Sunday, December 30, 2007

. . . and now . . .The Weather . . .

And there's not much more to say about living in Australia today! I think I might get that tan after all!

SYDNEYSat, Dec 29
22.5°CLast updated:
10:00:00 PM
13.0 kph 40° NE
from 9am 0.0 mm
Sun, Dec 30
Mostly sunny
min: 19°C
max: 27°C
Mon, Dec 31
Mostly sunny
min: 19°C
max: 26°C
Tue, Jan 1
Mostly sunny
min: 19°C
max: 26°C
Wed, Jan 2
Mostly sunny
min: 20°C
max: 27°C


Emperor Ropi said...

it seems you have nice weather.

Baino said...

Hey Ropi! Welcome aboard. Yep for the first time in a month, the sun is doing what it should!

Ryan said...

It's great isn't it, beats the rain we have seen for the last few weeks on and off. (not that we didn't need that rain)

At least it's not as bad as other parts of Australia:

Jefferson Davis said...

You lucky.....I'm o'er here freezing my nads off to get a good shot of some whacky ducks, and you are out getting a tan! What's up with that??? :)

Enjoy it while it last...

Baino said...

Ryan: Yep, about time. I just have to make sure Greenpeace aren't around in case they try to rehabilitate me to the Great Southern Ocean.

JD: Whacky ducks? They masturbate? Or are we talking wacky ducks? (I was recently corrected on the spelling!)

Brianf said...

That's it!!
I'm moving to Freemantle, WA !!
May I send you my fuel oil bill in the meantime?

Baino said...

Brianf: Do you think we'll have you?

kahlerisms said...

Soft! Seen the forecast for Melbourne tomorrow?

grannymar said...

In Belfast we have:

7°C Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 13 km/h Humidity: 93%

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

It's bloody boiling here, mate! And I was foolish enough to go for a walk on the mountain at midday. Yikes!

Baino said...

Kahlerisms: 40! You're so gonna die son! You'd better come over for a swim!

GrannyMar: That's why I live here and not there . .

AV: You're a nut but then you know that! Mad Dogs and South Africans go out in the midday sun!

nonny said...

Baino that is really mean, we are freezinfg our asses off over here!!!