Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sillies

Well thanks to the recent Blogger debacle, no Friday Fuckwit this week, just some Saturday silliness.  It seems there's a craze out there that police are not taking lying down:

Police are cracking down on "planking" which involves lying down on various objects, taking your photo lying down on various objects and uploading them onto Facebook. 

THE internet craze of "planking" has come under fire from Victoria Police.  Facebook page Planking Australia has more than 10,000 supporters and hundreds of photos of people lying on desks, train tracks, escalators, Eskies, fire hydrants, and motorbikes.

But police have warned that dangerous stunts will not be tolerated.  A police spokeswoman said planking on roads or public transport was dangerous and against the law. (What? Against the law to lie down?)  Penalties range from fines to jail in extreme cases.  "Clearly, conduct that threatens public safety will not and should not be tolerated," she said. (Yes because we're constantly tripping over people) 

"Police, authorised officers and transport providers strongly discourage this type of behaviour around public transport and roads areas, and those caught will be prosecuted."  At least one person claims to have "planked" on a Melbourne airport travellator.

Federation Square is also a good spot for planking and a member of the Planking Australia Facebook group said the MCG would be a perfect location.

Photos of plankers balanced atop raised cherry pickers, railway signal boxes and even basketball rings are displayed on the Planking Australia Facebook page.

One person was fined for planking on a railway track, according to the Facebook page, where an image of the dangerous stunt was still displayed yesterday. (Surely it's only dangerous if there's a train coming)

Planker David Tyrrell, from Gladstone in Queensland - where a man has been charged with allegedly planking a police car - said there was no need for dangerous stunts.  "Those guys would be a minority - the people that do something stupid, like a traffic light," he said. "Obviously we don't want any injuries or deaths from it, but you do get stupid people that will test the theory of gravity." 

Mr Tyrrell, who has planked naked, said enthusiasts varied from 10-year-olds to grandparents, but most did it for a bit of a joke. "It's the same as extreme ironing. It probably started as a joke - the most random site, or somewhere a bit exciting to do it," he said.

The Facebook group has chosen May 25 to be annual planking day, to encourage new plankers and group planking. (oooh! Group planking for plonkers).


Brian Miller said...

i have never heard of planking...but i may have found a new past time...ha

i beati said...

hahahahhahahhahahhahah picture hilarious is it cold??

Roy said...

Hmmmmm... I must have missed a memo somewhere. I really don't see what all the hilarity is about lying down on something and having someone take your picture lying there. It sounds like more pointless nonsense stirred up by the font of all pointless nonsense - Facebook.

kj said...

this is HILARIOUS hells. every single word and the finishing photo: you are a riot.

i love you!

guess who

Janice said...

Planking? Never heard of it. Thank you for keeping me current. But, geez, what next? Major old fart, here. Apparently.

nick said...

Presumably the pic is an example of both planking and extreme ironing, the pjyamas having been ironed in situ.

grannymar said...

I think those plankers are plonkers!


Tom said...

i've got some great planking photos..didn't know it was called that when i took should link to the site, i'd like to see it.

Megan said...

Never heard of it! I totally want to do that now though. Yep, Roy, I'm silly and I like pointless nonsense!

River said...

Dear god, what next.
Clearly the people who think these things up have too much time on their hands.

PattiKen said...

OK, this may make it official. You guys down there truly do hear a different drummer. A VERY different drummer.

What the heck is an "airport travellator"? Would I call that a moving sidewalk?

Anonymous said...

Nick - ironing in situ - like it.
Also handy to have a new euphemism for lying down on the job. Excuse me folks, I'll be unavailable for the next hour due to some intensive planking on the new database.