Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chasin' the Blues Away

Today is ANZAC day where Australia and New Zealand celebrate our worst defeat at Gallipoli although these days, it's a tribute day to all our troops at home and abroad.

So, while Adam attended the dawn service, got soaked on his motorbike and then made up for his day with a round of Two-Up and copious amounts of alcohol, the would-be-if-we-could-be's took off and did lunch!

Clare bought me a lunch voucher for Christmas that was burning a hole in my pocket so some time ago, I booked Doyles. totally overpriced but wonderful seafood restaurant on the bay beach at Watson's Bay in Sydney's exclusive Eastern Suburbs. She was blue, the weather was awful and we nearly called the whole jam off but . . hey, what else do you do on a chilly, wet, windy ANZAC day. I'm glad we went. It was wonderful.

Of course when I booked it was a sunny 28 degrees so I asked for an outside table on the beach . . brrrr . . it was windy and cold and black clouds threatened a downpour, so no comments about the frizz that occasionally goes by the name 'hair'. The sun did make an appearance just as we were eating so it was quite lovely sitting there and pretending to be rich and famous.
The skies were threatening but no rain thankfully

We shared a dozen Sydney Rock Oysters which were so perfect, so fresh, they winced when we splodged a little lemon on them . . . some garlic bread and this . . a seafood platter of garfish, calamari, lobster, scallops, prawns, smoked salmon and blue swimmer crab . . .all washed down with a nice Cockfighter's Ghost Semillon! I'm still pogged 4 hours later!

And this was lunch . . .we couldn't eat it all and left half a crab
nearly all the chips and a roll of smoked salmon . .
I know . .so wasteful

A very nice tourist eating all on his own
(if he'd stayed longer we probably would have asked him to join us)
took this photo of us both.Two up. Traditional ANZAC day game of heads or tails is played at the pub next door.
This guy's taking bets on his phone!

Time to walk it off at The Gap . . South Head looks at North Head.
Many have flung, or been flung, to their deaths here.
We just took in the view

Macquarie Lighthouse, the first in Australia.
Designed and built by emancipated convict Francis Greenway

Queen Victoria's surprised visage adorns the main
door to the lighthouse . . Oh hai! She lookz a bitz like me!

Now about those blues . . .my beautiful, confident, intelligent, fun-loving, talented, awesome daughter needs a man. Not a boy, not an accessory but a nice, well mannered, intelligent, independent, well-travelled man. He must be nice looking, affectionate, considerate, happy to back-pack a good conversationalist and it would help if he can find his way around a kitchen. Where on earth are they all?

Yeh I know . . . Nevada!


River said...

In my mind I'm sharing that yummy seafood platter with you, but the calamari is all yours mate, never did like it. I'll have an extra prawn instead, okay?

Lorna Lilo said...

Well mannered, intelligent, independent, well travelled, nice looking, affectionate, considerate, happy to back-pack a good conversationalist, find your way around a kitchen kind of guys are out there. And you come across them all the time like the pearls you found in your oysters at lunch. Forget about pearls, how about settling for the squid instead? He's not as attractive but he's got all the moves!!

Brian Miller said...

that is a rather scary queen vic....lunch sounds amazing....oysters and crab...oh...i want some. nice pic of the two of lovely ladies as well.

Anonymous said...

When we go to holiday, we usually bring a lot of food with us (when we go by car f. ex to Croatia), because food is expensive in Trogir, Split and in places where a lot of tourists go. In Hungary and probably in Eastern-Europe it is a well-known "trick" to save money. You may say that we skip the traditional cuisine, but I say you can't really taste them when you are on holiday, because in these well know places, they simplify their cuisine. For example I would never eat anything in France and Slovenia, because both times I ended up vomiting the food out, moreover I won't support the tourism of those idiots. I have enjoyed all of my holidays in different extent, but I was homesick in Slovenia and France and I counted back the seconds when I arrive home and not because it was boring, but the people were horrible. I am not easy to look down to but they managed to. I won't forget their faces when they got to know that I am Hungarian. In France everyone had face as if they ate lemon, in Slovenia it was mainly the younger generations who looked down on us. You won't experience such things, because you are from a popular and liked country, but people East to the Iron Curtain can have bad moments abroad.

