Monday, March 07, 2011

Wedding Al Fresco

My nephew was married on the 4th March at our place and it was lovely. I know everyone says that but my brother spared no expense and this was an al fresco wedding of grand proportions from the huge marquee to tea lights on the pool, lanterns in the trees and rose petals along the aisle. Chef's buzzed hurriedly for two days preparing, gravlax, mushroom and goat's cheese pastries, lamb cutlets and barramundi fillets.  There are dozens of bottles of wine and champagne left over and everything was just perfect. 

For the first time in a long time our entire family was together with the exception of our errant brother who I'm sure was invited but . . . The settings were gorgeous, the bride looked beautiful, the groom didn't show his nerves and everyone behaved despite the whole shindig not winding up until 3am when finally, the MIL demanded music be turned down (by which time I was long in bed and couldn't hear a thing). 

  • Laurie deciding to do a poo in the background during the ceremony
  • The tea light candles getting stuck in the corners of the pool due to the breeze
  • Me gamming my knee dancing like a teen when I should know better
  • Rebecca (the groom's sister) giving by far the most heartfelt speech
  • The food - awesome!
  • The chef's (two of them) eye candy all over
  • My Sister In Law giving the bride away (since her father is in England)
  • Adam managing to get the bloody pool sparkling just in time
  • Brownie swan diving into the front seat of a ute and not moving for six hours - priceless

Seriously, it was a gorgeous day, the weather was perfect and everything went according to plan. The happy couple are now in England having another wedding before heading off to Thailand for a proper honeymoon. Congratulations James and Jessica, it was indeed a night to remember. Just enough breathing time before the next one in July.

The Marquee went up around a green pool
The crowd waited in anticipation
Nervous Groom but he didn't show it
Beautiful bride and her Mother In Law to be
Sister, Cousin, Sister
Lighting a candle was a little trixy
Sealed with a kiss
Off in a Hummer for photographs, no it wasn't pink
A drink Madame?
My crew chatting before dinner
Happy throng
Two Chefs . .yes they were very cute
Mushroom en croute with goat's cheese
A toast . . .
A cake . . .
Then all became a bit of a blur really . . . .
"Brownie" nothing else needs to be said


Tom said...

wonderful! glad you danced, even if you wangled your knee.

i hope those bridesmaid dresses looked better in person than they do on your green blog.

Alan Burnett said...

That really does look like a memorable day. Congratulations to all concerned.

Grannymar said...

Now that sounds like my kinda wedding. Glad it all went well.

Roy said...

And a good time was had by all, looks like. And I hope just the cheering up you needed after recent events.

Brian Miller said...

haha...that last pic...everyone looks looks yummy...gamming your knee, everything ok? jacked up my foot yesterday...spent the day at the hospital, soft tissue damage only and a few days off of it...nothing as fun as dancing though...smiles.

laughingwolf said...

good times! :)

Janice said...

What fun! Love that last picture.

nick said...

Glad it all went so well. And you just have to dance at a wedding, even at the risk of a gammy knee!

PattiKen said...

Looks lovely all around, except... (well, I'm with Tom on the bridesmaids' dresses). The last picture is great. I'm thinking the poor lad will never live that one down.

Gledwood said...

That looks like an A1 day.

Isn't Laurie your next door neighbour..? And doesn't she have her own toilet..??!!

I've put out a shout asking for advice today so if you have a read of the long post please state your opinion or any ideas on what I should do, I'm really stumped. I feel weird and don't know what I should do. Thanks.

Back to the wedding, did you take all those? Whoever did is a really good photographer.


Gledwood said...

I love that last pic, btw! ;-)

Betsy said...

That last picture is priceless!

How wonderful that all went well and it was a beautiful time for all! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Hope your knee is better!

e said...

Lovely. My best to the bride and groom...that last photo got me laughing!

Pam said...

Looks wonderful Helen!

River said...

I'd completely forgotten you were hosting this wedding at your place. I'm glad it all went well, except for your knee. The pictures haven't loaded for me, but they will tomorrow, so I'll see them then.

Sarah Lulu said...

