Sunday, July 12, 2009

A No Goal and a Hot 100 Home Run

This weekend has been horrible. The weather is cold and grey. I've had nothing on socially. Nobody's been online and I think we're all feeling the winter blues. Winter here lasts about 2 months, three at the most and the greyness is getting me down. So Sunday being the 'get out and do something' day, I rugged up and went to watch Clare play soccer. It was a frustrating game with a nil-all drawer but the girls had possession for most of the game and did themselves proud even if coach Rudi had a conniption at the 'snipers' (girls falling over without any apparent reason) and the lack of forward attack . . if only that ball would go in the goal!

No fear . .

Em played a great game . .fancy footwork

Mary Kate buggers the broken hand and gives chase . .

My little chicken . .nearly scored a couple of goals

Bec . . .now that's focus

Another Bec gives chase . . and could be heard 10,000 miles away
trying to motivate the team

Sore ankles coming up . .

Check out the expressions on the faces (we're the Rockets in Blue)

Half time huddle in what can only be described as
an epic fail in fashion

Em taking marking very seriously

Coach Rudi was very . . erm . . .vocal!
I think he'd rather be coaching Premier League

After the game I came home to upload the pics and my favourite radio station have been playing viewer-voted best 100 hits of all time. Unbelievable radio which has been playing the nominated songs all weekend. As I sit here banging away and editing photographs, we're down to the last couple of songs. Some were cult classics, some were surprising but I have to say it's the best radio EVER. Made even more awesome because Triple J is our national youth radio and no ads!

Today they finished the countdown . . . fantastic and quite a coup for the oldies. I was a little surprised to see the Foo Fighters pip Led Zeppelin but . . .so counting down from 10 -1 . . .
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
(Takes me back to finishing school - erm last day at school not 'finishing' school - and sunrise on Palm Beach)
Everlong - Foo Fighters
(hmm bit surprising, the I guess a lot of people go to Motocross meets)
Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
(Wouldn't have got my vote for 8 but not a bad song)
Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley
(Stunning but then you know I want this song played at my funeral)
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
(Aww and an interview with Freddie, I miss Freddie)
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
(Brilliant . .Thom Yorke is a creative legend)
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
(Hmm . . nice but no doughnut)
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
(Killer song . .totally awesome rendition of Leonard's lyrics)
Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
(The only song that says "Fuck I won't do what you told me" then gets 12,000 people to mosh in unison singing along . . see the irony?

. . . and numero uno . . number one . . the listeners' choice, the one voted best hit of all time . .
(I might be old but I'm not dead) so turn it up, crank up the sub and jump . . .


GayƩ Terzioglu said...

Upto number one all good. Rage against the machine, hell yea. I remember when it first came out and we were all shocked about the 16 Fuck you's and 1 Mofo.
Nirvana numero uno? Nah. We just turned the radio off in dusgust.
TripleJ is defnt best radio but we just wondered about the people who listen to it these days and vote...
Nirvana... teenspirit song is totally weak.

Baino said...

Haha you're such a cack! I realy like Smells Like Teen Spirit but we all thought it would be something more Iconic maybe Hey Jude or Jumpin' Jack Flash! Who knows. It's like the annual Hottest 100 the top dog is never the one you think.

I 've really enjoyed this week. .turn it on now, they're doing live stuff. . Daft Punk at the moment . . "Around the world around the wo-orld!" Srsly, funk it up, put your subwoofer on 11 and party hard!

Go on . .put your bike helmet on and Work it, make it . . harder, better, faster, stronger!

nick said...

Well, one person's number one is another's total dross. I have so many favourite songs I couldn't possibly single out one. A hundred maybe. All I can say is, how pale and colourless human existence would be without music.

River said...

Well colour me old...the only song I know out of that list is Bohemian Rhapsody.
The soccer? All that running and chasing and kicking? ugh. (I'm not a sports fan)

Bimbimbie said...

Good to see Joy Division got in there and some other favs of mine.

I thought soccer players went into hibernation over winter ... hope you supplied some hot chocolate afterwards*!*

Baino said...

Nick so true. I have the stereo on while I'm plonking about the interwebs but tonight is something spesh. They're playing live snippets. Mostly 'young' bands but nothing like Rage Against the Machine to get your rocks off!

River, I'm helped by living with a musician and a dance queen but I'm a music fan since forever. I've followed Triple J since their old Double J days on AM radio . .hey! Might be the oldest Triple J officianado. Their mandate is "new music" and a lot of it's shit but this week it's been brainsnapping.
Oh and re the sports . .totally with you but have to do the 'support' thing. Bless the kitten, she tried really hard cos mum was watching!

