Friday, January 28, 2011

Well you all know I'm partial to a glass of Semillon or Chardy but I never drink and drive.

A Darwin man who insisted police breath test him to prove to his boss that he was not drunk has been arrested for drink driving.  Police say the 34 year old delivery driver was sacked on Australia Day morning, when his boss accused him of being drunk on the job.  Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen says he then turned up at a police station demanding a breath test, at the suggestion of his union.
"We advised him that we didn't want to get involved in a civil dispute between him and his employer," Duty Superintendent Jorgensen said.

"Anyway he insisted that he have a breath test. He had actually driven to the police station.
"That breath test proved positive and he was arrested for drink driving. "He was subject to a breath analysis and the breath analysis resulted in a reading of 0.53 per cent which is just above the legal limit.
"When we conducted investigations into his driver's licence we found that it had been suspended in December." Police say his licence had been cancelled by the Fines Recovery Unit.


Weekend is here again. Weather's steamy the men are not. Out and about tomorrow night so keep your finger's crossed. Have an awesome weekend.  Mine's spent preparing an entry on  Jesus knows what for a nine part challenge on The Tenth Daughter of Memory.   

If you're up to it . . party hard or go home.

Sorry the vid's not totally relevant but who doesn't like Den?


rummuser said...

Never argue with idiots. They pull you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

Brian Miller said...

the vid is so farkin idiot...

Roy said...

I'm with Brian, the video is totally relevant. I mean, think about it - how else do you describe a drunk who goes to the police and tells them to prove he's not? Heh, heh!

laughingwolf said...

ack! lol

takes all kinds of idiots to warrant laws against stupidity... not gonna happen, alas :(

kj said...

i don't like dennis leary, hells. he's a boston guy and too cocky for me.... (smile if you want)

you have a knack for finding stories about hapless and stupid people. some editor would pick up your book proposal for this. just sayin'

good weekend coming round? hope so. it's boston tonight for me, then the kids for the weekend. i think i am in a phd program for grandmothers. and i think i'm acing it so far. :)

i love you honey hells. see you soon (soon being a relative term)


Jill said...

Idiot! Truly.

Janice said...

This guy has got to be your Friday Fuckwit! Yes? Loved the video, but now I am going to have the chorus running around in my head all day.

Kate Hanley said...

Love the video! Where do you find this stuff? It's great. And that drunk guy at the police station? Good luck with the Muse story. And, truth be told, I'm a little jealous of your weahter when I'm getting pounded with snow here.

Kath Lockett said...

LOVE this song and yep, I'm with the rest of your commenters - the song *does* fit.

River said...

Don't drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill your drink.

nick said...

I wonder how many other times he's been driving under the influence. Under the influence of stupidity, that is.

Mrsupole said...

We've been having Spring weather for a few weeks now. It is winter and we are running our air conditioners here in So. CA. But then that is why so damn many people live here.

I guess one could say that guy got his comeuppance and totally deserved what he got. Maybe now he will admit he has a drinking problem, not the drinking, but the driving while drinking. I never care if people drink or do drugs, as long as the only person they put at risk is theirselves. But when they put others at risk then they are assholes or is it shitheads. I like the word shithead better because it somehow describes them better. But then I also like to call them dumbfu*ks too. I actually have a whole shitload of names to call others, and dumbass is the one I use for me, well for the most part. Sometimes I wonder how I could be such a dumbass to do this or that.

Well at least Leary raises a lot of money for the firemen, asshole or not, that is a good thing.

Oh, been so busy trolling the blogger help and trying to find someone to help me fix my damn dumbass blogger blogging problem that I am just figuring out I can leave comments again. Damn blogger would not let me. Trying to write a post is not fun either with all the dang steps I have to take. Just wish someone there at blogger would at least help. But I have helped a few people, maybe they will move me up to "level 2" next year. I have been turning into a "blogger help" night troll. Well at least until I get this damn blogger thingy fixed.

Friggin blogger and it's problems suck.

God bless.

PattiKen said...

Yikes, I know that guy in the video all too well.

Jay said...

Ha - I've never heard Denis Leary, but he's rather good, isn't he? LOL!

Yeah, what an utter idiot that drink/drive guy was! A pretty good candidate for Friday Fuckwit, that's for sure!