Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Fuckwit

Well I've done people, countries, governments . . .time an animal copped the flack!

I was always told that a cat would never go through a gap narrower than the width of its whiskers . . .well that myth's busted . . .

Casper the cat was trapped for an hour with only his head peeping through the tiny hole in the middle of a wheel before he was spotted by passers-by.

They contacted the RSPCA who took the tyre and cat to a nearby fire station. Firefighters spent an hour using specialist small cutting gear to free him.

"We've seen lots of unusual cases but this was certainly a new one for us," said Watchmanager James Fawcett, from Bury St Edmunds fire station, Suffolk.

"The poor cat wasn't very happy and kept trying to bite and scratch which made it very difficult for us. We had to use cutting equipment to chip away at the wheel and it took the best part of an hour.

"We made a special plastic guard to fit between his head and the cutters to protect him. The cat was fine afterwards although his skin was a bit raw around his neck."

The Siamese, who was a stray, was taken to a local vets to be checked over and is now being cared for by a member of the RSPCA.

"The cat was very lucky to be rescued and it's great that we were contacted about him," said a spokesman for the RSPCA.There's a Lolcat caption just waiting to happen . . .

"He is absolutely fine now. He's staying with one of our officers until an owner can be found."

UK Telegraph

Have a lovely weekend! It's Mother's Day on Sunday for the Yanks and the Aussies so be good to your mothers, spoil them a little more than usual and help them have a great day!


nick said...

Ooer, now I'm in wheel twubble!

Presumably the tantalising wee mouse he was chasing nipped straight through the hole and vanished, laughing heartily.

Grow Up said...

Daft feline. I have no sympathy for it, at least if a dog gets in a fix like that it looks ashamed and welcome assistance, cats just attack the helper as if to say "Of course I meant to do this you credulous fools, now leave me be to regain my dignity".

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Cats are too smart ... I'm thinking some demon child had a hand in this poor puss :(

Kath Lockett said...

Poor little puss. Having been stuck in far too many situations I've not been proud of, I won't cast any judgement on this little critter except to say that I hope somebody decent adopts him!

Susan said...

Dang, Nick beat me to it. I was going to compliment the cat on finding a "wheely nice collar" so no one would know he was a stray...oh, come to think of it that's terrible. But I do like that they humiliated him with a photograph before removing it! LOL

Thanks for the post, Baino: next time I'm unhappy, I can just tell myself, well at least I don't have my head stuck in a wheel...

Brian Miller said...

omg. lol. curiousity did not get the cat this time, but i hear he was tired for days...

laughingwolf said... further comment :P lol

jay said...

Poor little cat. I would say he's dafter than the average cat, but there's always the chance some idiot child snipped his whiskers.

Vibrissae (whiskers) are very important to animals like cats and dogs, for spacial awareness, as I'm sure you know. But most people have no idea of just how important they are, and a lot of people trim them in show animals. :(

Sorry, pet peeve.

Grannymar said...

Stupid cat! No sympathy from me.

Grannymar said...

Have a great Mother's day and enjoy being pampered.

Don't Bug Me! said...

I had a cat once that got stuck between the joists under the floor boards of my brother's bedroom. She went in head first, couldn't turn around and couldn't back up. We had to take up the carpet and then remove the floor boards to get her out. Curiosity and all that. Still, at least they have nine lives to play with.

Mrsupole said...

That picture is priceless, and yes it is just a myth about the whiskers, but they supposedly have some use for which my brain cannot think of right now due to its befuddled state.

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

God bless.

Happy Mother's Day to you. Just relax and enjoy it.

Moon said...

awwwwww, bless ....

we did Ma's day when she was here... I get off with that one !

Marianna said...

One thousand words :)

How did it manage to do that! At least all is safe and sound now lollol

Have a great weekend

Nancy said...


I don't think it's a myth about the whiskers.

I tend to agree with you that they use their whiskers as a guide to tight spaces and other navigation. I'll tell you why.

My neighbor had a young son who was mentally challenged and they had a cat. The boy loved to give the cat a haircut and that included having his whiskers trimmed.

Well, you could always tell when the kid had used his tonsorial talents on the cat because the poor thing would come reeling out of the house,eyes rolling around in his head, careen around the corner,climb halfway up the tree,jump down and run around with his fur all up in the air. In short, without his whiskers,he was directionless and just plain crazy.

