Saturday, March 12, 2011

Soft Toilet Tissue and Sexy Scent - Now there's two phrases you don't see together very often.

Just been reading about Granny Mar's 'Obsession'.

You know, there are some things which do not deserve compromise. Sure, in a relationship there has to be give and take. At a wedding reception, you get the fish, he gets the lamb, you can swap. Christmas? Sometimes you have to go to his family first. Even when your kid's behind in his board because the bike payment's due, hey we can waive it. But there are two things which I will never compromise . . . soft toilet paper . . .good perfume.

I know, I know, in my current precarious financial state, these are probably two of the last things I should be thinking about but hey . . I can make a million meals with mince and I'm a dab hand with eggy thingies. Veggies are cheap. Wine is currently being paid for by a gift card presented by my previous employer. But that which wipes the area from which only sunshine emanates . . . must be soft Quilton Triple length which apparently provides 'the gift of time, soft and pillowy' Well not sure about that but it makes the toilet smell nice and saves me from rescuing dozens of toilet roll holders from the loo windowsill (because my son thinks that's where the empties should be stacked rather than the small bin beside the toilet).

Perfume? I blame my mother. The first I remember was Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass. I guess it was 'her' smell. Cheap enough but she bought it for me as a tween. Then, my Nana who was given a 150ml bottle of Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum. Get that! Almost full strength and 150 mls of the nectar. I was in my early 20's and went ballistic when she said, "Oh you have it, someone gave it to me and I never wear it." (She was an Estee Lauder Youth Dew freak - yuk).  At that moment, there was a God. It worked with the romance at that time too. But enough said about that.

Sadly, Chanel is way too expensive and I still use the bottle I bought in Paris very sparingly. Thanks Clare Bear. It is the perfect pong.

So I dabbled in a little Thierry Mugler Angel, (well until I found out that it might kill me - Yar!), Yves Saint Laurent,  La Rive Gauche and Lancome's Magic Noir even Giorgio Armani's Aqua de Gio was quite nice but in recent years, because it's affordable at $75 for 150mls, Calvin Klein. Which Calvin Klein? Not fussed really.  My favourite? Eternity. Second off the rank probably Euphoria. But if you really want to turn me on, or him for that matter (I can vouch for it's efficaciousness) . . still  Chanel No. 5.  As the lovely Madame Chanel said herself:
"A perfume like nothing else. A woman’s perfume, with the scent of a woman."  Sexy, non?

You paying attention Jeffscape?  Bring it on and I'll find you a Gippsland worm. (Don't ask!)


no-one said...

I'm with you on the toilet paper, only mine is Kleenex cottonelle. Even if I'm having a week where every lunch will be two minute noodles, i'm not giving up my nice toilet paper.

Wally The Walrus said...

heh. I buy (bought) loo paper on price. Unit pricing... yay! Now they show the cost/sheet so I bought cheap, didn't I.

Gee its awful.

As for perfume, doesn't do much for me. The other half pretty much never uses the stuff, it gives her a headache. Just fine by me. No pong, and no $ wasted on it.

Carolina said...

Once in a supermarket I heard a woman shouting to her other half, who was somewhere down another isle: "and we need toilet paper Harry! NOT THE GREY STUFF, YOUR FINGERS ALWAYS GO THROUGH THAT!!!"

A littly bit too much information I thought ;-)

Calvin Klein One, Jill Sander Sun and Horse by Naloma are currently my odours. I'm a simple girl :-)

Do you think Jeffscape took the hint? LOL
We call that 'een hint met een koevoet'.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Grannymar said...

Glad I inspired your post. Elly was doing my shopping (post hip) and asked what kind of loo paper I wanted. My reply was "not sandpaper and I don't want to put my finger through the sheets! Thanks whoever that Bronco is a thing of the past!

Roy said...

Hmmmm... I'm not real particular about toilet paper - I use what I can get, and at the moment I'm not even the person doing the buying, so I use what's here.

As for scent... Yes, I'm one of those men who use it, but unlike some I use it sparingly. At the moment I'm still working on a 200ml bottle of George F. Trumper's Spanish Leather. But I don't use it on a daily basis.

Brian Miller said... long as it is not the stiff hard TP i am good i can use it but id rather not....

i rather like obsession when it comes to scent (Have a little left) mostly use revert put out by Rue 21

Anonymous said...

Aw ... c'mon bainsey babe, who is jeffscape???

hehe, Rowe xx

Mim said...

my mom was (probably still is) a YouthDew lady - and I can't smell it without having an emotional overload. When she dies - someone else is going to have to take away her clothes cause I couldn't handle the emotion that her perfume smell brings. Nowadays she wears too much - just like a little old lady, and it's very overpowering.
and yeah - HATE that cheap TP - nasty stuff.

laughingwolf said...


Janice said...

Yes, there is no perfume as wonderful as Chanel No. 5, though Joy comes close to it. Confession: I still wear Youth Dew sometimes...

Tom said...

hmmph. i always got stuck behind the granny in a church pew who must have lost her sense of smell...ewwwweeeee. perfume? a little goes a long way.

kj said...

"that which wipes the area from which only sunshine emanates"

okay, hells, you are officially getting carried away with your analogies and metaphors. :)

i am not a perfume girl. but if i were it would be china rain. reading this post makes me want to smell chanel # 5 right now!

love love

California Girl said...

My favorites: Chanel No.5; Chanel Chance; Estee Lauder Pleasures.


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Would you believe that I have NEVER smelled Chanel No. 5? I think I should probably add it to my bucket list.

Glad you have a gift card for a nice bottle of Chardy here and there. Medicine for the soul! ;)

Gledwood said...

O you're absolutely right an Chanel No 5 is just one of the wonders of the modern world ;-)

Kath Lockett said...

Oh I'm a perfume girl too. I don't wear make up and hate skirts and usually live in jeans but always have perfume on.

I regularly dabble but always return to Chloe.

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with No 5. Meg's favorite, too.

River said...

I've never smelled Chanel #5, I'll check it out next time I go to the city. I don't wear perfume anymore, well, hardly ever. I have a tiny bottle os something from Avon that I got for Christmas, it's nice enough. I used to wear Venezia, but it was discontinued years ago and I haven't found a substitute worth paying a similar amount of $$$ for.
Toilet paper? I don't like Cottonelle, it's "linty" and by the end of the day I find my knickers are looking a bit like there was a tissue in the wash. A lot of papers now are too soft, disintegrating upon contact with damp skin unless you use a huge wad. Quilton is lovely, but I prefer Sorbent. Although Coles has brought the price down on Quilton, $10 for a 20 pack.

Megan said...

No 5 is still my favorite. Never been able to find anything even close.

Bimbimbie said...

No 19 and Coco for me

... is that right about Angel it's my regular casual squirt*!*