Friday, March 07, 2008

T Break

Sadly, my recent cold has morphed into sinusitis. I can feel my teeth throbbing and that's an interesting experience. I'm actually mightilly miffed as I should be enjoying sang choy bow with a 10 year old who's birthday it is today . . her first foray into the tweens . . happy birthday Maddie, I'm sorry I can't come and big hugs from Aunty Snot Box.

I am I have decided, w-a-a-a-y to much in touch with my masculine side. Besides a propensity for trousers and sensible shoes I am turning into a bloke when it comes to dealing with illness. A hysterectomy is a no brainer, ha! Run around after three days . . but a cold reduces me to a pathetic lump of sog capable of little more than pressing the DVD remote control and once it hits the sinuses, I want a live in nurse! (Unfortunately my live-ins are in Bolivia and Fingal Bay this weekend so I'm farked!)

So, as they say in the cooking shows . . here's one I prepared earlier!

I have taken to 'making my own lunch'. The upshot of this is that I don't actually have to leave the building during the working day! So to avoid becoming a workaholic and ensure I have a small break from laborious correspondence, desktop design and marketing madness, I have a little surf now and then during the day.

I love quirky T shirts. I rarely buy them for myself but Adam has a couple . . the Drummer definition shirt of course, and another that says "I'm not infantile you big poopyhead" which we share but definitely looks better on him. I'm now a bit old for the "I'm a Virgin - this is a very old shirt" so am always interested in something off beat. Whilst trawling I also found a few of these:

For the gamer . . .

For the guy who doesn't want to score . . .

For the sartorial . . .

The dyslexic intellectual

The spiritual atheist

The lefties . . .or cacky handers (yeay, long live lefties and cacky handers!)
The sardonic and sarcastic . .

. . and the yummy mummys!

OK this wasn't on a T shirt but it should have been . . .lightening quick Paint drawing from a friend trying to explain the offiside rule in soccer to me this morning! For the soccer player's totally disinterested girlfriend perhaps!

Your turn . .

1) Your favourite t-shirt and why

2) silliest slogan on a T shirt

There may be a prize . . then again . . maybe snot! *sniff*


elly parker said...

These are my two favourites!

Grannymar said...

Who is this elly parker? ;)

Baino said...

Haha .. I received your comments ladies but realised in my snotty stupor I'd posted this in March 2006! I thought I had deleted it. Thank goodness for Google Reader eh! Thanks for the links Elly. Unfortunately, these are limited editions and I can't see them!

GrannyMar: Welcome back! If you don't know her nobody does! She's got rude taste in T shirts that's all I can say!