Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Post Brought to You by the Letter "M"

Damn Megan and blast Absolute Vanilla I volunteered for a letter meme and would you believe they both gave me "M" . . . although I don't think there was any collusion. What am I to do with "M"! I'ts a maudlin, mystifying muddly letter - unless it stands for someone's name of course . . . Well here goes but this was very hard . . *sulk* . . .the next meme I have up my sleeve involves photographs and fridges so it's much easier!

When I was an infant, she nurtured me, fed my body and soul, kept me safe. Taught me the art of physical contact, deep love and good manners. In my teens she was annoying. She went back to work and I shouldered much of the domestic life due to her absence. We fought, she was bossy, domineering, strict - I didn't care for her much. When I married, she became confidante, my girls night out, my Saturday morning, my midwife, my lifeline and I loved her. Now that she's not here, plucked too early from her mortal coil by a sick twist of fate,. I miss her - she was my friend.

Millions . . of dollars that is! That's what I want, what I really, really want. My life is on hold and lacks momentum until the real estate market recovers, someone buys my block and I become financially free . ..OK so money won't buy me happiness but being debt free bloody well might!

am the only person in the universe who has not yet been to Paris. It's so high on my Agenda that I may even bust a trip and bugger the consequences. Just a couple of weeks to soak it in, hang in the Louvre, walk through Notre Dame, stroll by the Seine, drink coffee from a bowl, eat a croissant or eclair, get thrown out of Chanel for not being a size six and buy some little accessory in YSL just because I can. I don't care if it smells, I don’t care if the French are rude, if there's doggie doos on the pavement or gypsies in the Metro , I will . . see Paris and I will stay at Montmartre - sooner rather than later.

I can't live without music, well I probably could but I'd prefer not to. I don't much care what type of music as long as it's not Country / Western . . . but I hate sitting in silence. I like a backtrack to my life - music evokes memories, makes me smile,makes me cry . . .yep, I need music.

Ah whether it's a full body, pedicure, manicure or facial . . . as long as it involves half an hour magnificent massage and I get that lovely woosy, don't-want-to-get-up-after-dribbling-in-the-hole feeling. Did you know, there's no medical evidence for the therapeutic benefit of massage but anything that makes you feel THAT relaxed, can't be bad.

I love animals. I'd have more if I had the time and didn't mind being housebound. I love my little lab, Lily . . .I like my horsey view. I'd love a few chooks if only I could risk them not being taken by foxes. I miss my cat - a little Burmese/Siamese cross that I had for 17 years and haven't replaced in case the new puss, chased parrots! Animals have always been part of our lives and offer up a unique kind of unconditional affection that humans simply don't.

Not work meetings! Meeting people, new people, online people, on the street people, who-do-what-you-don't-dare-do people, (sorry Prodigy just slipped in there) someone fresh and interesting. It's my intention, finances willing, to meet as many of my commenters as possible, providing they're up for it. Three down . . .lots to go!

Doing little, being lazy. I love a cold, wet day, a doona, a home delivery menu and a bagful of DVD's . . .so easy!

I love my fud! I love antipasto platters, cheesy nibbly bits, seafood . . pretty much anything except Octopus. I'm not keen on the suckers
For a while the meals we were masticating became a little ho hum, the predictable Spag Bol one night, Thai Curry the next . . .. Since we've been on the health trail lately, we're having more variety and it's good. Carpaccio of beef and horseradish cream with mesclun and watercress, salmon tails in soy and ginger, shaslicks and home made San Choy Bow. . . tonight it's Cajun Pork Fillet with char grilled vegetables. We even have a menu plan and I'm cooking healthier,more nutritious food that's tasty, filling and we're all enjoying it even if the portions are a little smaller .

Where are all the decent men these days? They're married. They're too young - great to play with but bordering on paedophilia for anything else - if they're single they want younger women or trophy brides and the leftovers aren't worth looking at. Surely, there's a decent, well mannered, alright looking, educated, interesting, decent sort of man out there who'd at least be up for a bit of company over dinner or a movie! Where on earth are they all?
. . .I have a voucher for a Seafood Platter at Jordan's to redeem before the end of March . . might take Clare for Valentine's day seeing as we're both in a man drought!


Kath Lockett said...

Your meals are making me drool... Love Chunks is the chef in our house and when it's my turn I (blush blush) do inevitably end up producing the One Pot (un) Surprise. Bad me.

