Thursday, November 30, 2006

Micras is Coming

At least that's what my niece used to say when she was little and the Merry Foikn Micras phrase was born amid late night drinking bouts and games of Kings and Box Head on Christmas Eve. Trust me, it was funny at the time.

Our family Christmas comprises a select but noisy few with Babybro, Stressany, JimmyD and Hah-Nah, my two - ClareBear and DrummerBoy, Babysis, ThePlummer, Maddymoo and LittleNeph. And, over the years the odd boyfriend or girlfriend has graced our table providing they have reached the six month qualifying period to attend a Christmas meal. None will be in attendance this year sadly although DrummerBoy is making a little headway with the new chicky babe, she hasn't met the qualifying criteria.

The table looks gorgeous and we've gone from blue silver and white with helium balloons, through to bronze and sparkly, red and gold - all very themed and civilised.
The food, usually non traditional mezze plates and gourmet barbecue or little entrée delights and a selection of fabulous salads.

This year . . . it's Kitch . . probably going to end up more expensive once the Singing Turkey, LED lit table runner and various Santa Stop Here signs are erected, not to mention the chocolate fountain (probably dotted with Christmas beetles by the end of the night.) This year, it’s a glazed ham and cold turkey, sumptuous salads and fresh fruit and marshmallows to dip in chocolate. But we all know it'll go to hell at about 9.00 when Kings takes over and BoxHead makes his annual appearance.

So, I'm getting excited. I've bought my first pressie and the tree goes up this weekend. BabySis and I just love Christmas. I love spending the day in the kitchen with the girls while the boys play golf, work or mess around with remote control cars and motorbikes . . so stay tuned. Maybe this year, someone will download all the photos they take and I can post a few . . .

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