to buy. I can't understand why, it's a big and generous block with favourable rezoning. Sadly prices are falling . . . not even a business card in the mail box. Meanwhile we're all sitting around asset rich and cash poor.

Babysis wants to build a new house and have lots of jewellery . . but we all know what we have to do to get jewellery don't we girls and it aint wait for an inheritance.

Babybro wants to go to Queensland and live the dream even tho all his children are spread about the southern east coast. I'll give that one a couple of years before he realises that life in paradise is as boring as batshit . . you can't play golf 7 days a week no matter how hard you try .

Then there's Hippybro who's already blown most of his on a house that hasn't even started to be built who knows what he's done with the money - prolly gone into home theatre equpment or up his nose.

And me . . well I've put off my trip to Paris which was to be the starting point of a long, long holiday before launching into some sort of volunteering for a worthy cause and part-time paid work. As a consequence, I have postponed my birthday to 2007 hopefully when the house is sold, I am mega rich and can afford to travel.

So my beloveds, no presents for this little black duck this year . . hang on, I didn't think that one through at all . . .

. . actually I would like Bulgari or Dune eau de parfum, (ea de toilette is too feint), a toasted sandwich maker for those late night munchies, a case of Verve Cliquot to wash it down with and and an espresso machine . . . cappucino's for brekky. OK so I am fickle, a Libran and a woman and thereby permitted to constantly change my mind.

Resolution for today: Devise a way to receive presents without acknowledging the half century.

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ClareBear said...

Hmm, presents...yes...I was just about to go and get one....