Friday, January 28, 2011

Booze, Bubbles and Too Much Heat

 Well yesterday was "Australia Day" a public holiday bang smack in the middle of the week which I hate. I'd much rather a long weekend. The day marks James Cook's 'discovery' and is also known as 'Invasion Day' to our indigenous folk but frankly we just have fun. I'll post some other time about the injustice of colonialism and the pathetic way we treated our indigenous  population. But frankly, it was 42 in the shade and all we wanted to do was keep cool. It also happens to be one of our fave radio station's count downs of the top 100 hits of the year so the music was awesome:

Under the shade of a Coolibah Tree? (actually it's a Carob)

Shady haze, sombrero and an esky or 'chully bun' depending where you come from

Lilo, beer, lounge . . hey tough job but someone has to to id

Lily loves Westy and Westy clearly is fond of Lily

Mobile music is essential

Backyard golf. Balls in the rough

Can't cook but can play pool

Wii Dance and yes we made them do Pussy Cat Dolls

Slip n Slide
Soap gets in your eyes

And in your pool

Only drunks erect a beach umbrella at 10pm (nah it has LED lights0

And it all ends in a kind of warm and fuzzy glow

So who won: Brother and Sister combo Angus and Julia Stone  -  No my choice but has resonance. Although if anyone has ever smelled daisies . .



Mim said...

i like music with a little more pop but it's ok. 42 degrees!!!! glad you kept cool, maybe we can ship you some snow

laughingwolf said...

glad somebunny's having fun... we're in one of the most dangerous of storms of the season: snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, rain, and a whole shitload more!

Brian Miller said... is what i always have such cool reasons or find reasons to celebrate...looks like a lot of fun...

Janice said...

You take the most marvelous favorite was the slip n slide with the droplets flying willy nilly in the air. What fun you all seem to be having!

Carolina said...

ROFL about the soapy swimming pool

(anyone who has a swimming pool and a labrador shouldn't complain about anything else cause their life is complete and if only it was that simple)


Isabella Golightly said...

Looks like my day without the pool, the slip n slide, the labrador, the pool table, the umbrella with LEDs and the young people. Exactly like my day. Wasn't the weather foul? Glad it's over! Happy post-Invasion day!

Tom said...

mellow song--woof! that's one hell of a bubble bath

y'all know how to party

Kath Lockett said...

You way of having a fun day (regardless of where it falls or what it means) looks and sounds utterly perfect. We three got up too late, wandered around Melbourne aimlessly - most of the events were over before lunchtime!

kj said...

hells, i am always in awe of how your family celebrates together. that's your greatest accomplishment: this family of ours.

and manohman do you guys know how to party.

soglad to see all these great moments.

tsup hells,

River said...

What I want to know is how do you get soap suds out of a pool? Does it eventually filter out on its own or do you have to empty the pool? That would be a lot of work.

nick said...

Hey, that's a pretty big pool. Dosen't look too inviting though when it's full of soap - unless you're desperate for a wash!

Alan Burnett said...

I am sure you just post these pictures of people lazing around in the sun, supping beer, in order to make us shivering folk in the northern hem feel jealous. It works.

Jill said...

Now THAT is a party!

Soap suds in the pool? How is that accomplished? Wow.

Robyn said...

Brilliant!!! wish i was a neighbour to join in the fun.

and I love big jet plane :)

Robyn said...

ps... i'm with you on the daisies... they smell like wee

Megan said...

Our "national holiday" is coming up a week from Sunday. I hope we have even one tenth of the fun that I see here.