Sunday, November 05, 2006

Screw Loose

Well Lily aka ThePrincess had her big op on Thursday afternoon and is now in the post operative six week recovery phase of a total knee reconstruction. That means nothing, zip, nada for six weeks other than absolute rest and maybe a bit of swimming and physio and glucosamine injections once the stitches have been removed in 2 weeks. Then 20 minutes short lead walks twice a day building up to a couple of hours a day before she can go 'free' from a lead in probably mid January . . . It's day three and the stress is killing me. She's being very good but very difficult to keep her still, especially when its time for a loo break which forms the most exciting parts of her day. I swear this dog's on springs. Her leg's bandaged to the top of her thigh but that doesn't stop her wanting to bolt off into the blue. So, with baby gates in place, she's confined to the Laundry and Family Room much to her chagrin. She thinks she's done something terribly wrong to reek my wrath and is no longer permitted to sleep on my bed. Just as well actually cos I bought nice new pink and white sheets.

One worrying thing is that SuperVet (who's recent trip to you guessed it PARIS, was financed by moi) told me a couple of the screws in the top of her stifle are a bit 'short'. And he's slightly worried they might need replacing with longer ones! For free of course because he should have measured them more precisely. Ahhhhhghgghghgh . . . I'll give him screws . . . he must be a screw loose! Anyway we'll know more next week when he does more radiographs (we used to call them x-rays) to make sure it's healing ok. So now, i'm a total of $2,610 out of pocket with a lame dog, a 12 week recovery phase and that doesn't count the x-rays at six weeks, new plush indoor doggy bed, 2 baby gates plus the Kong that she doesn't even like . . .sheeeeeeeet eyyyy!

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