Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thrice Thwarted but Not Defeated!

It's been a simply stunning weekend. Warm, breezy, blue skies ...

We were supposed to go to Bondi shopping on Saturday but for a variety of reasons, that didn't materialise - first 'thwart'. So Saturday afternoon we decided to walk the dog somewhere different. The local doggy park didn't impress and was the tiniest fenced off piece of land, lined with yellow doggy doo bins and a bunch of yappy fluffy things that would make better pyjama cases than pets. We decided not to stay once a growly Malamut refused to give Lily her tennis ball back. The natives were not friendly. Bloody Canucks!

We drove to a local reserve with a number of dog friendly bushwalks but they had baited foxes and the signs told us it wouldn't be safe for dogs until October. Second 'thwart'. Our now hysterically excited labrador was a little pissed off at all this jumping in and out of the hatchback and was panting like steam train and busting for a run. Thwarted but not outdone, we ended up going to Fagan Park in Galston. I had no idea this lovely space was so nice. We'll be going back for a picnic once the leaves have fully sprouted.

Vast expanses of parkland among the bush
and a plethora of waterways

Shady nooks and ponds

Even a permaculture garden - for you Grow Up!

Sunday, we were off to watch the third day of the Sydney International Three Day Event - the showjumping. Very exciting. Clare had spent 6 weeks as an Au Pair with a horsey family in Surrey and spent many a day prepping and attending such events and was reall excited to do it once again. I just love the competition and this one was to be a doozy. At $15 a head for a day's showjumping, excellent value.

Clare packed a picnic of King Island brie and Applebox smoked cheese, olive and sundried tomato baguettes, a gorgeous roast capsicum and pine nut dip and a punnet of strawberries. Sure that we could buy a glass of bubbly 'en situ', we just took a bottle of cold water to drink. We sun-creamed, donned hats and slipped along the M7 to the aptly named Horsley Park International Equestrian Centre.

We arrived to locked gates, peace and quiet, not so much as a whinny in the air! Clearly nothing happening today. Then there it was, a huge sign: "Sydney International Three Day Event 10th - 13th September, 2009" . . Yep, despite having downloaded a map, checked the days event times, I had not noticed that it was the wrong bloody weekend.

Clare proudly anounced "Mum this is your most momentous blonde moment ever!" Not a bad accolade for a brunette!

So all dressed up and nowhere to go, we hit the beach. OK it's miles in the opposite direction and this weekend we had been twice thwarted but I was not going to be defeated and our picnic was not going to go to waste.

A bit blowy and chilly but we found a nice little grassy knoll on which to enjoy our gourmet delights albeit sans wine. We walked the length of Palm Beach and back along Pittwater and back in time for tea. So no lovely horsey pics until next weekend I'm afraid.

Our grassy knoll. What you can't see are three very disobedient boys
ignoring their mother's pleas to "COME BACK XAVIER!!!!"

The Gromets enjoyed some bodyboarding

The big boys hit the freezing water.
No swimmers today!

So I guess, despite disappointment, being thrice thwarted, all it takes for a pretty awesome Sunday is a picnic, $20 of petrol and the will to make it work. I love my Sundays. Oh and today was Father's Day . . we don't have any, so happy day to those who do and very happy birthday to Megan. We have never met yet have so much in common. 'e', you are so lucky to be meeting up with her.


Alan Burnett said...

It seems like a most enjoyable weekend to me. That park looks very inviting and the sea maybe is cold but it looks fantastic. Once the GLW (good lady wife) finally retires I am determined to visit the Antipodes.

Ropi said...

I am scared of dogs, so I don't really tolerate them around myself. However the park looks nice.

Grannymar said...

Great pictures, I love that park. Just goes to show, don't give up, there might be treasure round the next corner!

Anonymous said...

So glad your hysterically excited lab found somewhere to run around. That picnic did indeed sound gourmet- you've got me hungry now! The pictures of the beach are stunning! It makes our countryside look diminutive....

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup Blondie*!* lol I'll not mention today's outing then, at least it didn't rain and you still got some great photos if not the ones you were hoping for ;)

Aww poor Lilly, yes I'd take my ball away to that parkland too, it looks much lovelier for her and her two legged family members to enjoy.

I just got off the phone to my Dad*!*

Susan at Stony River said...

For a 'thwarted' weekend it sounds like the best one ever; I would have loved such a weekend. So congratulations on all the disappointments, as they seemed to lead to better things.

I'm glad that you went the wrong weekend *before* the horses, and still get to go. Can't wait for photos!

Ropi said...

You know Baino, in Hungary females or some of them show some interest about sports especially when we have chance to have some kind of success. Formula 1 is quite popular among girls but "strangely" they are rooting for handsome pilots. I wait when ladies will aslo compete. :D

Anonymous said...

Baino, marvelous park! And I've done the "wrong date" thing as well(GAH! I bloody hate when I'm not paying attention to things like that ). We've had an incredible week-end and to-day will go apple picking :)

Baino said...

Alan it was. Thwarted but we had a good time anyway. It's hard not to when the sun's shining and the entertainment is free. And if you ever do venture down here please let me know. I love showing off my city and surrounds.