Anonymous said...

We rather laugh at your defeat at Gallipoli, because it was the result of a huge human mistake. They packed the stuff wrong in the ships and why they packed out they were caught.

i beati said...

scenery breathtaking

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good day.
@ Ropi - The commemoration of failure can seem like an odd thing. Rather than be ridiculous however, it can become a transcendent and powerful celebration of the human spirit. It can be pretty powerful politically too - eg The 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland (crushed by Britain), or the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 (the Serbs lost to the Ottomans).
Anyway - Baino - I presume you've seen the video of the joey gambolling on the beach?

Tom said...

oh Helen, pitching your daughter on the Nevedans? There are some lovely Mormons just north of there in Utah...or some drug kings south of the border in Mexico...I know some nice guys in Indiana, but they are all Hoosiers...ack what the heck is a Hoosier? Loved your food critique and tour of the beach, happy days!

Grannymar said...

The food looks fab. I love calamari.
You two ladies look great. Sounds like it turned out a good day.

Roy said...

Now that's a lunch! I guess you had to do a lot of walking to walk that off. And why a waste? Don't you guys have "doggie bags" (i.e. take home the leftovers bags) over there? They're a national institution here!

nick said...

Have been to Watson's Bay several times but never tried Doyles. Seafood wouldn't tempt us anyway! The view from South Head is pretty stunning - like many others round Sydney. And yes, that's a great pic of you two. You're looking pretty happy despite your recent trials and tribulations!

Jill said...

What an amazing day! Your lunch looks OH SO delicious...and such wonderful company too.

I am always LOVING your photographs of your area. You take good pics!
What camera do you use? I am stalking cameras as mine is such a piece of trash!

Happy weekend.

ebony said...

lovely pics! lovely food! (Nevada... LOL! I guess you are right)

Kathy G said...

I like all the pictures, but the top one is particularly striking. Glad those clouds were just for decoration.

hokgardner said...

No, not Nevada. Austin, the liberal haven in Texas.

It looks like a lovely day. Someday I really will come down and let you show me all the sights. Until then, I'll just have enjoy your pictures.

Janice said...

What a great outing! I loved the photos. And that meal looked so delicious. There wouldn't have been any left-overs if I'd been there.

Anonymous said...

Terrific photographs as ever Baino. I would like to try out that restaurant some day.
As for men, my eldest - he's 30, is emigrating soon, to Brisbane I'm afraid and he knows his way around the kitchen. He won't have time for back-packing I'd say as he has a ton of work already lined up!

AngelMay said...

Wonderful photos. Especially love the one of the lighthouse. The design is just so appealing in its white symmetry and clean lines.

tony said...

English Clouds & The Queen Vic sucking lemons! 'hope for The Empire Yet!

CatLadyLarew said...

What a beautiful day... even with clouds threatening. I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven if someone put a plate of all that seafood in front of me!

steph said...


No need to pretend...

You are enviably rich with talent and famous for your big heart.

Flaunt it Babe!

kj said...

nevada???! what's that about? my advice is for clare to do what she likes to do and keep a coy open face about it.

i love the way that seafood platter looks. my crew sat on a beach that looked much like this in aruba at sunset. makes you appreciate the privilege, as renee would say.

honey hells, i hope you are looking for two men if you happen to be looking. just sayin... :)

love always,

Ronda Laveen said...

Oh, Baino, looks like you had a wonderful day. Your photos are pure joy to view. Hope "the blues" have been put away for a bit. Sending you both good energy for those specail men to walk into your life.

Megan said...

Most unfortunately, I can't eat that stuff. Oh, I wish I could!

Hey, when Clare finds hers, tell her to get the number of any unattached uncles he may have.

I don't get the Nevada thing. What'd I miss?

Baino said...

River it really was as good as it look.s Even the calamari. It might be expensive but it was fresh and totally delicious! I'm still full the day after.

