Monday, June 15, 2009

Curriculum Vitae

Helen Bainbridge, Ba. JP

Career Objective
A secure yet challenging role that will engender job satisfaction and reward for effort. And won't be a patronising bastard.

Relevant skills Short Courses
MS Office
Effective Office Management
COIN Financial Software
Writing Operational Policies and Procedures
Writing Effective Business Plans
Corel Draw
Writing for Digital Media
Dealing with Difficult People

Parkside InvestorPlus – Financial Planning
December 2000 – May 2009
Practice Manager – Marketing Communications – Executive Assistant

Practice Management
This function entailed ensuring the smooth running of a SME financial planning office including the implementation of policies and procedures which will improve the productivity of staff. Maintenance and updating of HR, office services, database management, records management, general administrative procedures, contract and lease negotiation, event management and monitoring staff achievement against key performance indicators.

Information Technology

Establishment and monitoring of data integrity Maintenance of data rules and the establishment of policies, processes and communication of same to staff.
Ensure adherence to data rules, accuracy and timeliness of delivery.
Ensure upgrades and system requirements are met
Troubleshoot minor IT problems and liaison with Helpdesks on more complex issues
Make recommendations on directory management
Recruited IT Outsourcer for technical troubleshooting
Ensure data backup and restore
Liaison with IT outsourcers for regular maintenance and repair (because my nemesis had a caniption fit whenever she spoke to an IT person)
Establishment of good administration practices
Documentation and automation of all office procedures from client initiation to implementation.
Maintain awareness of best practice, OH&S and other issues affecting the workplace.
Creation and implementation of policies and procedures affecting the business Orientation, leave, study, OH&S, Disaster Recovery etc.
Engineered myself out of a job cos it's all working like clockwork. Oh and sent an email to one of the partners that was less than 'flattering' three years ago and he never forgave me. He's clearly Devine!
Human Resources
Establishment and maintenance of HR Files
Creation and maintenance of position descriptions and employee agreements
Establishment and maintenance of regular appraisals
Staff recruitment/dismissal including orientation plans through to termination procedures
Chair and minute meetings
Only person who could stop arguments . . 'Nell, go fix that . ."
Facilities Management
Negotiation and maintenance of contracts/licences with goods and service providers
Purchasing – equipment, print, services etc.
Organisation and oversight of two storey refurbishment
Negotiation of leases for office machinery
First point of contact for security company
Painted the office yellow and blue and put pretty frosted glass on the outside. Everyone complained but now they're used to it.

Marketing Communications
Provision of marketing and communications expertise in the creation, coordination and promotion of products and services. Follow through all marketing initiatives from concept to completion on time and within budget.
Development and revision of client and COI (Centres of Influence) Marketing Plans and associated implementation plans including value proposition
Research, write and submit content for website
Research, write and arrange for publication of promotional materials, including e-newsletters, brochures, newsletters, financial services guide, complex correspondence, quarterly reports, stationery
Establishment and propagation of corporate identity through publications and signage
Organisation and promotion of client incentive events (Reward for Referrals)
Creation and lodgement of all corporate templates for correspondence, forms, plans, agenda, reports etc.
Synthesis of industry and research publications and rewrite into ‘plain English’ for inclusion into client publications and website
Ongoing review of all written materials dispatched from PFG group to ensure consistent client experience and quality
Event Management; Organisation and evaluation of Seminars, mini seminars, workshops, brainstorming sessions, strategic planning sessions, client dinners and events.
Redeemed a client out of a closed fund but managed to fix it and he was one of five who wished me well when I was shafted . .I mean 'left'

Executive Assistant
Provision of Executive assistance to Partner and daily liaison with clients
Screen phone calls
Diary management and maintenance of task lists via COIN CRM
Screen and distribute mail
Creation of complex correspondence and Records of Advice
Book, record and maintain conference bookings for planners and advise Compliance Officer of any PD points acquired
Participate in records management and archiving
Flight bookings and itineraries
Assist clients with all enquiries on non-advice related issues
Make appointments with clients.
Prepare all documentation related to investments, redemptions, distributions, share trades etc. for client signature and return for all products and investments
Ensure planners meet their service level obligations through diarisation of contact and follow up.
Follow up with fund managers/share registries on client actions and outcomes
Creation and maintenance of compliant client files
Washed tea towels every week for nine years