Oh Ropi . .doggies are lubly. Yes the park was once owned by an Irish family and bequeathed to the council. It has slightly tacky but rather pretty 'themed' gardens from Africa, Mexico, Holland, America . .and a beautiful old homestead. I'd never been there before but it's only minutes from where I live.

Very European park Grannymar. A bit of an oddity over here. Well if there's treasure, I'll find it.

Poor thing. As soon as the collar goes on she goes ballistic so in and out of the car three times was too much to bear. No, trust me Cinnamon, England is beautiful beyond compare. And I only wish I could accompany you on your historical walks. Here is different. Also beautiful but very different.

Ha enough of that Annie! All this trapesing around means we haven't done your code! You should be bitch slapping me to Tuesday! Nasty Malamut . actually a sweet dog but didn't want to give up the ball. Happy father's day to your Dad. We have none so it's not such a big deal for us anymore.

Suze, we made the most of it. It's not Vermont mind! Haha . .well next Sunday, weather permitting, we'll defo do the showjumping. I love the smell of horses!

Ropi yeh I know. Clare loves soccer. So much so that she saw Barcelona play at Camp Nou, some South American local derby in Rio, supports the Socceroos and was in Italy during the last world cup final. And for your sake, I hope women do begin driving sports cars . . that's gotta be a young man's wet dream . . fast women, fast cars! Good luck with that one!

Subby I am known for my lack of attention to detail but it usually leads to an adventure of some sort. (Don't tell my prospective employers about my flaw). Good luck with the apples and keep your eye out for naked women dressed in little more than fig leaves and a Granny Smith in hand . they'll lead you into temptation . .

tony said...

A momentous blonde Post! Love Those Photos Too.

i beati said...

a most appealing picnic indeed and the scenery first rate

hokgardner said...

A picinic at the beach. How I envy you.

otin said...

What a beautiful area!!!!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful photos. i so want to go! glad you got to enjoy the picnic though. Sunday picnics are the best. ha. we drove 2.5 hours one saturday to a fair...legitamently it was wrong online...we made the most of it. glad you did. have a great rest of the day!

Leah said...

Just sumptous vistas--so peaceful to look at, Baino. Wow.

Clare's comment made me laugh!

and p.s. once Sarge and I, all dressed to the hilt, arrived at a friend's wedding a day late. yes we did.

ian said...

What's freezing water there?

The Irish Sea never gets above 15 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Baino, just got back. No nekkid ladies or fig leaves-LOL! But more apples than I've ever seen there! And I was in good company...

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos

jay said...

Hahaha!! But you salvaged the day, and that's what is important. The dog got his walk, you got your picnic, and we got some stunning photos! I love the one of the beach with the railings, and the bodyboards shot! Absolutely beautiful!

And you still have the horses to look forward to next weekend! :)

Ronda Laveen said...

"better as pajama cases than pets," now that's funny. Looks like you ended up with a nice day anyway and such a lovely lunch Clare put togther. Mmmm...

laughingwolf said...

don't you just love those blonde moments, baino? :P lol

like you say, a good time anyway :)

Kath Lockett said...

Great great GREAT photos, Baino!

As a real blonde, I've done my share of getting dates wrong, most notably my cousin's wedding:
Phonecall from my brother, Dave: "Hey Kath, how are you?"
Me: "Good, good...."
Dave: "Got anything on today?"
Me: "Nah, we're just at home, taking it easy..."
Dave (still trying not to laugh): "Are you sure about that?"
Me: "Um, where are you calling from Dave, it sounds like someone's playing the wedding march in the backgrou--- Oh SHIT!"

....we managed to find a babysitter, put on some gladwrags and rock up just in time for the reception drinks. Bride and groom were none the wiser!

e said...

Beautiful photos and a lovely weekend despite the "thwarts." Megan and I will drink a toast to you when we meet, Baino. I wish I could meet you, too!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

River said...

That park is HUGE!! What a lovely Sunday you've had. I love the "grassy knoll". It's now my wallpaper, thanks.

Grow Up said...

Nice park. The gloves are a bit freaky though.

secret agent woman said...

Sounds lovely. But what's a pyjama case?

California Girl said...

the photos are awesome, your weekend sounds great. I especially love the surfing photos. The kids look so engrossed.

Am watching the US Open again today. One poor player had a major meltdown on the court, a Russian girl, not well known. Very sad.

Kate said...

Well if thats thrice thwarted I'm impressed... What a lovely day!

Candie Bracci said...

This is such a nice place to be!Great pictures Baino!Sushine's coming back,while it leaves us slowly!:)

Renee said...

What a lovely post, I love your sundays too.


Vagabonde said...

That sounds like a great Sunday to me – outdoor, sun, beautiful landscape, the sea – terrific. I stayed indoors for my Sunday and made 10 more jars of fig jams – I have made 40 jars so far since the tree is overfull with figs, but I have to stop as I don’t have that many people to give them to. I wish all my blogging friends were closer to give them some of my homemade jam. I could make another 10 jars, but I’ll stop and eat the figs on my cereals.