Haha! Lorna she's a pearl, she deserves better than a squid.

She looks a bit surprised doesn't she Brian?

Ropi half the fun of travelling is 'When inRome'. I draw the line at some cuisine but I'll try most things once. Then I have an industrial constitution and rarely get sick. I certainly won't be bored or homesick in France whether the people are horrible or not. I wouldn't worry about the French, theyll think we're English which I'm sure to them is worse than Hungarian!

Oh and the defeat at ANZAC cove was more to do with poor strategy and communication than overcrowded ships. There's a very good Australian film. It's old but quite accurate called Gallipoli, see if you can find it.

Looks pretty dramatic in grey light doesn't it Beati?

Well nicer when the weather's warm but beats staying indoors when it's pouring. Good point about the commemoration of failure although today there are no ANZACs left so it's become a military commemorative day for all theatres of war past and present.

I know I'm wicked Tom. Hoosier? You? I doubt that very much. (yes I googled it)

Definitely better than expected GM but then you know what it's like you have to make your own fun if you want it to happen.

Roy we do have doggie bags but it seemed a bit tight arse to pack in one tiny salmon roll and half a crab . . .\

Not much there for the vegetarian unfortunately Nick but the cliff walk is pretty stunning. It was a bit cold for us so we only did a few hundred metres but there's 3kms of cliff walk if you're game. Well no point crying over spilt milk. Our bouts of distress are soon overcome.

Hi Jill, it's a very straightforward beginners digital SLR a Canon 400. I'm happy with it by and large but will be ready to upgrade as I improve. Although i'll give you a tip, you still need a little point and shoot digital for candid or happy snaps. This one requires a little time for set up and isn't great for that capture the moment thing.

Ah Ebs! Men these days, they're too scared to approach women unless they're sleezy, drunk or married! Then I have the cynical view.

Yep we were lucky, a few spits of rain but it mainly headed out to sea Kathy.

There's a liberal haven in Texas! LOL! Happy to oblige in either Heather.

It was huge! Seriously, I hate leaving food but .. massive.

Unstranger? Is he single? Does he like the beach? Can he dance and have a conversation? Shame he's heading for Brisvegas! Maybe you'll be heading over for a visit?

It's a very simple structure Angel May as were most of the Macquarie buildings but it's stood the test of time.

Haha! There were a few British soldiers wondering around as well Tony! But no, the sun is definitely setting!

Well it's not something we do often Cat. Helps to have a daughter earning a decent income and bearing thoughtful gifts. (my Christmas gift but she gets half so . .)

Awww thanks Missus.

Nah kj, she'll get there. She has plenty of 'interest', just not the right kind for her. She is quite picky about her menfriends. Like mother like daughter I guess! ARUBA sounds a little nicer frankly!

It's hard not to take a nice picture when you have such good subjects hahahahaha!

You can't? It's not for everyone Megan. I know a few who are allergic to shellfish. All the more for us MWAHAHAHAA! Nothing other than the only eligible batchelors I know are through blogs and usually thousands of miles away!

Mim said...

Well, the lunch and the scenery are wonderful looking - but two gorgeous babes eatin those fish - wowee. What's wrong with those Aussie men?

If she'll wait, I've got two 17 year old neph's that are just about anything anyone would ever 10 years they'll be excellent catches.

California Girl said...

Well mannered intelligent independent well travelled considerate...sounds like alot to ask. I mean, men are anything but independent. As for the other stuff, well, she's bound to find some of those qualities in a nice fellow. They are out there.

That feed you had is killer. Looks fantastic.

Kath Lockett said...

I need those oysters you talked about. Now, please.

Your beautiful daughter would be a dream catch for any bloke. Has she thought about RSVP or whatever the latest and best online service is????

Anonymous said...

I think I just fell in love with the seafood platter... Yep, I did!

Ocean Girl said...

Oh what a beautiful day, at a beautiful place. Lovely people. And thank you to the nice gentleman tourist that took the picture.

Anonymous said...

I will check it when I have time. Next week my exams are starting. So we may learn a new trait of me. I am curious how well I can stand mental pressure.

