Monday, July 02, 2012

Please Send Moneez

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted here. I guess the fact that I broke my arm on Good Friday then ruptured an extensor tendon five weeks later, means that I've been in a cast and splint for just about 10 weeks....there, that's April and May sorted...and now here we are half way through June.  My fingers are free, my wrist is a mangled mess and I have the scars to prove it but after my bully of a physiotherapist has finished manipulating the bejeezus out of my bones and causing me more pain than the original should get back to normal.

And before you ask. No, I haven't given up smoking...yet....although my role model has gone since March with only four nurrells smoked, and is lauding it over me nicely so...guilt will take it's toll even if sheer economics does not.
Not much to report, work, being a one armed invalid, working, hack writing on the other blog and mostly socialising with family and friends.  I'll let the pictures do the talking. So how are all of you? Or those who are left with me in their reader? I'm feeling a slightly renewed urge to blog...perhaps it will pass, but truth be told, I miss you all and a quick look back on the old girl and I kinda miss her too.

Although my reason for posting is less than altruistic. My darling boy, the light of my life Jeffscape has been hard at work writing scripts and screenplays. One of which is in pre production as a short film in preparation for the festival circuit. I've had a lot of faith in this guy's ability and it's been a long time coming seeing the puzzle piece together but now, with a fine team of film makers, producers, cinematographers and actors, he as the writer is ready to fledge. Please help them raise the tiniest bit of cash to fund this project.
You can invest, yes I said invest, as little as a dollar or as much as you want. Given that for the cost of a loaf of bread you could be part of something sweet, creative and with a message, should be it's own reward. They have a "Kickstarter" page where you pledge and leave credit card details via Amazon so it's safe, secure and if they don't make bank, no funds are deducted. If they hit their target, your card will be debited. They're already 30% there with a couple of weeks to go so please, if you have any interest in the creative arts, slip a coin in their virtual pocket. If only half a dozen of you help, I'll do a Friday Fuckwit for the next six weeks. And that's a promise.

If you can't see the Kickstarter Video, just click here


Roy said...

Welcome back, Helen! Sorry to hear about all the injuries.

I'd donate to Jeff's movie if I had extra cash, but at the moment things are kinda tight around here!

Janice said...

Glad to see you back here! Also, I found you on Facebook. I made a small donation...good luck to Jeff. It's all very exciting. More Fuckwits, please. I need a fix.

Mim said...

for a friday fw - I'll do it! sorry about your arm, sounds nasty.
Is that the Jeff who wouldn't show his face when he was there?

Baino said...

Thanks guys, I have a selfish interest in this project. Means money and maybe a CHristmas visit. Yep Mim, he's the one. Great talent but man...these boys need some shifting. Thank you for your contributions, every little bit helps. Four more and I'll FW your fannies off. (That's rude in Australia but you know what I mean...)

Baino said...

And what's this capcha stuff... off to get rid of it

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Hi. Too bad you got your arm broken, that totally hurts. Stuck in a cast can be annoying and frustrating. You can't do a lot of stuff. Anyways, I'm glad your back.