As for the letter meme, can you give me one? Pretty please?

Megan said...

Most excellent that we both gave you the same letter. How funny is that? Hey, anything that links me with you and AV, even in the most nebulous way, is great!

Marvelous job. I hear you on that last one, especially. ;)

But oh chwist does everyone in entire freaking blogdom have to eat such wonderful meals? I think I'll go sob into my cupboards for a while...

Annie Ha said...

here's to all those things! I think you did quite well with your M.
I got a B and I'm still workin' on it...

Baino said...

Yeh we're eating pretty well for a change. I'm a one pan wonder usually but we're off the rice and pasta - gawd I miss it tho! And yes, I'll send you a letter.

Yeh kindred spirits in a weird way . . .either that or fellow torturers! It was hard! I'm a lazy cook Megs, seriously. Tonight, Cajun pork fillets with grilled veg. (Mushies, artichokes, capsicum and zuchini) They look so pretty with black lines on them!

Annie Ha you're so slack! Too much time whingeing about the job and not enough time working the 'B' you go girl!

River said...

Music--I like a background of music through my day too, (don't hate me, I'm a country music girl), unfortunately in our little unit the background of (hubby's) choice is TV. Bleh!
Meals around here have lately been of the baked beans on toast variety. Neither of us wants to cook.....

Grannymar said...

When you come to Ireland we will have a bloggers meet-up in your honour!

When you find that 'guy' check if he has an older brother please. ;)

steph said...

Masticating? I thought for a moment you were saying something else there and had to read it through my fingers!


i do hope that when you finally make it to Paris, you will include Ireland on your agenda and come and party Irish style!

Susan said...

I love your Paris trip already--you MUST do that! (another M for you). I'm with you too on the masticating; if anyone ever gave me a food meme the post would never end.

Gledwood said...

I never trod on any doggiedooze in Paris and spend days on end wandering with and without passing schoolfriends (so bohemian)

is montmartre on the left bank?

I unwittingly stayed on the L bank, not knowing the difference. The difference is it feels nothing like the centre of any other city in the world, whereas the R bank is glitzy, shop-filled, commercial, very stylish and couldn't QUITE be anywhere but the Left bank is Paris in a nutshell

the eiffel tower's on the left bank

Gledwood said...

why my crappo typing spend? I spenT in the pasT it was about 18 years ago which makes me feel very ancient

Anonymous said...

Baino, I knew you could do it! I'm gonna do the entire alphabet. I got inspired. Really. And anything with cheese in, on, under or around it; I'll eat it( well, most anything :) ).

Moon said...

and I thought M for Moon would get a mention ... sulking now !

Bimbimbie said...

Most moving, especially about your Mum. Hope some man moves onto your horizon ... might even be waiting for you in Paris*!*

Miladysa said...

Mates - Glad to have you as one and up for a weekend in Paris any time :D

Baino said...

River, I get home late ordinarily so don't have time to faff around in the kitchen but it hasn't been too hard. I guess the hot weather helps, salads a plenty! Hey, baked beans are good, there's a meal in every can!

Grannymar, that's the plan but the big trip will have to wait until we sell then there's no stopping me!

Steph hush your mouth!Chewing girl, chewing!

See . .even Gleds has been to Paris! Montmarte is the hill overlooking the city with the famous steps. I'll be lucky to get there without a wheelchair and a catheter!

Subtorp it was a challenge I tell you. Now I'm having a caniption over FISH!

Aww Moony baby . . stick that bottom lip in!

Well Bimbimbie, I'm not holding my breath but hey, a girl can dream!

Ropi said...

You know I made an observation. Men or women to the other sex is not interesting as long as they are single or they are not sexbombs. So yeah, that's life. It is a vicious circle.

laughingwolf said...

mmmarvy, madame ;) lol

Baino said...

Thanks Miladysa, glad to have you as a mate too! (I didn't use that one cos I thought it was a bit stereotypically Aussie...)

Oh Ropi! So jaded for one so young. So how do you explain pretty young girls with ugly men? Happens all the time. Are you insinuating that I'm not a sex bomb? I might not look it but I have 'hidden' talents.

Thanks Wuf!

Ces said...

I have an M word but I better keep it to myself. That's it it's me! Hahaha!