Baino said...

Tony I don't know where it comes from, I'm blaming the grey underneath!

iBeati can't beat a Spring Day in Sydney althought the breeze was a might chilly

Yeh, nice this time of year Heather but you wouldn't get me there in summer! Afraid Greenpeace might come to save me!

Which one Otin? Fagin Park? Yeh I was impressed and Palm Beach Barrenjoey Penninsular is always nice.

Brian, I am known for such things and getting lost but we always manage to make some sort of adventure happen.

REallY? Oh Leah! What a goose!

Actually Ian, it's not much above 19 at the moment, hence all the kids in wetsuits. Pretty chilly.

Glad you behaved Subby.

Thanks Magnumlady and welcome over.

Yeh we always do . . nothing an ice cream can't fix. Yeh but next week we had 3 things on so now we have to choose.

Haha . .Always had a little fluffy dog with a zip up it's tum as a nightie case when I was a kid!

Hmmm . . not really Wuffa, we were all primed and ready.

God another one late for a wedding . . just be late for your funeral Kath

Thanks e, hard not to take a good shot when the subject is so pretty. You do that, I'll do the same!

Much bigger than I thought River. I've never been but driven past it many times. Nice legacy frmo the Fagan family don't you think?

haha . .I have no idea what they were there fore other than to distract birds perhaps?

SAW welcome over. . .as above . .little yappy fluffy dogs that would be better with a zip up the middle and housing a pair of pj's

Hi Cali, yeh well yours are pretty awesome too . . enjoy the tennis

Yeh . . once we make up our mind we're pretty dogged Kate!

Candie, we're very lucky. We rarely have more than a week of rain but of course, we need it badly

Thanks Vagabonde. FIGJAM hahaha . . that's so funny it's an acronym for "F*ck I'm Good Just Ask Me!" Oops (yeh potty mouthed me). . I wish you were closer too. Fig Jam sounds unctious.

Gledwood said...

That looks wonderful.

Are the waters always freezing??

I once looked at a climactic map of Australia: where to emigrate. It also included warm and cold sea currents. I can't remember which coast was which but one side had Arctic waters, the other tropical. Do you think Sydney was Arctica & Perth tropical??

Being English I'd be terrified on even a hound-friendly bushwalkies ... wouldn't it be full of Western armour-backed terror-mouse-spiders? Do you even know what a mouse spider is? Merle from Melbourne didn't. But I've seen them on a documentary ~ they're a horror-version of the ever-friendly funnel-web...

How did you become a copywriter? Who with? Was it a big ad agency? Did you get paid £$£$£gerzillions? Do you think I could get a job like that?? Would I need a spellchecker? (Yes...)

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous park - it's definitely crying out for a picnic!

Baino said...

Gleds too many questions, read your email and I'll answer all. No big spiders on these bushwalks, they're well trodden. Maybe the odd lizard.

Certainly was Conor but I'm not sure how crowded it might get in the Summer, we'll check it out anyway!

Megan said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a lovely day and weekend and holiday yesterday.

But I'm so tired! And I'm so behind on all the blogs...

Looking forward to the horsey pics but these are not bad, not bad at ALL!

...mmm... said...

That looks like a gorgeous park, let alone everything else.

Renee said...

Dear friend, I'm sending you love, even if you don't want it.


kj said...

you and claire have the best time together. do you know how many mothers would die for that kind of closeness with their daughters.

i don't know that my jess and i would do so well, actually, but we do vacation well together and i of course love her totally.

your photo skills are better and better. these are very very good.

Pam said...

Great photos Baino. Looks like you had a wonderful Sunday...and there's nothing quite lke King Island brie, in fact King Island anything!

Baino said...

mmm. . it was definitely a nice surprise. Really great if you have younger kids.

Renee, I want you to . and back atcha, really! Clare says I'm a bit frosty on the blog! But you know the truth. You break my heart.

kj we do but she's independent and does her own thing as well. Soccer has finished for the summer so she's free on Sundays . . until the beach calls or a boyfriend turns up! I do love doing stuff with her and Adam frankly.

Pam I totallyh agree there. Delish stuff. Shame I have such champagne tastes and a beer budget!

Christopher said...

It's nice that you found some fun in spite of being thwarted. Not to quibble, though, but when you say "hysterically excited Labrador", isn't that being redundant? All the Labradors I've known have had two settings: hysterically excited and asleep.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Great Pictures and great Sunday. Thank you for sharing it. And do you normally take surfboards to the park?

As for 'Bloody Canucks!" well, now I have to live up the reputation of dogs thousands of miles away, sheesh, that's some doing. 'Bad dog! No!' - did that work at all?

I love the pictures but I want to know how do you do it - do you have to be very clever with HTML as you have expanded your pictures to the size I would wish - is this an option under the 'new blogger' or have to played with the HTML in the 'old blogger' (text 130% yes?) - but the pictures and Youtube embeddings are the size I wish...I am in lust with your fonts and pixels. But that's not as kinky as it sounds.

lettuce said...

beautiful photos, what a lovely place to be.