LOVED the pictorial story of the wedding ...perhaps a new job for you? Wedding planner have everything you need right there at home. xx

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Looks like a wonderfully, professional, happy, exciting day all round, Baino! How happy everyone looks .. .except, possibly, Brownie. But how would we know? LOL!

Lovely pics!! I particularly like the candle lighting and 'a drink, madame?'

kylie said...

it looks like a great day and on the bridesmaids dresses: i really like how they all have their own style

Kath Lockett said...

Beautiful (and I love your daughter's dress too). PLEASE tell me that Laurie is an animal and not a human...?

And the last photo is classic Australiana - could just as well be at an outback B and S ball!

kj said...

hells, it's obvious this was a fantastic wedding. i hope and trust you had a great time yourself. who's pool is that? :)

that photo of brownie is hilarious. for as long as i've known you, i love how you and your clan party.

love love

Megan said...

All that AND you got to sleep in your own bed!?! Most excellent!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

THAT is one grande affair! Just gorgeous!

AND, of course, the popular photo is Brownie. I hope he recovered nicely from his "sleep" in the car!

Carolina said...

Oh that last photo, hahahaha.
Love the green as an accent colour on the tables. I do hope the horse in the background is Laurie? I'd love to photograph a wedding and making a Blurb book of the shots. I just have to talk some friends into marrying now ;-)

Bimbimbie said...

Good on Laurie, he was probably making his feelings clear on the hummer not been a horse drawn carriage ;)

Looks like a wonderful time was had, hope the knee is ok now*!*

Darlene said...

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, perfect weather and yummy food and drink. All the ingredients for a wonderful wedding. I just wish I had been invited. '-)

Gledwood said...

That looks like such an amazing day!
Thanks for looking up stuff for me I wasnt meaning to put you off stuff you were doing I was asking for feedback to get an alternative viewpoint. You have to understand the dr who treats me is the local consultant and in very great demand literally he comes in and has a line of people wanting his signature, his attention he is really harrassed I feel for him.
Im just glad I got diagnosed IN a drug clinic by a dr who specializes in dual diagnosis so there's no risk he's gone up a gum tree and diagnosed me with a heavy illness when drugs could be the cause he knows how frank I have been and I tried really hard to give an accurate impression of what happens when/how much/how long/how intense. He has a v good idea of how I am.
None of the links anyone came up with was one I'd seen before so Im v grateful for all of them and I'm grateful you took time out you didn't have to but I appreciate it very much.
All the best with the job search I know it's a fucker. Me and you both with stuff eating away at us different things I am sending you a big hug I reckon you need one. Isn't a hug an "O" so here you go O!

Gledwood said...

Thanks for your comment I don't know what to think about what I wrote earlier either I feel so fucking childish now and it makes me realize I'm mentally ill because I genuinely meant what I put, I really did mean it and I really did feel that way I felt sluggish, exhausted, all the symptoms of depression, it wasn't just a bad mood (I'm quite au fait with judging my moods now) I'm really feeling lost in all this you know and I'm not asking for answers just kind of pointers I suppose. I'm not pissed off with anyone except NA. I shared about my mood swings and got not one single word of response and only arms-length treatment the same treatment you get when they know you're still using and I look back and think fuck 'em I was so fucking nervous my voice was literally quivering when I spoke and those bastards didn't even have one single word for me they can fuck off. I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I will go back but I really am losing faith in that lot. I came in feeling misunderstood and feel more misunderstood. It wouldn't surprise me if at least one of them actually thinks I'm lying. Well that's his problem not mine but I feel seriously let down. I never expected some big redemption, just a tiny little bit of understanding that's all. And I got none. People like you have been 100 times more helpful than NA ever have.

Nicky Schmidt (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Looks like a great and memorable day! Hope the leg is feeling better!

California Girl said...

The last photo is f*#@!n' awesome!
Bet somebody had a hangover the size of Sydney the next day.

Looks like a great time. Is this the wedding you blogged about a few wks ago when you posted photos of the golf course & the big wall of windows? It isn't is it? That's the July wedding?