National Exchange of Police Information
August 1996 – September 2000
Executive Officer – EA and Special Projects Officer

Executive Assistance to the Director including all correspondence, diary management, travel arrangements
Assistance in the development of Business Cases
Coordination of communication between political and geographical police jurisdictions comprising fingerprint specialists, equipment and training providers during $5 million Y2K compliancy upgrade of the National Fingerprint Identification System
Preparation of complex Agenda for governing agency meetings including Police Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner meetings for 8 jurisdictions
Preparation of complex submissions for State and Federal Ministries resulting in the successful granting of funds
Assistance in creation of successful outsource tenders, transition planning and staff retention planning during the transition of this national police initiative from Parramatta Offices to the Department of Defence in Canberra
Prioritisation of workload
Effective interpersonal, and communication skills for handling enquiries relating to often politically sensitive and confidential issues from high level internal and external clients
Maintenance of confidentiality
Development and management of relationships with a diverse range of people
Drove a Lord of the Realm to the airport and he insisted I called him by his first name . .bless!
Organised their closing Christmas party . .great send off!
Regularly do lunch with ex-Nepians!

Contract Assignments
December 1996 – August 1996
PA/Executive Assistant Contract Assignments through Select Recruitment with:
Olympic Coordination Authority, Transfield Australia, Penrith TAFE, Station 12 Global Shipping Satellites

Amway of Australia
September 1979 - October 1996
Marketing Communications Coordinator/Copywriter

Research, write and edit full colour monthly consumer magazine “Amagram”, full-colour product specific newsletters, Product and merchandising brochures, training manuals and catalogues
Interviewing of Distributors for biographical features
Development of concepts, storyboards and advertisements in conjunction with Art Directors and Graphic Designers
Booking of models, makeup artists and photographers and photographic spaces
Prop sourcing
Development of product names
Point of Sale Advertising
Voice Over for audio product
Collaboration on advertising campaigns
Administrative duties associated with the position
Dressed up as an Orange for a photo shoot
Met four of the most wonderful people in my life to date! Kenton, Avril, Karen, Jayne.

Just puttin' it out there! Six degrees of separation and all that! See, I haz skillz . .just nobody wantz dem!


nick said...

I'm baffled. How could so many employers not want you when you have such an incredible list of skills and experience? Who the hell are they employing instead?

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow; geez dear I think you'll definitely find *something* with all that, from marketing to finances to voiceovers? Still keeping the candle lit and the fingers crossed, and hoping that what does come along is somehow twice as good as what you've left behind. Good luck!

River said...

All well and good, but can you flip burgers and spread the special sauce?

Seriously, that is one heck of a resume. Possibly every potential employer who reads it is thinking, "very highly qualified, why is she applying here for a job that's obviously beneath her?"
Is it possible to trim the list at all according to which position you're applying for? I'm sure you know what I mean. Keep that as your complete list of skills, then when applying for something that needs only two or three specific skills, make a copy listing only those relevant, with perhaps a note at the bottom saying further details are available upon request. It would make for quicker reading and if an interviewer wanted extra details he would ask you to expand on one or two of the particular skills you'd listed.

River said...

For instance, when applying for a finance position, highlight the finance achievements, for marketing, stress the marketing acievement, for office management, make those skills top of your application, etc, etc.

I did find that when I pruned my original 6 page resume to one page, I got to more interview stages. The original monstrosity was made for me by a HR company who was making them for all of us who were being retrenched at the time, it included every single thing I'd done since leaving school as well as my hobbies and a lengthy piece on what I considered my dream job to be. Talk about employment sabotage! What employer wants to read all of that when the applicant is applying for a job to wash dishes or insert shoelaces!

Brian Miller said...

its that you dressed up like an orange that has compelled me to offer you a job...smiles. you are right in that you never know who may be reading and have the connection it takes to land you the job. keep pushing that button on the keyboard!

Sarah Lulu said...

You are so clever.

The job will come to you ....yes it will.

i beati said...

you wowed me - of course I'm still looking for a job-- hahah

Maxi Cane said...

You should be beating the offers away with a shitty stick.

I could do with an assistant, but you're far too qualified and I don't pay anything.

