Friday, November 24, 2006

The Week That Wasnt

Well the vitriole over GymJunkie has now turned from tears to justified anger. The prick has been eyeing off the receptionist at work and the GymJunkie haters have come out of the woodwork over the past week. There are quite a few of them! ClareBear is baring up well and I now curse him to a life of commission-based sales with just a $42,000 retainer and snotty kids born by a $23,000 a year bimbo receptionist in Supre clothing and . . . I haven't finished . . . may he become follically challenged and his precious teeth fall out! And . . . DrummerBoy and I are convinced that due to the sound of his interrupted urine flow - he's got a prostate problem!

DrummerBoy has had a better weekend starting his holiday landscaping job. The mornings are early but so are the finishes and he loves it. Lots of breaks and lots of variety but since most of the jobs are based on the harbour and inner suburbs, peak hour driving is taking its toll as is my bottle of cordial . . . the more he works, the more he eats and drinks . . . The pay is the nicest surprise so now I must increase his board unless he starts to tidy up his bedroom or else it will all get blown on remote control vehicles.

ThePrincess is recovering nicely, actually remarkably. The leg's fine but she's still got to be kept quite for another 3 weeks. Physio and swimming are the only exercise she's allowed. She hates not sleeping on my bed and is very cranky at being locked in the laundry. I quite frankly am getting very sick of the summer dog hair! Only 3 weeks to go and we can start some weight bearing exercise.

Well how exciting is this post . . . as exciting as watching grass grow, watching paint dry . . . being at work at 4:43 on a Friday arvo. Aha . . . that's it, I'm giving myself an early mark and going to buy something tacky for our Christmas celebrations.

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