Monday, March 23, 2009

Pure Pwnage n00bs - w00t LOLZ and ROFLMACOPTER

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I am so excited . . .happy claps and laps around the lounge room. Yep, my darling boy grovelled among the dirt and dead things in the hot and dusty roof to trawl a nice data cable from my PC to the phone line in the kitchen, to 'terminate' the cables with electrical precision and set up iiNet Naked ADSL2. (Of course I only bought it cos it had the word 'naked' in it!). I bought a 'Wireless Router' thinking (as mummy's do) that it meant no wires. Nope, idiot woman, it meant WiFi router and my phone connection's in the kitchen - my computer - about 20 feet away in the lounge! DUH!

It costs a bit but there are three of us uploading, downloading, blogging, Facebooking, pwning . . .

So between one blog addict, a graphic designer and an internet downloader of huge proportions we now have the Grand Prix of internet connections. My old Dell still has some limitations re opening things and frankly Blogger is just - well - tempremental sometimes but now the few things I've missed have come to fruition:

  • You tube videos - no lag - they open straight away and I have sound without interruption
  • I can open your pictures which is wonderful because I love photoblogs and haven't visited many due to the slowness of loading - sorry David and Maria and Mouse!
  • The egg on my forehead will have time to heal because there is no need to bash it against a brick wall any more
  • The XBox / PS3 crew can now play live and actually have a chance at pwnage - look out n00bs it's w00t time
  • I can also include free VoiP phone . . erm just have to get a VoiP friendly phone
  • I can upload my Flickr photos in 10 minutes instead of 3 hours and post the nice hi-res ones
OMG what am I going to do with the extra time I have . . .usually it takes ages to post, longer to visit and I'm in front of the PC far longer than I need to be. Thanks Adsy baby, you're a champ, a smelly champ after all that roof rambling but a champ! Just remember who does your washing!

Thanks too, RyanIam for the hot tip, I'm a very happy camper. My addiction to the internet is complete and it's faster than yours! pwned biatches!

Aww c'mon . . ask your kids, they'll get it!


English Mum said...

Er...pardon? Most of that was complete custard, but I did get the router bit. The Lovelies have just got one and their 3G broadband is now much more consistent - might have to indulge... x

Mrsupole said...

I am glad for you, wireless freedom is great. I take my laptop into the bathroom with me when I take a bath. The jacuzzi is running, my wireless mouse is just a clicking away. I cannot type though, cause I do not have a wireless keyboard. Someday though. So I truly hope you enjoy the life of the Wi Fi. Moving that computer anywhere is great.

Grannymar said...

Welcome to freedom next step the lappie!

nick said...

Blogger seems very temperamental at the moment. Several blogs are a bit wayward. It takes quite a few tries to get out of yours and back to mine. But wireless is brilliant.

ashleigh said...

So what VoIP phone provider are you going with?

Anonymous said...

Woo for ace connections :D

Hopefully now you can keep up with me on Xbox Live!

Brian Miller said...

lol. may the egg on your forehead heal nicely. amazing what a slow connection will do to you.

Candie Bracci said...

I have lots of things to learn...
so means I don't know anything about it but that seems cool and I share your joy!Have a great time with that thingy!Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Congrats - there'll be no stopping you now :-)

Megan said...

Tee hee. I got it. ;)

But you know you are doomed, right? This will actually mean MORE time in the lounge.

Wait, what's so bad about that?

Quickroute said...

welcome to the new age!
say goodbye to your free time!

Susan said...

Congratulations! I LOL'd at healing the egg on your head, but am dead envious of your YouTube access. *sigh*

It sounds like wonderful stuff--have fun!

Ces said...

Did you have to call India for tech support?

I will be happy when the day comes when I log on to my pc and the house is dusted!

Melissa said...

Hoooray!! You've waited so long for this -- many happy speedy blog visits and youtubing to you, my friend! :) What a kid, that son of yours!

Baino said...

Aw c'mon EM, surely one of the ofspring pwns n00bs!

Sadly Mrs, I'm not 'unwired'. The kids have laptops tho. You take yours to the bathroom with you? And I thought I was obsessed!

Only if they make one with raised keys GM!

Nick Blogger can get a bit iffy sometimes. Particularly with photo loading and saving html code.

Haha . . not Telstra Ashleigh! Actually iiNet has the voip account but I suspect all goes throught he Telstra line! did you see that iiNet also withdrew from the blacklist trial today .. now three major providers have boycotted it! More w00tage!

Aw Chris, I'd love to but I just can't wangle those damn controllers. I have someone in Cavan who's busting to kill me on a number of levels!

Brian it was drivingme insane! And I was spending far too much time in front of the 'box'.

Candie, I haven't a clue half the time. Young gamers and geeks keep me in the loop ..believe me I am 'pwned' on a daily basis and from a great height!

Well it takes more than dodgy internet to slow me down Conor!

Yeh well you live with a gamer! I tell you, kids keep you on the ball!

Nope Quickie, I'm going to be disceplined. Although it does mean I can explore more blogs - get through the blogroll quicker and daylight savings ends soon and . . .DOH!

Well Suze it's about bloody time. Your site takes ages to load for me too thanks to the big image in the background. . .this morning? ZIP! Bangarang and there it was!

Nope Ces, the lad did the lot. Pulled the cable through, stuck in a DVD, followed instructions and Bob's your uncle. Yeh, would be nice if they could clean loos and do the ironing as well!

Yep your site was uber fast this morning too Melissa . . makes such a difference when thinks open like they should . . yeh he's a good kid it's a dirty job!

kj said...

i feel your joy, baino!! mastery at last!


Jefferson Davis said...

W00t! Congrats Baino. Now you can really 'multitask'. :)

I'm curious. What's yer download/upload speeds?

River said...

Superfast loading? I'm sooooo jealous. I'm still on slow slow dial-up and probably will be for quite some time. Still, it does me well enough.

Ronda Laveen said...

Happy your need for speed has been granted. Things will flow much more fluid now.

Jay said...

Yay - wireless is great! Especially high speed wireless!

But what do you mean, what will you do with the time? You'll BLOG, of course? ROFL!

That guy was weird.

Baino said...

kj, just an hour in front of the PC tonight and I've visited everyone! Ping!

JD I think it's 60/40G HUGE man!

River I don't know how you do it. I've put up with rubbish for five years and this is just heaven.

Fluid's good Ronda . . mmmm . . need a cuppa tea now.

Jay . . means I can visit more photo blogs and see more than a white square with a little red dot in the corner! Also means I have no excuse now not to schedule an hour on the treadmill in the evening!

Anonymous said...

Cavan? He wouldn't happen to be called Seán by any chance, would he?

laughingwolf said...

oooooooooo niceties :)

steph said...

Here's something for you to open ;-)

Bollock naked:

Baino said...

No sorry Chris . .not Paddy either! Always worth asking though, it's a small world.

Oh yes Wuffa, my blood pressure is normal now!

Steph that's hilarious . . not the portrait but the audacity. Eeeeuwww . .Y-fronts!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

when cyberspace hits hyperdrive there is no going back!!!! yeah and congrats!!!!

at christmas we got a little netbook and it's wonderful not having to be anchored to the second floor office any longer! in fact right now I'm in the kitchen catching up on reading blogs while fixing dinner..... of course I just have to be careful not to lose myself in the cyberhood and burn things....