Monday, February 21, 2011

Tropfest 2011

It hardly seems a year since we were there but the 2011 Tropfest Finalists strutted their stuff at the Domain in Sydney last night. Whilst I was very embarrassed about the way the presenters put the finalists forward, the 16 short films were indeed entertaining. Australians have such a relaxed attitude that frankly the commentary bordered on amateur. Still, there's nothing nicer than sitting on green grass, champagne, smoked trout dip and pate with rye on a warm summer night with bats flying overhead and movies playing free on the 'could be a bit bigger' multi screen:

Domain Carpark moving walkway - $25 to park when it's normally $10 after hours frooooaar

The walkway walls are muralled to make us invaders feel guilty

Used to be held at the Tropicana Hotel but now it's just too damn big

Plastic bag man ensures we take our rubbish away with us

Camera men dodging fruit bats

Beautiful women

Questionably dressed men

Oh no, some beautiful men

Some hersuite men

Scantily clad picnickers

A very little chanpagne
Happy Campers

And the winner is:

but the one I liked best was:

You can see all the entries/submissions at h

I hope I'm not infringing any copyright.



Alan Burnett said...

I enjoyed your choice more than the winner. Thanks to you have have just watched more films in the last ten minutes than I have in the last ten years.

Roy said...

Yeah, YouTube is full of the finalists' entries this morning. Very interesting - a film festival for short attention spans. Another sign of the times?

Brian Miller said...

nice...looks like a lot of fun...and a feast for all the senses...

laughingwolf said...

sooooooo... where's YER flick? :O lol

Darlene said...

You really drink good champagne. Wish I had a glass of it right now. It's my favorite alcoholic beverage.

Last time I had a glass of such good champagne was when I was in France at the winery that bottled it. Now I wish I had ordered a case to be sent home.

Looks like a fun evening. We have the same kind of outdoor events here in our summer. Concerts in the park and plays at times. Fun!

nick said...

Yep, I liked that one better than the winner as well. Very subtle, very unusual. I always like mime, it's so clever.

tony said...

The Smoking Ban Has Really Taken A Grip In Australia!

Carolina said...

I envy your decadent lifestyle ;-) Have to come back to watch the videos, cause hubs is watching TV next to where I'm sitting and wants to hear what the program he's watching is all about. Lip reading is not his forte ;-)

Tom said...

hmmm. animal beat box is crap. what was all you aussies smokin'?

bet it was a fun day, tho. cheers!

i beati said...

very clever who is the voice on the first one??

Betsy said...

How very fun! I love outdoor events like that with perfect weather, friends and food!

Robyn said...

I love tropfest... my dog was in a tropfest film way back in the early days.

Thanks for sharing this.

x Robyn

Robyn said...

ps... the second video won't play due to copyright :(

Mim said...

just saw your comment on KJ's blog about work. SUCKY

Jay said...

Well. I thought Silencer was BRILLIANT, whereas 'Animal beatbox' was just a smartarse cheap joke and I couldn't even watch it all through because it got irritating. But what do I know?

Looks like you had a great time, anyway!