Monday, December 01, 2008

The Prodigal Returns

This is the last time I saw my daughter in the flesh on January 31st 2008, she's the one in the skirt. . . .neither she nor Gem looked back, apparently they had a little cry in the transit lounge but that was soon overtaken by the fantabulousness of their world trip. Brasil, Paraguay, Equador, Uraguay, Peru, Chile, America, Canada, England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czecheslovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain and now back home in beautiful sunny and very warm Sydney

I spent most of the day busying myself. There was absolutely no point going to work because every 10 minutes I'm imagining where she is, what she's flying over, is she getting some sleep, how's her cold?

Adam had a quick maintenance job this morning so afterwards, we went for lunch and the two of us finished off our Christmas shopping. He kept going in the afternoon and I did the unthinkable . . .had a snooze on the couch. Gives you some idea how I've been sleeping lately, once in the prone position and I was out like a light.

5.oo pm and Adam and the Fringelet arrived. We chatted then bought champagne because there would be celebrations, small family ones but celebrations nonetheless.

6.00pm and I checked her flight, yep QF32 was right on time and flying over the interior. I wondered if she'll see Ularu or the Warrumbungles.

7pm . and it was time to go. I knew we'd be early, it's only a 50 minute drive at that time of night and by the time she comes through customs it would be more like 8:30 but I need to be there.

We had time for a coffee and then a long wait. The plane unloaded quickly but people were trickling through customs so it took a while. Then all of a sudden, there she was . . .

So, at about 9pm my sweet child returned, all in one piece after 11 months of abject adventure. There were tears and hugs. Well you knew there would be!

At home and more tears and hugs for her beloved Lily . . .

Then straight to the business of "Mine's bigger than yours" . . we spent the night looking at her DVD's and photos, chatting, drinking, laughing.

I envy her travels, the people she's met, the places she's been but I'm so, so, so . . glad she's safe and sound and home. Now to the mountain of washing!


kj said...

oh i'm the first one to share this blog joy! i love every word and every photo and every particle of love in this post, baino.

i tell you from my heart i am triple happy for you and your brood.

Quickroute said...

I've been following her trip thru you and hearing how much you miss her - I'm getting a little sniffly myself just thinking about how happy you must be - so great to have a loved one back home safe and sound - Nice one Baino!

Susan said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful post and photos! How amazing to be able to travel the world, but it must be best of all to have her home again.

Mine's leaving school this coming June...oh no!

Baino said...

Thanks kj. . I'll be back to the normal rantings and ravings now. It is wonderful to have her messiness slopping up my family room once again.

Thanks Quickie. I don't know how your folks cope with you all the way over in Argentina, I'd go spare!

Susan, none of mine in any form of educational institution now. It's a bit of a wrench when they leave school but full of new adventures as well! I don't think its the end of her travels by any means but she'll have to stay for a while to recoup her finances!

Ces said...

She is one PRETTY LOVELY young lady. I love that photograph of you hugging her. You look so happy and I love your hair!

Megan said...

Aw I shed a little tear, too. I'm so happy for you guys!

Annie Ha said...

Well I don't remember you ever telling me just how pretty she was!
(Granted I've only followed this blog for a few months now...)
Happy Christmas & Merry New Year to you! Family reunions are always so grand.

Annie Ha said...

and Warrumbungles sounds giggly.

Babysis said...

Oh Joy Oh Happiness...Happy Happy Joy Joy even! The princess is home and safe and sound and loved seeing her today...she's a gem and we love her and missed her dearly. Of course we've eaten all the chocolate euros and look forward to the dust settling!
Welcome Back Clarebear!
Welcome back to normality Nellie!

TCL said...

well done baino. I'm sure your daughter is pleased to be home. a ten months is a long time for a trip.


Miles McClagan said...

Did she bring me a present?

steph said...

Hurray! I can relax now... Clarebear is safely home and Baino is one happy bunny.

Well done! on 'coming out' Baino. That's a very special pic!

Talking of pics, I forgot didn't I? Will get hunting tonight...promise!


nick said...

Well of course she's back safe and sound! You didn't seriously think she'd be kidnapped by Bolivian guerillas or swept away in a Louisiana hurricane? What an amazing trip it must have been. Good to see the happy family reunion.

Thriftcriminal said...

Good stuff, happy lady :-)

Baino said...

Ces, lovely and smart, worldly . . she's an old soul. Erm that was a tearly slobby moment but yes I'm happy. As for the hair . .I wish 60's fashions would come back and I could do the natural afro!

Well Meg you know the ties that bind better than anyone. I think single parents have a different bond with their kids. Not better or worse but different. Now stop snivelling.

Babysis, I know you think I'm a blubbery twat but you also know I'm a hard biatch . . .very special relationship there. . .I wish you the same with your honey bunny. And I've been 'normal' well mostly.

TCL you would know! Be good to your mother!

Miley . .all I got was a load of dirty washing so you've got buckleys

Wonder Wall goes up tomorrow so get your act together now Ms Steph. Although like Megan, there will be openings for weeks to come.

Haha you know Nick, nothing, not one problem apart from losing her drivers' license in Croatia . .even she was on the plane thinking "God I hope I don't crash, all this time, all this distance it would be a bummer to fall out of the sky now!"

Yes I am Dishy Daddy . .you hold yours close. It's a nanosecond before they're out of your grasp.

Kath Lockett said...

I've just got a bit of dust in my eye, that's all... No, I'm not wondering if my own Clarebear (Sapphire) will do the same thing to me in future....*sniff*

Anonymous said...

wonderful! just wonderful!

Bear Naked said...

How wonderful for both of you.
Let the spoiling begin!!

Bear((( )))

Grannymar said...

Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy once more Baino! Welcome home Clarebear.

I love the photos, you can feel the love from here.

Baino said...

Kath she probably will! So many of our youngsters take a gap year at some time and I believe it's really good for them but if you're close, it's a helluva wrench. I'd have been lost without the internet!

She is Gaye . .then I am biased!

Just for a little while Bear! Then it's nose to the grindstone and find a job!

You won't often get a photo of me in tears GM happy or otherwise. We are very 'connected'.

laughingwolf said...

welcome home, clare... with an education NO school could give :D

Excellent Adventures said...

Wow, I had no idea so many people were following my trip!! You've got some good mates here Mum, just hope you get to meet most of them! Thanks for all the support peeps, so glad to home with my Mum again!!!

i beati said...

what a grand opportunity !!!