Bimbimbie, it was FREEEEEEZING. I don't know how people live in the northern hemisphere. Although they had espresso coffee 'yum'. That was just the top 10. Surprising how many oldies made the top 20. Adam reckons that Bohemian Rhapsody wouldn't have made it except for Wayne's World which introduced it to a whole new audience. Srange . .I saw Queen twice and he 's been subliminally exposed to it for 22 years . .heheh . . brainwashing complete! I am the fat controller

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

What I love about Triple J the most is they give the new Australian bands a chance to get themselves heard by lots and loooots of people.
It's different music, their playlist is not boring like other stations. I love the variety. yes they play crap music too, but far less than any other station. The only other stations I like listening to as much are the classical music channels (92.5 and 102.5 - I think) programmed to my car radio.
Seriously though, Smells like Poo shouldn't have been number 1 (I understand you like it Dear, but it's nowhere good as a lot of the songs in the list).


i beati said...

Some special ones there.. Good for your girl !!

Brian Miller said...

soccer, always fun...but ties drive me bonkers. nice shots though. you could tell they were really into the game.

eclectic mix on the music. there are always those wack songs that make it into request countdowns. not a bad list though.

Grannymar said...

You can have all those and I will keep Leonard Cohen!

The footie photos brought back memories of Elly playing Rugby in France!

Ropi said...

Well, one commentator in Hungary once said: non-alcoholic beer, inflatable women and o-o are the destroyer of life.

The Man at the Pub said...

Joy Division surprised me, as I reckon its a very dull song, but you cant account for personal taste. I reckon Everlong is on it because it's on Guitar Hero. I'm surprised there's no Metallica actually.

We're spoiled in Melbourne because we have two great independant music radio stations, PBS and RRR. It's all I need, radio wise. But it's great that JJJ is national, especially for the country kids.

otin said...

Your winter does not look too bad! Does it ever snow? I have always thought that Stairway was a great song, but it lost some of its appeal when I found out that the intro was stolen from another band!

Candie Bracci said...

Yeah that was really cool!The pics are really well takent too and great music!:D

Candie Bracci said...

This isn't fair!we don't have such a nice radio here!!!Radios in France sucks!I say it out loud!Damn french radios!

Kate said...

There's nothing like music to lift the spirits - I really miss Freddie too!!

Anonymous said...

I remember this #1 song and MTV requiring bloody sub-titles, 'cause no-one could understand the words. And sounds like Aussie radio is a bit freer with the langauge. To much sensoring in the U.S. has destroyed many a great song.

And tough game, here; nil-all! Rematch?

Baino said...

Gaye I couldn't agree more, their mandate is 'new music' rather than 'good music' so some of it is a bit dull but this countdown's been fantastic. I'm not THAT big a fan of Nirvarna,I'm surprised they beat Metallica frankly.

iBeati it was COLD! But the music was HOT

Brian there was a lot of effort at the goal mouth but just no doughnut. Frustrating because they're so behind due to wet weather and haven't had the training that they really need.

I don't know GM, Buckley's rendition is pretty good. I'm guessing the general demographic of TripleJ listeners wouldn't know Leonard Cohen's work. Elly played Rugby? Now that's a tough game!

Ropi haha! You're funny. Not sure about 'inflatable women', real ones do enough damage!

Pubby, I thought it was weird too . .Metallica made it twice into the top 20. Ahh . .didn't realise Everlong was on Guitar Hero - We're Rock Banders here and I think it's a different playlist but that would explain it.

Otin it's all relative. Our Winter is the same as say, Irish Summer. It snows in the 'Snowy Mountains' from about July to early September which is our ski season. Sydney's pretty temperate say 0-10 at night and about 15-20 during the day. It's just been wet and grey lately.
I think we have similar Temps to California

It's been fun Candi, they released a few songs each afternoon then a big weekend countdown so good listening.

Yeh legend Kate! they had him introducing the song. Rather sad to hear his speaking voice.

Subby it's a'time' issue for censorhship. Triple J has language warnings but doesn't often bleep out language. I think we are a little freer here, especially after 6pm. No rematch just a lot of Friday night catch up games due to the wet weather.

Megan said...

Great action shots there, B! Good on ya!

I've got some arguments with that list, but who wouldn't? Everyone has their own opinion. Mostly I'm just sad there are no women on it. I mean, come on people? Not one lady in the top 10?

Dot-Com said...

Hope you had a good weekend afterall. Winter or not. We had another "monsoon" weekend, but it didn't stop me from enjoying an outdoor concert and going for a run in the park :-) Football would have been more fun though!

laughingwolf said...

hey, how'd you get me, in my fur coat, in pic #2 ? ;) lol

laughingwolf said...

bloody blogger won't let me post... been fup duck all day GRRRRRRR

laughingwolf said...

damn, tells me of conflicts, then posts anyway? WTF???

