Sunday, November 08, 2009

Newtown Community Festival

The suburbs (or more appropriately south western part of the CBD) is 'interesting' to say the least. It's scruffy, alternative and areas such as Newtown are buzzing with alternative culture and pop culture as well as the down on their luck. Today was Newtown Festival. Market stalls, music, people from all over and a particular magnet for the dreadlocked, tattooed, heavily pierced and those who dress up their dogs.

We wondered down to meet with some friends for lunch and a browse around the stalls. Markets aren't what they used to be, they're creative, fun, avant garde but really too expensive. The weather was warm but 'mizzling' a mixture of drizzle and mist punctuated by the odd heavy shower that had everyone donning their umbrellas or rushing for cover. It was crowded and difficult to park but fun nonetheless. I have to say though, next time I go to Newtown, I won't bother doing my hair or ironing my shirt. I felt conspicuously overdressed, neat and tidy!

The crowd gathers for lunch on the lawn and live music

Thomas Kenneally talks about the process of writing (he wrote Schindler's Ark among many others, later turned into film as Schindler's List)

Even the police had a little shopping spree although why he's looking through the ladies wear I'm not sure

Everything oozed colour and I took the wrong lens with me!

Pet treats

Watches made out of coconut shells for $10

Every home should have one don't you think?

Handbags made out of old 45s

The bands played

The people danced

The ponies snoozed

And the rain came . . frequently


Roy said...

Heh, heh! Yeah, the Newport Folk Festival often gets rained on, too, usually on the Sunday of this annual Saturday/Sunday event. We had a break of about 5 years with no rain, but this year the Sunday Rain returned. But since it rained on Judy Collins' set, and Judy brought Joan Baez with her to sing duets, everybody ignored the rain.

And that's a great shot of the band in action. Good catch!

nick said...

You're right about these "alternative" events being expensive. There was a craft fair near us on Saturday and the prices were about twice those in the supermarkets. Okay, so a lot of the stuff is hand-made in small quantities but even so - alternative?

Grannymar said...

I enjoyed your fair and guess what.... I never got wet! :D

Ronda Laveen said...

Loved the coconut shell watches and the 45 record hand bags. Your photos are getting better and better.

otin said...

Your pictures are some of the best!

Interesting about the people who Schindler saved. One of them became a bid developer in New Jersey, and in every development that they developed, they would name a street after Schindler.(This was way before the movie) I put water lines down about 10 different roads with the name of Schindler. I asked someone once why there was a schindler road in every development, and No one knew. Then the movie came out and we all learned.

steph said...

Seeing those recycled handbags reminds me of a cool present I got some years ago of a bag made from recycled ring-pulls - it never fails to get noticed!

Glad you had a fun day out, Baino.

It's too damp here to sit on the grass at the best of times.

laughingwolf said...

rain on your parade... again? :(

Kath Lockett said...

The policeman might have been buying something for his nights off as 'stress relief'...?

I want a 45 handbag!

hokgardner said...

Looks like a lovely time, despite the rain.

Brian Miller said...

every home should have a helm...that way when things get love a good festival...the people are so interesting...and the wonders that the vendors come up only see them at festivals. sounds like a great time..and wonderful pics of course!

e said...

I too love the watches and the old 45 handbags are wonderful...thanks for the wonderful photos!

River said...

Oh, I LOVE markets, although I rarely go anymore. Like you said, they're too expensive. They used to be a place to stuff yourself with ethnic foods that you hadn't yet tried, then wander the stalls picking up knick-knacks, little christmas gifts etc;now you practically have to mortgage the house to buy a few jars of homemade jam. I'm not complaining, prices have risen and the stall holders are in it to make a living or eke out their pensions or whatever, so adjust their prices to cover ingredients and so on, and fair enough too. It just means that for me, I have to squirrel away $$ for a year in advance if I'm particularly wanting to go to one of these, because after all why go if you don't spend? I particularly love the food stalls, wandering past slowly, inhaling all the aromas.......Yum!
Your photos make me feel like I was there.

Baino said...

It was a bit of a shame Roy but at least it was warm. Nobody quite that famous gracing this stage but people seemed to enjoy it anyway.