He had lost his rudder,so to speak...Or his radar...or his compass... All I know is,after a haircut that cat was delirious.

I gave his mom a choice: No more scissors for the boy or SPCA for the puss. She chose the SPCA but before that happened another neighbor adopted him. Lucky kitty.

Cuppa Jo said...

:gasp: uh

That's so funny. OMG!

Do you think maybe the cat was kinda stupid?

TCL said...

I will avoid the inter-species sniping and say that I sympathize with the kitty's predicament. I'd feel worse if it's a dog but I'm just a dog person. If it is a human I'd laugh pretty hard.

Enjoy mom's day. Me mom is arriving in Argentina next week. Not sure what I'll do with her for a month but I'll sort it out.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nasty those Siamese cats! Bite, bite, bite, hiss, scratch! Ouch! That'll learn 'im( or 'er ). Grow Up put it rather spot on!

And a happy Mother's Day to you Baino! Our trip was the main part of it! The card I mailed, got there ahead of us.

kj said...

how exactly did the cat manage to get his head INTO the wheel anyway?

once i got my finger caught in a hole in somebody's house and i thought i would quietly starve and then die there.

love you, ms. baino

Ronda Laveen said...

Everyone and, apparently, everything skrews up sometimes. Still laughing at Brian's
"tired" cat comment.

This just points out how much I missed Friday Fukwit last week. Have a good Mums Day.

River said...

Poor Oscar. Hopefully he'll remember this episode and not do it again.

steph said...


Hope you get spoiled rotten on Sunday 'cos you're wheely special! xox

Leah said...

Oh, that goofy goofy cat.

What Grow Up said is priceless. Really priceless.

Melissa said...

LOL -- silly kitty. :) When I was little our cat thought the best place to curl up for a nice winter nap was on the still-warm engine block of my dad's Chevy ... that is until he *started* the car again. She made it out okay ... a little freaked out and missing a patch or two of fur ... :D

Megan said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a lovely one and I took you up on your musical suggestion - good stuff!

I can't believe I'm off to research about cats and their whiskers. But I am! Yay, internet!

laughingwolf said...

happy mothers day, mama :)

Baino said...

Haha . .well done Nickers!

Ah well GrowUP we all know how you feel about the feline species! True though, they're arrogant little shits.

Bimbimbie! Really? I've no idea how he got there but it's a brave kid who stuffs a cat's head through a wheel!

Oh Kath . . you must blog some of your sticky situations.

Haha . .happy to make you smile sugar! Nice pun . .actually terrible pun . . but nice pun!

Brian . . . one almost-word 'groaaaaan'

Wuffa . . double groaaannn!

Thanks Jay. I'd always understood that whiskers were very important too.

Harsh GM! I did, thanks

DBM I've seen animal rescue shows where cats have got themselves into incredible fixes and caused a certain amount of shall we say 'unwanted rennovation' Then sometimes I can hear mice in the cavity walls . . perhaps that's what attracts the curious cat!

Thanks Mrs. You get well now!

Yeh, we did ours on Saturday Moon. Just as well because the weather's crap here today (Sun)

I can only wonder Marianna!

Nancy, I don't think you have to be mentally challenged either. I once stuck a cork screw up a labrador's nose . . .and our cat was given a 'shave' by my son at an early age!

Doesn't look like the sharpest tool in the shed does he Cuppa Jo?

Hi Ted. Good luck with your mum. I'm sure she'll love having you around for a while!

I like cats Subby but I've resisted replacing my old siamese just in case I had a cat that eats birds . .too many pretty ones here to take the risk. My old moggy was very indoorsy.

Hahah . kj I'm not even going to ask what you were doing poking your finger into other people's holes but glad you were released!

Yeh sorry Ronda, let the team down a bit last week. Happy to oblige generally!

River depends how many lives he's expended I guess! Might have been his first!

God Steph, in the midst of pain and suffering, you've STILL got your sense of humour. You're a Trojan, seriously!

Well Leah, GrowUP has an ongoing battle with pooey pusses in his back garden! No love lost there!

Melissa I had a friend who's cat did that too and he once drove about 12kms wondering what the weird engine noise was. He popped the hood and the cat was hanging on for dear life! Survived without incident amazingly!

Hey Megs. Same to you. Hope that kid of you is spoiling you! Mine bought me wheely nice champagne.

Thanks Papa!

Candie Bracci said...

LOL,poor cat!