Monday, March 09, 2009


I have been Candietagged. Which is good because I have nothing to write about today

I am quite happy going ‘feral’ as long as I have access to clean water (the sea is fine!) and a flushing loo!

I can’t remember birthdays . . .even my family’s. They’re not important to me so why should they be important to anyone else!

Some of the most wonderful people I know and who thankfully call me friend, are half my age!

I wish I didn't give a stuff what people thought of me . . .but I do. It makes me 'needy'

I always read my horoscope. If it's true to form, I believe it, if it's off the wall, I don't.

I can’t stand monkeys, they are grabby, scary little poo-picking pains in the posteria

I don't mind being tagged but I don't like to inflict it unwillingly on others so if you haven't already done this one . . have a go you mugs!


Miles McClagan said...

The monkey in Hail To The Chimp was hilarious...

Surely natures most comical animal! Wouldn't you like a little monkey friend to have adventures with?

i beati said...

Funny and a good list sandy

Mrsupole said...

I'm with you on the monkeys, after what happened to the lady with the chimpanzee, I am afraid of them all. I guess if an animal is wild, it should stay in the wild.

Although I have been scratched by my cats many times and bitten by dogs, they have become too dependent on humans to live on their own. But these other animals should stay in the wild and we should just visit them in a zoo or just let them roam free. That would be even better.

Being tagged was fun, now we get to chase everyone and read their taggets.

God Bless.

kj said...

baino, are you my secret twin?

nick said...

I agree about monkeys - ugly, graceless creatures who even eat bananas clumsily. I like Moloch Gibbons though, they're beautiful, agile animals that take my breath away.

Ces said...

Why would something that somebody says make you needy? Maybe uncomfortable but needy I think is different. Besides who give's a rat's ass what somebody thinks of you unless that person is someone who is a part of your personal space? I don't like monkeys either, both animal and human kind. Have a great week Baino, best wishes.

Candie Bracci said...

lol,what I like the most is your honesty and yes the ones who want to do the tag,just do it!

Grannymar said...

Another layer peeled away. We learn more about you every week

Brian Miller said...

you dissed the monkey...monkeys are my friends. that way i don't have to worry what others think, they still grab and fling poo.


steph said...

Lovely clean air and clear water at my favourite camping spot but no flushing loo!

Would a spade not suffice? ;-)

Baino said...

And I thought you were an Atari man Miley!

Thanks Sandy. I could have written 100 little known and unimportant things.

Technically chimps are apes actually but monkeys, little ones that hang around temples and sit on your head and pinch your picnic terrify me.

Haha . . I don't think so kj I have no talent!

They're fine in a zoo Nick, just not on my picnic table (not here of course, we're blessed with kookaburras and thieving possums)

Can't change who I am Ces. I get a bit 'needy' in an effort to have people like me I suppose. Just me what can I say, I'm very insecure.

That's me Candy. What you see is what you get!

I'm a veritable human onion Grannymar

Haha . .never thought of it that way Brian . . .at least you know what you're getting with a monkey! And feral is fantastic. I hate shoes!

Ooh nice spot Steph. Haven't been camping for a while but have just realised that my sister has a monster tent ripe for the borrowing. Nup, has to be a toilet block!

kj said...

i wish your 'talents' could be packaged and distributed, baino...the world would be a better and more exciting place!!

River said...

I love monkeys. Especially of the stuffed toy variety. I enjoy the occasional doco on gorillas and chimps in the wild but only if it's a short doco. The monotonous tones of the narrators absolutely bore me witless. And I'm quite witless enough thankyouverymuch. One of my favourite movies is an old one called Project X, about chimps who are trained to fly planes, then exposed to a high radiation so that the facility can discover how long they can still fly after being exposed.

Annie Ha said...

I took a picture with a monkey in the Dominican Republic. I was creeped out when its little hands touched mine and there was a sensation entirely different than what I was expecting.