Very expensive. Although Clare bought a coconut watch for just $10 and I picked up a couple of T shirts 2 for $35 so not too bad if you shop judiciously.

Haha! Well you wouldn't have minded getting wet Grannymar, it was nice and cooling just a bit soggy for the vendors.

Thanks Rhonda although I took the 50mm lens which isn't really suitable for these kinds of shots. I didn't want to change lenses in the rain!

Aww too kind Otin, really.I didn't know that about New York. Tom Keneally is such a nice man too, he's like a little Santa Clause. I'm not sure who else was on the bill, the tent was full and it was too soggy to hang about.

Oooh that sounds interesting? These weren't very practical but very cute. I rather liked the fruit bowl made out of an LP!

I know! What's happened to our spring Wuffa? Of course today is gorgeous just in time to go back to work!

Haha . . don't even want to go there. We were just shocked to see a uniformed bobby shopping! He's supposed to be on the beat!

Yeh it was very pleasant Heather but very crowded. Indian gear seems to be making a BIG resurgence.

If I'd had the money, I'd have bought a Spartan helmut with a big red comb! Gorgeous things. No idea what I'd do with it but it would certainly be a talking point!

No worries e, I'd have taken more if my lens hadn't kept fogging up. Very humid!

River we didn't really go to spend, just an excuse to get out on a Sunday and have lunch with friends. The people were very odd though. I've never seen so many piercings, dreadlocks and people who looked like they got dressed in the dark! We
d have had paella if the weather was drier but we stuck to a cafe doing all day breakfast instead!

Mim said...

Everyone knows that all cops are cross-dressers!!

I liked the Schinder List movie but loved the book, so much more interesting detail. That man had an opportunity to shine and find his humanity and he did that for those war years. It was all downhill for him after the war, but in the end all of his saved people supported him and he is buried in Israel.

Anyway, to me looks like a fun day despite the rain.

Tom said...

we just go to the Festivals to browze and people watch...this one looks like great fun! Greeat pics as usual.

Gledwood said...

There was a fascinating thing on the radio about how Schindler's Ark got to be a book and then a big film...

by the way I think "Ark" sounds way better than "List" : why on earth change that title? The film's title sounded boring in comparison well to me anyhow


laughingwolf said...

weather's nutz, worldwide!

going to 12 C here, and 15 later in the week... i'm not complaining

Jill said...

This Fest looks like good fun! I am especially drawn to the fancy pet treat stall (fancy treats for fancy pets?) and would like to own a 45 purse (with the RIGHT artist on it) although I am QUITE SURE I would never USE it!!

California Girl said...

I like the recycling going on with the purses made out of old 45s.

Looks like a really fun time.

Darlene said...

I used to go to the Fairs here, but the walking tired me out. Now I can't even do that, but I did enjoy seeing the crafts and always bought one thing.

Where is the Knight who wore the helmet? I would rather have him; like one of Grannymar's toy boys.

I also want the pony and saddle to ride every day. A pony is about my speed now. ;-)

Miladysa said...

Very enjoyable!

Nice shot of that copper LOL

Would love to see the helmet on my old man ;)

Megan said...

You are so right about the prices! I love to go to these types of things but I can't help being a little bummed out that I can never afford anything.

Love the photos though. Nice bit of everything!

Christopher said...

The prices get expensive, although these pics remind me of Nashville's Australia Fest--it had tents just like those, and it was the only place I could buy Vegemite. And pretty cheap too. Just $10 would buy a jar big enough to last a year--and I love the stuff! These alternative fairs can be fun. And I'd love to have one of those coconut shell watches.

Renee said...

I love when I get to go out with my dear friends. I have travelled alot today.

love Renee xoxo

ian said...

How brilliant, seeing Kenneally in the flesh.

The last picture could be Ireland on any summer's day.

Your rugby team is arriving here this week - it is very cold and very wet, which suits the Irish side.

Rowe said...

Oh, how cute is that little pony. Excellent shot of the double bass and loved the cheeky cop shopping photo, too.

Susan at Stony River said...

What a fantastic place! Great shots--you make me wish I'd been there.

Anonymous said...

Nice photographs Baino.

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