Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair Raising!

Edit: Jackie Sparrowbaino for Babysis!

I've had a couple of days annual leave to schlep around, seal the slate, clean and tidy up a bit. Even had a little personal pampering and spoilt myself with a facial and a pedicure but the hair . . OMG the dam frizz that surrounds my frumpy visage is driving me crazy. I haven't had a professional cut and colour since before Christmas and after that awful Gwendolene haircut that DrummerBoy gave me and thought so hilarious . . .then I found this. So besides having a movie star body now, I can also try on a few styles of the stars. Except for maybe a couple of distant Skypers and those who've seen me on Facebook and know the original 'haughty empress' shot. I think I'll be pretty anonmyous. I feel pretty safe that nobody would recognise me on the street from this lot. So . . because it's the weekend and all is well with the world in my particular corner of the universe . . .you may giggle!

Scarlet Johanssonbaino

Queen Latifabaino (she's more my body type)

Paris Hiltonbaino . . nah, tits are too small!

Opra Winfreybaino (well my hair is more afro than sleek
and this picture eerily suits me . .)

Nicole Kidmanbaino . . I did NOT botox those lush lips!

Mariah Careybaino . . but who's looking at the hair! Heads up boys!
Have you ever noticed that she has no neck? Really!

Keira Knightlybaino . .actually I quite like this but no good for curly hair
Besides, the Fringelet might get jealous
God I love her earrings too . .damn the waif!

Eva Longoriabaino. . .eeeuuuwwww . . bloody awful. Just like high school!

Beyonce Knowlesbaino . . now this I can do with just a colour!
I'm serious!

Angelina Joliebaino . . Bradilicious? I think not!

So have a go I dare you and post a shot . . .I did a Donald Trumpbaino
but . . .just couldn't go there! . . so here's another member
of the mad hair brigade . . .and not dissimilar to me in the mornings . . .
. . . for the last giggle of the day . . .

Robert Smithbaino! Tadaaaaaaa!

Um PS, I don't have a turned up nose.
It was a self portrait taken in my bathroom so I look a bit stuck up!


Megan said...

You are equally lovely in each.

I expect you to say the same to me when I try it.

Anonymous said...

Hhehheeee LOVE the last one!

Lehners in France said...

What a fantastic post!!!!
I love the Paris Hiltonbaino and the Beyonce Knowlesbaino. I would love to see the Trumpabaino though that sounds awesome. Debs x Bon weekend

King Jack said...

LOOK at me Baino!


Bimbimbie said...

LOL ... you are too funny - I'm going to have to click and see what King Jack looks like with hair now ;)

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup Screech Bwark*!* Dancing along my perch over the site of Celeb Jack
... has he gone all Queenie or Dame Edna in the 1st photo and that 2nd one's bunches look a bit baby spice girly Tusp*!*

King Jack said...

I'm NO Queenie or Dame Edna Bimbimbie! I'm a KING! Not of the fairies either BWARK!! I like spice BWARK!!! I want to see Baino as a Spice Girl!

ebony said...


Baino said...

Meg's you're too kind. Seriously!

Anony: I had a party for one. Now I'm going to convert my friends and release their faces on the internet mwahahahaha!

Debs, when you're as old and frumpy as me, it's fun to play . .Actually . . I do have slightly Beyonce hair! The 'Bain' of my life! Nup Trumpabaino was far to fat and frumpy! Bon chance mon ami!

Jack shuttup! We all know you are the fairest of them all! Seriously young man . . I had a look at your fantastic coiffure and almost wet my knickers . . now, seriously, no bird should have that level of power over a human! King Jack . . no, no, no . .more Queen Jackie!

Bimbimbie the possibilities are endless. One punter has put a wig on their dog! (we won't talk about that mad bird woman - known better as 'Petal') Seriously good fun for the bored silly! Actually having said that, whilst DrummerBoy and Otley are Xboxing their little bottom's off . .the Fringelet is playing with the same application!

Ebs: Have a go . . it's funny. . Give Ropi a new hairdo! I dare you! Hot tip he has pics on Facebook!

Jack . .I actually tried a Posh Spice one but I ended up with four eyebrows! Something Lorikeets don't have to worry about!

Now you silly women(and Lorikeet) isn't it time to make dinner?

Nick said...

The Nicole Kidman style is rather wonderful. And as for the Beyonce! But then again, why not cut it all short for easy maintenance? Why is long hair so fashionable, I ask myself?

Anonymous said...

All your base are belong to us.

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

You actually have a very youthful face, no wrinkles, full lips, why if you had a different hairstyle you would look positively younger! I agree with Nick, shave it all off and get a wig!!!

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Did you always wish you had another boy?

This is me in 20 years time.

Ropi said...

Pfff, funny but I would be shocked if she walked next to me on a street.

Thriftcriminal said...

Nice photoshopping skilz. Hey you did two from my most hotest list first! The rest don't make it onto the list.

The Knightly one suits your photo.

ebony said...

Tempting.. but I don't have the guts. Truly Baino, you are pretty! The last one is really cool! I have a programme like that were you can see yourself as a: drunk, anime, caveman, opposite sex...
I laughed you so I'll tell you this so that we are even. Don't tell anyone. I wanted to play arround with the programme. I wanted to see what I'd look like as a man. So.. I did what was needed and.. v__ v nothing changed. Maybe a little more eyebrows. I look like a man. That really hurt. I should see Oprah. But now I'm totally over it.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Oh these are brilliant - gotta go play now. I'm going with ScarletBaino, OpraBaino and KeiraBaino.

