Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drumming it Into Me

I'm sitting here really trying to come up with something and listening to Adam drumming in the pool room. I don't know how he coordinates four limbs to hold a different beat. It's actually very nice to listen to.

I remember buying him his first kit. Both children would visit their grandparents at the seaside for 3 weeks each January because I had to work during school holidays. He was 12 and wanted all things a 12 year old wants. Nintendo Game Boys, mountain bikes,
Playstations . . .and a drum kit.

He couldn't play but was having lessons at school in
preparation for a number of musicals over the years and after the Trumpet practice from the primary school band I was relieved. So as a surprise upon his return from holidays with Granny, I had a drum kit ready and waiting. It cost me $500 for the 'starter kit'.

There were weeks of sort of rhythm. The kid definitely had something but needed some help refining the skill. The racket was less than lovely and practice was restricted to
pre-6pm or when nobody was home. But practice he did. Every day.

A few lessons later and he's getting the hang of the things. Sounding tolerable, quite expert in fact so the 'band' was born. "Indecent Exposure" not to be confused with the little known boy band of the 80's. The kids were about 14 and I was the '
Drummy Mummy'. We had the space for them to practice so our pool room became the rehearsal space. There were gigs in far flung places, community rock events, even a paid session at the local ice rink for the dancing pleasure of the skaters. It's amazing how much drum kit you can fit into the back of a hatch-back Corolla. By the time they turned 17, the band had fractured and each went their own way, still mates but no longer a unit.

Then, came
Aktor . . probably about 3 years old now. Writing original material but more beer drinking at rehearsal than practice. They did OK with pub gigs and now he was old enough to transport his own kit, I was somewhat relieved. At the end of 2008 they entered a Worldwide Rock Competition. They did very well to reach the Australian finals. The winner won a a trip to Germany to strut their stuff. My little Drummer Boy however, was voted best drummer and won himself a nice new kit. Then life took hold. They still wrote, they still practiced but as everyone left Uni and became involved in the real world. It was harder to gig and harder to rehearse. Girlfriends came, jobs came, exams came . . fame left and for a while so did a little dedication.

The band is still together. We had a great night recently at a nightclub in the city, normally known for it's dance music rather than alternative Rock but the boys had an early start and a paid gig. The next is at Conception Day at a local University and whilst the verve isn't quite there and I don't think they're going to be the next U2, they have fun and they sound great.

Which brings me to now. My son . .after acquiring a Bachelor of
Horticulture, a Landscape Construction Certificate and six months of running his own business . . wants to be a musician. I was horrified. I want him to get a good career, be independent, run his own business . . get himself sorted financially and move out with his lovely Amy . . not in any way the 'groupie' type but she tolerates his passion.

Then tonight, I can hear him, I can see the look on his face! He's in his special place when he drums. He can play different genre's from rock to jazz, he can tinkle and smooth, he can 'go nuts' and double kick. He can fill and hammer . . he's not just good, he's brilliant . . OK he's not dissecting the human genome or curing AIDS but he's doing what he loves and he's good at it. Maybe he should follow his passion . . I didn't, and that was a huge mistake.

And for the brave . . one reason why you shouldn't post your Friday Night drunken exploits on Facebook when your mother is a 'friend'. The boy is versatile! These are electronic drums, played to video hits and Guitar Hero on a rather . . . drunken Friday. Language warning. I'm such a cool mum. He'll kill me for posting this. No really, he will! I love you Addy. . .


Ropi said...

I have bad coordination but somehow (usually with luck) I can make quite complex moves. I have unique moves.

I am sorry not checking your blog for a while but I was busy with Spanish and I have a "problem" (most of the people wouldn't consider it as a problem) in my private life and I am thinking how to fix it.

Brian Miller said...

ha. the last vid was awesome! chase your passion gets my vote...take your reponsibilities seriously....but chase your passion. never could get the drums to work...too many different directions at once. watching someone that can do it...amazing!

Baino said...

Ropi, you are forgiven. Email me if you need advice.

He's awesome Brian and the look on his face. Sadly their live stuff is all amateur video and not indicative of how good they really are. Yeh shenanigins at Shauns.

Anonymous said...

I could never do this( but bongo drums, now you're talkin'! ). I say let him chase his dream, if he wants. He's got a few fall-backs, if he needs them. And even if he doesn't meet with success at least he'll have tried and gotten it out of his system, wot?

And in the second vid; they just had to blame the dog-LOL!

Kate Hanley said...

I loved this post. My daughter is dying to play the drums but we're holding off for a bit (she's only 10) and I totally agree about following the passion. My mother keeps telling me, "You did it right, you found what you love to do and then you found someone to pay you to do it."

Christopher said...

Maybe he'll kill you for posting this, but deep down he'll really appreciate you doing it. And you both know that. I think it's wonderful, though, that you encourage your son to follow his passion. And that he really is brilliant. Of course you're obligated to say that he's brilliant, being his Mum and all, but those of us who are objective about it agree. He is amazing and it would be a shame if he didn't pursue his passion.

Candie Bracci said...

Cool!Have a nice day Baino :)

Roy said...

He's a good drummer. From the sound of it, though, he needs to find a band that's serious about making music their career. Playing pubs on the weekends isn't going to do it. He definitely has the chops and the inspiration to make it, he just needs the right vehicle.

steph said...

He's got the beat OK and...

he's got a really COOL Mum!