Well, I would name myself as a candidate to your daughter but I lack the skills. :P I can offer to wash the dishes, and my sphagetti is not that bad. My ex-girlfriend needed a second help when I cooked for her when she was sick and she is still alive. true story. Check her on Facebook. :D

Darlene said...

You and your daughter are just beautiful ladies. Clare should have dozens of offers after they guys (blokes) see her photo.

Tell her to stay picky. She will get the right guy eventually, even though he may not have all the traits you mentioned.

As for that seafood platter, I am green with envy. Our seafood usually comes flash frozen.

e said...

Beautiful photo of the two of you!

otin said...

God, that seafood platter looked great!!

Your photos have really gotten good.

I love the picture of you two. Looks like a wonderful day.

Babysis said...

Mmmmm...Now see I love crab and salmon, so if you'd invited the Aunt I couldve finished that bit off for you!

Busy playing 2up Anzac Day but would've happily played with those young men too!

Now there's a thought....why didnt clare have a go at 2up...there are more places than the fiddler to meet men!

And no she shouldnt settle for 2nd best.

Gee I love reading Ropi's comments - his english is fun...please dont take this the wrong way Ropi! My knowledge of Hungarian is zero!

Rowe said...

Ooh, yummy - the seafood looks so fresh and delish. Great photo of you and Clare. I hope she finds a nice guy one day soon (can't see her having any trouble) but - not before Paris, that might spoil her holiday, she'll be missing him while she's away if she is anything like me.

Kate Hanley said...

Sounds like a great day and a delicious lunch! Good luck with the man hunt!

Bimbimbie said...

What no chips?!!! Glad the two of you had a wonderful day*!*

Pam said...

Queen Vicky looks like she's had too much Botox- definitely a restorative paint job gone horribly wrong. Perhaps she's seen too much hanky-panky on the lighthouse lawns.Knowing the history,The Gap photo gives me the shivvers - too many bad vibes. I have no desire to go there.Now the food..that IS something I could dive into!

Anonymous said...

Well, Babysis, from next time I can write either in Hungarian or in Spanish. I let you pick the language.

You know you are a typical English speaker I was describing to Baino a few weeks ago. You expect others to learn this stupid language, and then you make fun of us (learners) if we are not such an assholes like French whom deny to use any other language than French. At least you made me realise that it had been worth spending those ours at schools. I know I should have picked the Russian bilingual school....

I am not taking it the wrong way. It is my optimistic way.

Anonymous said...

... and thanks for bringing it up one week before my English exam.

Ezek után ne csodálkozzatok, ha baszni fogok angolul hozzátok szólni.

Gledwood said...

That top beach picture, sunlight against slate grey cloud and water, reminds me of OLD South Wales... the weather you were describing sounds pretty reminiscent, too!

I say all this and it was absolutely "broiling" today!! Most unfamiliar...

Robyn said...

I love Watsons Bay... it's beautiful and lovely day out. Thanks for sharing that.

... as for finding a man... best not to look and then you'll find one. It's when you least expect it that I think you find what you're looking for.

x Robyn

Robyn said...

I forgot to mention that I love the beautiful photo of you and your hot daughter ;)
& your hair looks cute and curly :)

Vagabonde said...

Have missed your posts while I was away in Tennessee and also researching copyright laws on the Internet. A commercial site is using 8 of my pictures without my consent so I am learning about all that legalese. But I went back and read all those posts I missed. What a great looking lunch, and the view is stunning – but I don’t know about the area where you have lunch at work – sounds a bit bizarre. I saw you had to translate some of your Australian words – it helps. At work it was hard sometimes to understand the Australian Air Force guys – at least for me.

laughingwolf said...

my fave meal, seafood!

tell clare it'll happen when she least expects it, and you know she's smart enough to get your input... at some point ;)

Moon said...

I've eaten there as well... a wonderful spot.. I think the weather was about the same too !!!!

Mmm said...

how old is she again? I am free. :)

Love seeing these pictures and reading your slices of OZ life.