Susan at Stony River said...

May I suggest a side gig as a sports journalist? Those are fantastic photographs! Sorry to hear about the grey days etc, but I hope all's looking up soon (especially on the thermometer?).

Kath Lockett said...

Well I guess Nirvana wasn't voted in for their lyrics and (blush blush) am I the only person who's never ever listened to Radiohead? (hangs old farty head in shame) - I'll try to though....

e said...

Gr...I'm with Megan re: no women on the list...The game shots look great, though. I hope it cheered your wintry blahs a bit.

I have decided, just a shade from fifty that I'm making a list of what I am grateful for and another for what I want to do...

You're on the first. As to the second, a bit more complicated...but I'll give it a go and post later. Take care.

Ronda Laveen said...

Sounds like your weekend turned out great after all. That pic of Bec focused on the ball in mid air is outstanding. It looks like I could just pluck it like a cherry. Great music.

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Waynes World!!! ... geez that very name would have glam Freddie rolling over in his grave, with great style of course ;)

Baino said...

Meg it didn't dawn on me that there were no women . . tut tut

Dot you're a better woman than I, the cold and wet just makes me want to hunker down with a doona and a DVD.

Susan aren't you supposed to be on some country road in West Virginia, Mountain Mama?

Kath only listen to Radiohead when you're in a good mood. They're not the cheeriest of bands.

Hi e . .I lost your email address. And I'm very honoured to be on any of your lists. Hope the joints aren't giving you too much curry!

Ronda it was a pretty dull weekend actually. I had to make myself watch the game. Part of the Sunday getting out and amongst it thing.

I'm sure that's why Bohemian Rhapsody is so popular with the younglings tho Bimbimbie.

Oh Wuffa . .missed you there . .yep, did you spot the Malamut? I thought of you but she was a supporter for the other team so didn't ask for a close-up

Quickroute said...

shitty weather everywhere right now!
great shots of the game! - I've two left feet so no fancy footwork by me except exit stage left

Renee said...

I am just going no to listen to the Last Goodbye.

The pictures of the girls are great, I hope you are planning to give them each a picture.


laughingwolf said...

wuffs is all on the same side, THEIR OWN :O lol

ebony said...

AAAAAAAAAAA Nirvana. My brother is mad about the band and I just can't stand the drug driven grundge music. That song is catchy though.. I know how to play it with the guitar!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA.

I really liked the pictures and your comments :DD. Girls and soccer. Oh well...

Funny... It's summer here. Brace yourself Baino! The winter here takes about.. hmm... 5 months or so (well.. for now.. until the climate change starts to do damage, and I think it already has).

Brandi said...

"Half time huddle in what can only be described as
an epic fail in fashion" crack me up

ian said...

Top 100 as chosen by the DJs brother? A good line up of pop songs, particularly Queen.

They should do a top 100 of rock hits. ;-)

Ces said...

Wonderful soccer shots! I think that's fabulous that Clare plays soccer! Did you yell?!

I mostly stayed in the bedroom all weekend, taking it slowly, relaxing with the kids and The Viking and drawing. Yes! I am finally getting 100% well and was back to work today!

Hope you have a fabulous week sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a post Baino! Great action shots of the soccer and great music to boot. It's middle of British Summer here and heavy rain with max temp of 17!

Baino said...

Hey Enda, welcome back! Yeh well life in the tropics and all that. At least it's warm.

Sorry Renee . .you're not going anywhere for a while because I said so. . .but it is a lovely song. And yes, I launch them on Facebook.

Wuffa tell me about it. My dog would leave home tomorrow if food was involved! How they got their reputation for loyalty I'll never know.

Hi Ebs darling. Well . . talk about extremes! Couldn't you live somewhere in the 'middle' like Australia! Yay!

Well Brandi you have to agree, they're hardly fashion icons out there! Funny tho, Clare loves soccer shirts as do some of her friends. They amassed quite a collection in their South American and European travels.

Rev, for a Minister you're very cynical. They were voted by the listeners over a 3 week period. They also do an annual Top 100 each year but basically it's a young demographic so if it is an older song and not on Guitar Hero . . they haven't heard it!

Hey Ces, glad you're on the mend and NO I AM NO A SOCCER 'MOM". I stood quietly drank a nice espresso coffee and took photos. Not a competitive bone in my body.

Cinnamon, the only solace I take in this awful cold snap is that your summer is like our winter only with more rain and we only have 2 months max before the warm weather sets in. . gloat time is coming . .oh yeah! (Is that really you in the avatar? Savage hair cut! But practical)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, gloat on, you lucky gal!

Yeah, it's me...sadly it's that time of life to grow out the colour and liberate the 'silver'.