Good on you, Baino for making sure he gets to follow his passion and...

keeps his feet on the ground.

Ropi said...

Thanks, I saw it but I will solve it.

i beati said...

Mom I love this post - supermom !!

i beati said...

they are gooooood !!

Megan said...

Oh I wish I could play the videos but of course I'm at work. Will be back later.

You are the coolest mom ever. Except for me, of course.

Ronda Laveen said...

The videos are great. You are cool...mummy-wise and just in general. My vote: follow your passion. He has his degree. He can hit the silk anytime he wants.

nick said...

Well, if he still wants to be musician and he has the talent, why not let him have a go? But as Roy says, he needs to be serious about it and not just seeing it as a bit of weekend craic. And if it fails, he's now got the other skills to fall back on.

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh yes...I'm a huge believer in following our passion.

Gotta have faith ...yep.

Miladysa said...

Lordy Lordy where would we be without out little lovelies? :)

Remind me to send you a clip of what my son got up to when we went away on holiday a few years ago - you'll LOVE it! LOL

jay said...

Haha! My younger son is a drummer, too. In fact, we still have his drum kit here in a spare room, since he has no room for it where he is. He uses an electronic one now.

I must admit, while he was very good at it, and it seldom jarred, the sheer volume did get wearing at times and I'm not sorry I dont' get to hear it anymore. :P

Renee said...

I love them. har har

Dreams, I wish I had known what mine were and chased them.

I hope he goes for them.

Well played being best drummer. This seams like a very achievable dream Helen.

Love Renee xoxo

Baino said...

Subby I'd throw him out if he played bongos! And it was the dog, honestly . .

Kate let her have a go. Adam played for three or four school productions as well he loves it and it's great for relieving frustration (perhaps not for those within earshot!)

Well he'll never stop Chris. He's even added to the kit so it's huge now! Nah, he won't kill me. It's on YouTube!

Thanks Candie, I'm hopeful . .shame to be working inside when the sun is shining out tho!

He's auditioning at the moment Roy . . just needs to get some good sound bytes out there for his portfolio.

Erm not sure about that Steph. Sometimes I think he has his head in the clouds. But I think GenY have the right idea re work/life balance.

Good luck Ropi, just have fun!

iBeati, not sure about super mum . .tolerant mum maybe!

Peas in a pod Meg!

True Ronda. I guess living at home, it's a good time for him to try what he wants without worrying too much about a huge income.

True Nick. Maybe he could do both since Landscaping is daytime and gigs are at night.

Now Sarah how did I know you'd say that!

Lordy Lordy you're alive! Welcome back Miladysa!

Jay, fortunately the kit it mostly at his rehearsal space!

Renee, me too. I let a lot of my dreams go unrealised.

Ces said...

That would be ideal! To do what you love and then earn a living from it. Bands sometimes are borne out garages, who knows?

Kath Lockett said...

Y'know, I always wanted to a writer of some kind too, but did the sensible thing and studied everything else but writing as part of my arts degree.

I'm forty now and finally feel as though I'm doing what I love doing.

Let 'im try - he's got the talent and a good set of 'day job skills' that he can always fall back on.

And I want to see some photos of Gemma the doggie!

e said...

I say Adam should follow all of his passions-music and horticulture as both offer different opportunities to be creative. This was a great post and I wish Adam the best!

otin said...

I always wanted to be a musician, I lived for music, but I just could not play! If I had the ability, I would follow it to the end of the Earth, I don't think that you should give up on a talent!

Ribbon said...

Baino... what was your passion that you didn't get to follow?
Why aren't you doing it now?

I think now is the perfect time for your son to follow his passion... especially since he has completed his studies.
What a wonderful time in his life.

Great post
x Ribbon

ps... without passion what is life?

kj said...

baino, i can't hear this because it's late at night and i'll wake jb. but i CAN hear your pride in adam, even your excitement about his commitment and choice to be a musician.

and as for you, baino, what dream would you have followed?

love you,

laughingwolf said...

as joseph campbell put it: follow your bliss :)

he can always landscape later ;)

River said...

He should definitely follow his dream. He already has a good background in horticulture to back him up when times get tough.

Baino said...

Ces you're very lucky to be in just that position. Who am I to cramp his style.

Kath, you're lucky indeed. I still don't really know what my passion is. Sorry, Gemma is the guitarist's dog . .the video was at his place but she's very cute.

Hi e, yep so do I. I'll pass on all of your thoughts, he'll be thrilled I'm sure.

True Otin. Sadly I don't have any. Talent . .but he does!

Ribbon, I don't know what my passion is, I'm too busy paying the bills. I did want to be a Social Worker but I think that window of opportunity has closed. Just a steady job, a good wage and a challenging environment.

kj my dreaming days were cut short for a variety of reasons but I really don't know what I'm 'passionate' about . . travel I think. I regret not doing more of it.

True Wuffa . . he's young enough to indulge a passion without the harsh realities of getting by.

True River, and he'll always have that. Who knows, he'll probably combine the two and be rich and happy. Doesn't get better than that!

Kate said...

Bless him - I can 'hear' how proud you are!!!
He's got to go for it now, of course he has while he's young.. the degree will still be there after!!!

ebony said...

Haha. My parents are really worried becaue I don't know what I want to study after high school... and they too want me to have a great carreer. I'm the onlyone who doesn't know what to want. I hope your son will figure out what he wants to do and hope he'll enjoy it.