Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cracked Aktors

Well further to my musical rant last week, I finally have a new talent to promote. DrummerBoy's band is finally getting serious, writing a few songs and yep, actually contemplating a gig or two. The website's done, a few songs recorded and mixed so all they have to do now is get Ocky to remember the words and off they go. I'm very proud of what my little soldier boy can do on a set of $500 Billy Hyde's and a couple of Zildjians and I'll buy him a proper kit when I'm rich. Check them out . I think they're pretty good but boys . . .boys . . .boys . . the name is awful!

It's either Indonesian for you guessed it - actor, or an acrynym for the Applied Knowledge Technology and Operations Research, a South Australian Precision Engineering Company or even the brother of king Augeas and believed to be the father, by Molione, of Eurytus and Kteaus (Cteaus).

You should have Googled it first lads!

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