Monday, February 14, 2011

Four . .there's a Roo on My Fairway

Apologies- lousy upload speed means Sunday's Sojourn is being posted late.

As you know, it's a year of weddings here at the homestead. My nephew is getting married on our property on the 4th of March and my brother who normally does very little around the house is in a frenzy of activity spreading bark, laying phase 3 power for the band and spruicing up every part of the garden except mine. It seems that as long as the view from the Marquee is fine, the rest can go to hell but hey, that's just him.

Meanwhile my own darling boy is getting married in July. Today the 'in laws' were taken for a tour of Riverside Oaks, a rather nice golf course and function venue near Windsor where I might add we've had many a delicious Mother's Day smorgasbord. We had the grand tour, a lovely lunch and the bonus of seeing kangaroos on the course. I know you probably think that they bound down Pitt Street in central Sydney on a regular basis and they're the next best thing to public transport, but actually seeing them in the wild is a bit of a trick. They're early risers and evening baskers and for an animal with such odd proportions, roos are amazingly invisible when they want to be. Anyway, it was a lovely day despite the overcast and muggy weather.

I'm very proud of these two. They're organising and paying for the whole shebang themselves. Why? Not sure. I guess they know I can't afford it, they're keen to tie the knot and also paying for it themselves gives them total control over everything. Thought you might like to share the venues just a few months before the big event.

View down the Hawesbury Valley from the Church

Where they're tying the knot

Hope it doesn't rain

Hawkesbury Flood plains

The chosen venue for the reception

The Lodge . $1500 for 30 peeps if we can get them to commit

Nobody walks on this course

Mother and daughter, this is where the Bridal Table will be

Lunch on the verandah

Can you see them?

Just off the 15th Green . , . they still give me a thrill

And on the driving range .  "Hey, this is a golf course, wankers!"
The beauty of this afternoon is that these guys are only 20minutes from a really built up area. Lovely to see them invading the golf course and all are totally wild, clearly couch tastes great. I never realised they'd be so close to home. Not one, not two but three or four mobs of Eastern Greys enjoying the labours of the greenkeepers.


Grannymar said...

This brings back memories of happy days preparing for Elly's wedding. Enjoy the build up and have fun.

Kathy G said...

Nice! If it was a golf course around here, the kangaroos would be replaced by groups of Canadian Geese or deers (both a bit of a nuisance). Do kangaroos cause any type of problems?

Brian Miller said...

wow. it really is a beautiful place...congrats all around...and cool roos!

Roy said...

Did the future in-laws appreciate the show they were getting?

Back in Newport this time of year any large grassy area, large lawns and golf courses included, are covered by Canada Geese. People have taken to putting up cardboard cut-outs of Coyotes (and in one case actual 3-D lawn statuary in the form of Coyotes) in hopes of scaring off the geese. That might work on domestic geese, who have been bred into absolute stupidity, but geese in the wild are pretty intelligent birds, and it doesn't take them long to figure out that the potential predators are actually inanimate objects. Heh, heh! I have some great photo of geese feeding around some of these fake Coyotes.

Anonymous said...

Really nice Helen :)

Janice said...

I love seeing the roos! I also see 2 lovely weddings in your future. Very pretty sites for tying the knot.

nick said...

Obviously having one of those golf-course business meetings, to decide long-term kangaroo strategy for the months ahead.

Some pretty hot venues by the looks of it. Somebody's found the perfect settings for the big day.

California Girl said...

Awesome to see the kangaroos! I had to squint on the first pic. I read your caption, "Can you see them?" and realized I'd missed something. So much for skimming.

Looks like a lovely place for a wedding reception. I particularly like the plate glass window view of the course. It will be a ton of fun.

I hope to hell my kids don't expect me to pay for a wedding. Thank God I had sons although I hear the groom's parents have some bills to foot. They'd better marry practical women.

Tom said...

great views, love the big tree. strangely, seeing a kangaroo does nothing for me...we've had either them or wallabies at our zoo forever and they pretty much look like ungainly big rabbits. Now to see them thumping along the fairway at a rapid pace might be something else...

Darlene said...

I love weddings; such happy events. It looks like a beautiful spot for the reception. People go all out now and it can be very expensive. You are lucky that the kids are paying for their own.

Pam said...

Really enjoyed this post and pics Helen. Exciting times ahead!

Kath Lockett said...

It looks so beautiful.

Your soon-to-be daughter-in-law clearly didn't get her height from her mother!

VE said...

Will they move if you yell "Four"?

River said...

It's a beautiful venue Baino. The photos you post after the event are bound to be gorgeous.

Just don't try feeding bread to the kangaroos. When the bread runs out but they still want more, they might smack you upside the head. My older son has a small scar just above one ear from just such an encounter.

laughingwolf said...

looks super!

what's 'roo taste like?

Carolina said...

What a gorgeous place for a wedding. Exciting times.
Kangaroos you say? Where? Can't see any kangaroo in those photos. Must be hiding behind a tree... (duh, but they have, as you say, odd proportions. They are clearly visibly though ;-))

Anonymous said...

Do they get workers comp when struck by a ball?

Kate Hanley said...

Looks like a great place for a wedding. I remember when I was in Sydney (10 years ago now?) and I went to the zoo and we could walk through where the kanagroos were. It was so cool! Someday I'll be back.

i beati said...

I can see it roos and all. A lot of emotion for one block of time there lady

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Jill said...

Aren't they something? I guess your seeing the kangaroos is like our seeing deer here. Beautiful. We have a herd that call The Glen HOME. Are the Roo's bothersome? Here the deer are SO overpopulated that they ruin all sorts of plant life and 'cause MANY deaths and accidents when crossing the roadways.

Wedding spot is perfect!

PattiKen said...

Lovely spot. And how cool that there are kangaroos!