Saturday, November 03, 2007


These are a few of my favourite things:

French Perfume - can't live without it . . Calvin Klein, Rochas and Chanel - life's little luxuries and I don't care if they make me sneeze . .

Genuine Nepalese hat . . no bonfire night is complete with out ear muffs (ugly African CD stacker optional . . .hey! He's Limpopo, now a part of the family - well the family room anyway . ..) My Faaaaaavourite Hat . . .

Curiosity corner . . desk made by my grandad which houses, Japanese lanterns, Grandamas sandwich set, Delft from Holland, Reindeer from Italy, Camel from Dubai, Glass from Venice, china from well . . .China, picnic basket from England, chess set from Australia, Barometer from Wales, Grandma's Tea pot, Bull Dancer from Crete, Pithoi Pot from somewhere in Greece, Duck from Kellyville, Lava man from Vanuatu and Beer pint which I stole from a pub in Manchester and a lantern from "down't mine . . . ee by gum!"

Hub of the house, where people gather, all the action takes place as well as daubing tiles with stroganoff sauce, merriment and Saturday morning cleaning! Does everyone have a junk basket on their kitchen bench?

Now I ask you . . . would an anal retentive clean freak have a fridge like this? Next week it will also have a "What do do whilst I'm convalescing" Roster affixed. Ok that's a bit anal!


Nancy said...

Hi Baino,

Your comment about the "Junk" basket reminded me of a family story.

We had a "Junk" Drawer in our kitchen. Anything you didn't know what to do with went directly into that drawer.

One Christmas our 5 year old son spent quite a bit of time thinking about just the right thing to give his Dad. After a lot of picking and choosing in the hardware store, he decided on a C Clamp. Like a little vise to hold things.It was 19 cents but Jerry didn't care. Dad was worth that expense.

The gift was a great hit. Dad made a gigantic fuss over it.

Fast forward about 10 months and one day Jerry asked." Mom, is this the junk drawer?"
"Yes, Jerry, I guess you can call this the junk drawer."
This caused a great deal of crying and flinging himself into a chair to pout.
When he quieted down I asked him why he was so upset.

" Dad's C Clamp is in that drawer!!!!"

Grannymar said...

I have a junk box rather than a basket and I keep it in a kitchen cupboard. Out of sight out of mind.

wordnerd said...

You have such interesting things in your home -- thanks for sharing. I have a junk drawer AND a junk pile -- the pile is on the table, usually, and consists of forms to fill out, to-do lists, etc. I try to clear it out once a week.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

So where's the picture of you wearing the hat? Huh, huh?

Baino said...

Nancy: I think there's a universal law that the second drawer in the kitchen - normally preserved for large cooking utensils actually accumulates things distinctly un-kitcheny . . put an empty recepticle on the bench and it's full within minutes!

GM: Boxes are dangerous, you forget what's in them until the "I'm going to cut off your power" bill comes in!

WN: I don't mind meaningful junk, it's 'spreadage' that I can't stand, as long as it's confined to a specific corner, I'm happy!

AV: You can't handle the hat!It's not a pretty site but it keeps my ears warm!

Anonymous said...

HAHA I must be anal retentive ... anything that goes on the front of the fridge gets slid around to the side above the garbage bin! Can't clean all those food smears and grotty 'diesel?' marks I don't want to touch before handling food! You have a nice open hub - we're still in the forties HAHA.

Kate said...

Ohhhh, I have counter-space envy. I have a decent-sized kitchen at this house, which is a vast improvement over the prior house and apartments, but still woefully limited counter-space.


Kate said...
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Baino said...

Anony: Gives me an excuse not to clean the front.

Kate: It's a small kitchen but plenty of room for the three of us. Because it's off a family room, it sort of expands the space . . .

So who's deleting their comments then? C'mon, fess up? I'll 'ave ya!

Nonny said...

Love the house Baino it is lovely I have a hat just like that. I’d show you my house but I kind of have no ceiling in the sitting room and there’s a cast iron bath in the middle of the excuse for a kitchen.

Baino said...

Awww Nonny, I'm just glad you're not mummified in wall paper scrapings! Rennnovating is hard work! I'm sure it'll look great when you're done. You should post some before and after pics.