As for me, I can tell you now, if you want to laugh, see me as blonde bimbo with long flowing locks. I'm still cackling!

Melissa said...

Fabulous!! I love all of them -- that Robert Smith one is just too funny. I knew a guy in high school (okay, a couple of guys) who went for that look. Beyonce Knowlesbaino took the cake and I think the Latifahbaino is gorgeous! Now ... I should have a go at this ... looks like Jack had some fun ... LOL.

ian said...

There's no picture of Keith Richards in the male gallery - he's the only one that would do for me

Quickroute said...

Damn but you´re a dab hand at the ol´ ... I must give it a whirl ' I´ve been looking for a new look!

Baino said...

Nick I've often wondered how that would look but I think you have to be 'waify' to get away with a bald head . . Keira and Sinead can do it! Not me!

Anony: That's enough talk about my 'base' thanks! 'For a yokel you're pretty funny!'

Aww fanks darls but you're biased because you luvz me big time! I can't see your pics *sob* Email them to me! But it was nice to see your face on Skype last night. You look well and happy baby. Enjoy your weekend off and let the brats get their own chips!

Ropi! Shocked! But I look gorgeous! You look beside you now! One day I might be there!

Thrifty: Queen Latifa is on your most hot list? Interesting. Of course every boy loves Scarlet . . watch The Other Bolyn Girl and you get her and Natalie Portman together - smorgasbord! And it's not Photoshop, click the link and turn yourself into Bradpitthrifty!

Ebony . . do a girly one . .it'll make you feel better! Srsly . .I'm not a pretty Robert Smith and an even uglier Donald Trump!

AV: Just a bit of fun. I'm like you I think, time for some levity amongst the darkness! Blonde! Long hair! You know you wanna do it!

Melissa . . good for when the kids are a little bored with school holidays perhaps?

Ian . .I'm sure I have a photo of you somewhere . . .Keith Richard! Getaway . . surely you're more of a Johnny Depp?

Quickie, with your fine features, you'd make a pretty girl for sure!

laughingwolf said...

i want somma dat you bin smokin'/drinkin' ;) lol

had i a pic of me, i'd do it :O

Thriftcriminal said...

Queen Latifa rates highly on my stroke-ability scale. In the Aussie stakes Isla Fisher in on the list.

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Just testing, the html in my title's all funny. I'm so hopeless with that sort of thing

Baino said...

LW what an enigmatic wuffa you are! No smokin or drinkin' just playin (bit bored I was). And seriously contemplating my next do!

Thrifty: You watch Hymen Way? I had to google the Fisher gal, never heard of her! Strokability? I don't even wanna go there!

ClareBear it didn't always go funny like that. Re do it on the Blogger Dashboard and see if that works.

Kath Lockett said...

You're gorgeous in 'em all, but seriously, the Oprah looks pretty darned good. I'm definitely going to go and have a play at the hairstyle place. I've had the same short-boy hair for years now for the opposite reasons as you - thin, straight, flat. *sigh*, the exact opposite of my figure....

Babysis said...

Oh thats a the Beyonce Baino...but darling thats so much like your normal hair.....However, the that REALLY suited you....What about doing that boxing guy with the standy uppy hair someone king?....that'd be funny - or you could do the Jack Sparrowbaino!! Or Bald Baino - oh no that'd be Poider..

Jefferson Davis said...

Kudos to you, Baino. My fav is ScarletBaino. :)

Baino said...

Kath you have hair like my sister, hers is straight as a die and mine's a mass of curls . .between us we keep the hair product manufacturers in overseas holidays! As for the body . . I'm not going there! *something very odd has happened to my left eye! Wasn't drooping like that when I looked in the mirror! haha!

Babysis . .hours of wasted time on that site I love it. You can change facial features too! Ooh Jack Sparrow Baino I so want to be that feral! I'm going to find one NOW!

JD: Are you flirting? Casting aspersions about my flirting or looking through your rose coloured glasses again!

Thriftcriminal said...

It's a quote from Waynes World. Hymen way? Never heard of it, I saw Isla Fisher in The Wedding Crashers, Very funny.

King Jack said...

Jackie Sparrowbaino! BWAAAAAARK! HAHAHHAAA!!!! *tweet*

Grannymar said...

They are brill!

I'm off to have a go....!

Baino said...

Thrifty . .ok missed that truly excellent analogy dude. Oops that's Bill and Ted . .um . . schwing!

"Tweet" backatcha you noisy Lori!

Go Grannymar . .post 'em . . .go the frizz!

Well folks my comment record . . and all over a bit of a do! Much fun. Try it at home, annoy your friends, publish your enemies, give hair to the bald and tease the hersuite! Bon Chance! I have a feeling it's not all over yet!

Jay said...

Ahhhh!!!! MY EYES!!! That Jackie Sparrowbaino is just WRONG!!

Heresy! Sacrilege! The walls will start bleeding in a minute!!!

Now, if you could put Jack Sparrow's face onto my OH ... or maybe I could just swap them for an hour or two?


laughingwolf said...

jest kidding! ;) lol

Baino said...

Hi Jay, welcome aboard me hearty! Sorry, I know you love the lad . .have a soft spot for him myself! Great hair tho!

LW haha . .I know! High on life I am!