I like reading about your Mum. My favorite M words:


Anonymous said...

Aww I just wrote a comment and got an error message that said "duplicate action" what???
Let me try again:
I really liked your M-letter meme. You said it was hard but after I read it I must say it didn't look like it was a huge effort, you always have flowing, thought provoking, great to read stories and this was no different. So no sulking young lady!
Let's see, firstly, did you put that manicure and pedicure voucher to good use? Mum is a great word, I miss my mum terribly and she is alive but too far.
Masticate heheheh nice creative one Baino, to include the F word (food) there. I like it.
And last but not least, I wish for you a man who will deserve your love and attention and nothing less.
I am sure there is someone out there for you, but perhaps you are not out there much to bump into him! :p

Baino said...

Ces I did struggle really but then I might have given any other letter. You're by far the better wordsmith and the master of aliteration . . you'd have nailed this one in a moment! All I could think of at first was masturbation, misogynist and morose! Some psychiatrist would have a field day with my inner thoughts!

Aww Gaye, you're too sweet really. Yeh, My mum missed hers terribly after they left England. Erm nope haven't done the pedicurey thing yet. Maybe Saturday! I am in dire need of a beautician's attention!

True about not getting out much but it's very difficult as a single who's friends are all married to meet other singles and I'd never join a dating club. . not my scene ...so . . out, about and bumping it will have to be!

kj said...

baino, i think you did an incredible job with the letter 'm'. i enjoyed every word of this post. i was touched by your description of and love for your mom and i am so rooting for you to get to paris. if i won the lottery, i swear i would send you a ticket pronto. montmartre is all you think it will be, baino. may i nudge you to go and credit crunch be damned?!


Anonymous said...

Montmatre, massages My own mum, men, millions and masticating - love the all - Marvellous :-)

i beati said...

Good ones I agree on most - especially the food and animals

IK am heartsick over these fires.Everyday I hope to read it's better and the damnable heat omg

ebony said...

Hi. I've been away again. GAH. I just wanted to know wether YOU are alive!!!! I heard rumours that things are getting really hot over there. Ok, firstly, I'm not stupid, Australia is a big place but I don't know where you live. I hope everything is ok. I miss your comments and you :D. Keep your fingers crossed: I have a dance, prom thingy on Friday and I'm not supersticious but IT IS Friday 13th (NO I DON'T believe in that mumbo jambo :DD). I just pray my dress wont fall nor I... well see you ;D

Anonymous said...

'only person in the universe who has not yet been to Paris'

I worked in Paris airport for a week and stayed in a hotel in the airport. Never made it into the city, so I haven't been there either. LadyMc wants to go to Paris just for lunch on Valentines day. I've said no, the Xanax I need to fly just kills the appetite.

Ropi said...

No, I wasn't saying anything about you. I was just stating my observation. Anyway exceptions strenghtens the rule as we say here.

How could I explain ugly boys with nice girls? Maybe it was a challenge for the girl to conquer the guy for some reason.

I am not good at these things. I just wanted to sound smart. :P

ps: Am I jaded?

Baino said...

kj I've actually resorted to one lottery entry per month so fingins crossed. Meanwhile, I'll follow you along the west coast!

Oh Conortje . . .why are all the gorgeous ones gay?

Hi Beati food is my downfall! But it's been challenging doing the healthy and tasty thing . .fun too actually . .I should have added 'Menu' I've written enough of them!

Hiya Ebs. Nice to see you around, yes, I'm here and a long way from the fires. They're in Victoria which is on our southern border, about 700kms away. We've had a few in NSW but nowhere near where I live. Good luck with the prom and I'm sure you'll look just lovely. Post some pics!

Yay Jack! Although you've been everywhere else. Don't worry, I'm a terrible flyer but hey it has to be done. Meanses to endses and all that. At least it's only a couple of hours for you! It's 24 hours in a tin tube for me! Awww, take the zanax and do lunch! (I'm taking Clare to Jordans for a seafood platter *sigh*)

Haha . . I reckon it's because they're sugar daddies Ropi! Jaded? Maybe or perhaps just a healthy dose of cynicism. Wait until the love bug hits you! The world will be a very different place!

Ropi said...

Well maybe. I am actually good at Maths. The teacher said that I have sense to it. I get more than 100% because I did an extra advanced task which was not part of the test.

sexy said...