Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've had four of the laziest days ever and am TOTALLY chillaxed so I'm picking up on a little photo meme and colour theme from Grannymar. Like her, I am still learning with my Canon 400D SLR, and no Clare, I haven't enrolled in the bloody course yet . . . but I will, I'm thinking last semester when the evening light is available. It's hard to mix photography with working 45 hours a week! So for your viewing pleasure a few files from the vault that is Flickr . . .the colour theme . . Orange!

Bonfire night in July . . we wore hi vis gear to stop the neighbour's complaining!
Is that Red Bull AND a beer? No wonder he's twirling his glowstick!

Aktor . . the band that almost made it with Sean twanging guitar and Adam 'going nuts'

Spinach and water chestnut dip with crudites . .simple but delish . .Gaye you missed out!

Perfect orange on my tree before . . . .

. . the pirates raid and eat all the pips, the flesh is left for the bunnies!
There's about $6000 worth of black market sulphur crested cockatoo there
Anyone want one?

Teeny weeny fungi among the weeds in a place that was once my lawned backyard.
Damn the drought!

Beautiful but "Bwwarkky" Rainbow Lorikeet in my Grevillia.
Seriously, this guy was going nowhere.
Took the shot from about a metre away (hence the 'evil' eye)
I never tire of these guys they are so beautiful and so invisible in the tree tops.
Go figure . . . but they never, ever SHUTUP!

My sweet prince mowing as he often does.
Orange is the colour of Kubota.

I love lillies, they're the only flower that will last two weeks
in a vase through the heat of summer.

Ladybird, ladybird . . fly away home . . . .and stop eating my leaves!

Aussie honey bee, doing what it does best . .
nectar gathering on Patterson's curse. The honey tastes sweetalicious.

Oh and a few photo sites that I really love . . .

Anonybird . . .all things feathered
South Carolinan with an eye for detail
Weird, wonderful and a world of colour
Fabulous journey through North East US
Shows it as it is
Only been there once but loved what I saw
Sensational slice of life in Belfast

There are others who post pics now and then and are worth a visit. Run throught the blogroll, check out Ernest's rennovations, Moon's elephants, Mellissa's beautiful flowers, wildlife and kiddywinks, Ces's amazing art and garden . . . KJ's fantastic holiday through north eastern US, Bimbimbie's QLD hideaway, they're all there, at the side . . . for moments when you have nothing to do . .go on . .visit . .


Thriftcriminal said...

Huh? I thought ladybirds were carnivorous and ate aphids? Nice photos B.

Anonymous said...

In the orange pleasure of Baino's photography, these were thoroughly enjoyable! The Aktor photo is magazine standard! So is the orange orange and the various twits plus things with wings! I don't think you need a tech course - just keep shooting! Thanks for the linky ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh blah, Anonybirds linky has a "d" at its beginning ... will flutter by the others during the week!

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Hey I took that one of the band!!! PS, you look almost as good as Johnny Depp in the blog below!!

Grannymar said...


Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

Makes mine... kinder level! :lol:

Baino said...

Thrifty . .damn right but they seem to like greens with their meat! Ooh you're little piggy is orange . . doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo

Thanks Anony . . link is fixted. I've heard the key is just shoot, shoot, shoot and maybe one will turn out aight!

Hello shugga puss. . yeh you did but it was ORANGE so made the cut. I took all the others! And thank you, if I was a man . .he'd be the man I'd want to be! I lovez Jonneh

No, no, no, Grannymar . . you're going great guns. I just need to learn how to use the manual settings. The auto on the Canon are awesome . .

ebony said...

Awws. I loved the orange theme idea thingy. WOW I never realized how exotic Australia is!! I'm coming there one day. After hacking and cooking in England!!
Lovely pictures, indeed.

Jay said...

So, you like orange, then? LOL!

Love the ladybird, but Thrify is right, they're carnivorous. They eat the things that eat your leaves! They're the good guys!

Do the cockatoos really just eat the pips out and leave the rest? Hey, you could use them like the squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Anyone for a de-pipped orange?

That's a nice mix of pix.

Megan said...

Shhhh. In re: Cockatoos. I'll send you shipping instructions via courier. I know guys in Long Beach. Just make sure they are packed up safe enough to survive the voyage. We'll split the proceeds...

laughingwolf said...

baino, that's perfect!

who told you my color's ORANGE? ;)

great pics....

Baino said...

Ebs do you mean hiking or 'hacking' as in horse riding? My daughter is doing just that for a month looking after ponies and cooking for a family in Surrey (no pay tho!) It's a long way from Finland! And a good deal warmer!

Jay, yeh I know, ladybirds do a great job on our miniature roses actually. And yep, bloody things knock all th oranges off the tree, eat the pips and just leave a pulpy mess to rot on the ground. Although frankly, I'd rather have the cockies than the oranges!

Megan you need to be careful, they're incredibly noisy and famous for picking up foul language! I don't think you could keep one 'on the quiet'

LW Really? Well there you go . . aim to please I do. (Actually it just seemed to be a 'theme' in my Flickr album . . . not intentional at all but it's a warm sunny colour right enough. I'm a blue/yellow girl myself.

Quickroute said...

Those are really nice photos.
Orangefest is over mind you!

Anonymous said...

36 comments on the last post?

All your base are belong to us indeed.

Twelve times the average comment number of our old nemesis.

Jefferson Davis said...

Brilliant shots, Baino! :) I love the lilly and Rainbow Lorikeet. Keep 'em coming!!!

Baino said...

Quickie so it is but I wanted to use a colour that hadn't been grabbed yet!

Notsoanony: For great justice!

Thanks JD, means something coming from you! Although where you found an orange elephant, I'll never know!

Red Mum said...

Nice one Baino, just linking them all together now.

Ropi said...

well at times everyone deserves relax

Moon said...

Absolutly wonderful !, I used to love the Parots, I first thought when I wandered around Adelaide that they had escaped from someone !, Great Gallah that I am !

Baino said...

Red Mum - great meme if that's what it is I forgot to credit you! Looking forward to the links.

Ropi: trust me I was extraordinarily lazy . . once in a while is good!

Moon: fanks pal. And finally, someone who's spelling is as good as mine! We had an escapee cockatoo once that arrived with the mob. He'd talk and sit on your shoulder but he left when the others did, it was quite a treat. No band so we didn't 'capture' him he was happy with the wild ones. Nothing like your lovely elephants tho!

ebony said...

I mean 'hacking', even though horses don't like me. Ok. The one horse I've ever communicated with. But he was cute anyway....

Gayé Terzioglu said...

dammit, it looks yummo!

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Clapping wings at the orange bandits and rowdy rainbows hehehe wonderful orange collection you captured here Baino *!*

iced coffee said...

thanks for reading my blog and linking, though i live in Belfast not Dublin.
nice pics.

Baino said...

Oo sorry Iced Coffee . . better fix that pronto!

Anonymous said...

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