Thursday, December 11, 2008

He's a Big Boy Now

My happy accident turns 22 years old today. It's true! He was a happy accident. I'd planned to have my second baby after the first was at school. Had I done that, I would be the mother of an only child. He was born in 1986 and his dad passed away 2 years later! If I'd had my way, the next baby would have been born somewhere in 1989!

But he has grown up a lot this year. All the stresses of a new business, crashed cars and no money weighing heavily on his now properly adult brow. He's matured. He is in love. He is taking responsibility for his actions . . he takes out the bins (when asked) maintains the pool and mows the lawn although his gardening ability is saved for paying customers. He's a good uncle, a thoughtful boyfriend, a great cook - apart from the 'secret ingredient' which always seems to give his cuisine an originality that's not always to my taste. . . he's a hard worker . . .has a great sense of humour and is maturing nicely . . . *queue screeching record noise* . .

I love him dearly and we've discovered we have a lot in common during ClareBear's absence but what I don't see happening before my eyes, usually gets posted incriminatingly on Facebook! He's still blowing shit up, drinking too much, doing questionable things with tinfoil, riding dangerously, making noise and acting the goat. He still spends too much on big boys toys like Guitar Hero and Playstations. He's still the mess box from hell (I can rarely see the floor in his bedroom). His language is blue and the sun does not shine out of his bottom at 8am in the morning I can tell you! I've even caught him (on Facebook) with a cigar in his hand, crashed on the floor, manhandling mates and being extremely silly. I think that's one of the things I like about Drummerboy, he's one out of the box and has come from being quiet and shy to outgoing and confident. He's the only one who can say "Talk to the hand mum" and I actually back off because he's usually right.

No time for a biggie post, right now so I leave you with some of HIS Facebook shots . . you can take the man out of the boy but . . .
Impersonating a Blues Brother before attending a wedding . . .

She aint heavy . . she's my girlfriend! (Love the Bolivian pants)

Don't mess with me in my fake Arnetts

Chang Beer for Breakfast in Thailand . . so much for cultural exchange!

True love . . she calls him Honey and he likes it. .

Dancing queen

Danger man . .

Mercurial man . .
I have no photographs of Adam with a straight face!

Happy birthday darling . . please don't wish him a happy birthday. Just send money!


Miles McClagan said...

That's why I'm not on Facebook, the possibilities of a series of photos of me on the bouncy birthday castle were too hideous to contemplate...

steph said...

Boys will be boys!

"If I'd had my way, the next baby would have been born somewhere in 1989!"

Baino, by the looks of things you did indeed 'have your way' and thank goodness for it!

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Anonymous said...

'doing questionable things with tinfoil' hehe the mind boggles. Congratulations to you both!

Quickroute said...

Oh to be 22 again! Happy Birthday !

Susan said...

What a wonderful accident he is! Those photos aren't *half* so bad as a police record's mugshot, so no worries about this one, I think--just knows how to blow off steam and have fun, which is a good thing considering his car/money issues at the moment. (I too want to know about the tinfoil...or do I?)

Congratulations on such sons!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Ces said...

Writing check right now.

Ah this is a great post. He is a lovely man. Great sense of humor and elan.

I am glad there was an accident, he made you happy.

Boys are wonderful. Long live the boys! Happy Birthday to Mr. Adam.

laughingwolf said...

happy day, 'accident'! :P lol

TCL said...

Good on your boy on his day! Sounds like you've got your relationship with him well-sorted.

I've never done that with my motorbike though. I'm careful with what I put on facebook. But there's no control over when and what other people "tag" you with.

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Big Boy! (I can't say that without doing a Mae West voice.)

Baino said...

Apparently the younglings are objecting to their parents perving on their Facebook antics! Oh Miley, you don't bounce . . you ROCK!

Well given we're the same age Steph I guess we were all yummy mummys around the same time. Now we're just weird wrinkleys

There is video evidence Conor! I just don't wanna go there!

Yeh great age Quickie. Although I was married at 22! Mine are still at home.

Let's say it involved a hat to dispell aliens and a male appendage! He's just so sweet!

Ooh Ces you've changed your piccy! Yep I'm very proud of him and he's loads of fun. Don't write the cheque to him, he'll just go out and buy an XBox!

Hehe . . .I'm not sure he knows he was Wuffa!

Ooh Ted, you're on Facebook. I must seek you out. Erm, it wasn't his motorbike but the motocrosser in him has a penchant for 'tricks'

I'll pass it on Megs!

English Mum said...

He's adorable. When I stir the Christmas pudding I shall wish that my two turn out EXACTLY the same!

Happy (belated) birthday, Junior Baino! xx

Baino said...

Well I don't know about adorable but he fits the Australian Larrikin image! (I wish I liked Christmas pud!)

kj said...

this makes me so happy for you,baino! your love is bulging right out of my computer.


i beati said...

I like him from his picture..My baby is 34 .All the firefighters are reserved for me

Ropi said...

Happy Birthday to him! He must be subordinate if he lets her call him Honey. :P

TCL said...

Baino just look me up on FB with my email. You still got it right?

Baino said...

Aww . .well he's my boy kj, what can I say . .

Beati? Firefighters? Where?

Oh Ropi! Can't wait until you get a girlfriend! Don't you worry, he wears the pants! Never met a blokier bloke!

Cheers Ted. Will do!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Happy Birthday, Adam - belatedly!

Love the shots! ;-)

Ropi said...

I expected an answer like that from you and to be honest I share your fear.

Babysis said...

What a shame we dont see more of this fantastic, comedic, amazing, loving, beautifuls beautifuls boy on your blog - he really is very very schpeshell! Happy Birfdy you heaps and heaps...oh that cheque for your new car....its in the mail!!!