Kate said...

Well there we go my friend - another small thing we have in common....after all it was only dressing in the teddy bear company mascot outfit that got me where I am today!!!! And yes, I do have photo's - do you?

Grannymar said...

When I was young..... La-de-da-de-da!
We brought hand written references with us to an interview, you were doing well if they were on headed paper. Oh how things have changed.

I go with @River. I watched Elly produce focused CV's when applying for jobs back in 2002. After all, you need to have something new to add at the interview. Do you have anyone (non family) who could put you through your paces in an interview setting and advise on how to deal with weak points?

That job Elly has now is very different to the post she went for originally, Once she got her foot in the door she focused on where she wanted the path to lead. The original post took at least two months for people to say Yes!

Keep going and keep the heart up!

Mrsupole said...

Hi Baino,
When reading everything and then got to skimming it because it was a lot. I have to agree with what River said.

You should trim it down to one page, two at the most. And change it accordingly to what job you are applying for. They have resume experts on the news here and they say to keep it simple and pertinant to the posisition you are applying for. Some of the things in italics, I would keep that stuff totally off. They do not need to know any of that stuff. I hope all this helps, even though I kinda think you know most of this anyway. But it makes us feel good to try and help. Our fingers are crossed and our prayers are with you.

God bless.

PS...I do not know if you ever do any cold calling. Sometimes you just have a resume with you and go into a business and talk to them and if do not have an opening then maybe they know someone who does and then if you get lucky to leave your resume with them then maybe they will use it if they get an opening. I've heard of some people getting jobs this way.

Ropi said...

Don't you need to list yur education history? In Hungary you have to as far as I know.

subtorp77 said...

Dealing with difficult people, no problem. The rest is techno-babbble, to me( I know, I'm such a cave-man ). But it looks darn impressive! Wot about a tele-commuting type job? Just thinkin'...and my head hurts!

hokgardner said...

My husband is looking for a new office manager. Want to move to Austin?

Candie Bracci said...


laughingwolf said...

tmi for any hr folk to review... follow river's advice and emphasize only those parts pertaining to the job you apply for, supply the rest on request...

kj said...

hey you impressive talented woman: do people call you nell?


Baino said...

Nick it appears that middle management and administrators have been the biggest sufferers of the economic downturn. Each job is receiving well over 200 applicants so employers can be very specific about the people/skills they want.

Yeh Suze, I think I have to streamline it more for each job . . . more hours in front of the computer! GAH!

River that's fine advice and I'll take you up on it. The risk I've been told by agencies is that when things pick up, someone like me will do a runner and go for the better jobs. Maybe true I don't know. I usually stress my suitability via the cover letter or in the case of Public Service jobs, you have to address 'specific criteria' which they give you in an information pack. Very hard to break into the public service because often there is a candidate already 'acting' in the job. They just have to advertise it to meet their Equal Employment Opportunity policy but 9 times out of 10, the acting officer gets the role.

Haha Brian that was a long time ago, in a photo shoot for vitamins! I don't actually have that on my proper CV! I don't have the legs for it anyway these days!

I hope so Sarah, I'll do anything right now!

Aww poor Beati, well you share my frustration then I guess. Good luck to you as well.

Maxi I'm not sure I could 'assist' you in the way you want!

Oh God Kate! Really? The things we do! I have a still photo somewhere and it was published in a magazine but buggered if I know where it is now!

GM my interviewing is OK. I got the first job I applied for but no money and simply being beaten by cheaper or more suitable candidates but yep, kj's going to help me streamline the document a bit more.

Mrsupole, you're right All good advice and I do specific cover letters for the jobs for which I'm applying and yes, I've cold called on three or four companies that have offices close to me and will follow up at the end of the week.

Don't you worry, the italics stuff is NOT on the resume! Just there to lighten the post!

Yes Ropi, that's all on the front page which I didn't publish here (has all my contact numbers and referee contacts on it). I have a degree in History/English and did 3 years of a Diploma of Education. Not really relevant at this point.

Haha . . sorry Subby, didn't mean to cause you pain!

Tempting Hoki, very tempting!

Geaux Candie!

Yep, I'm onto it Wuffa. Like I said it's only 2.5 pages on A4 but still too much.

kj, thanks for the offer of help. I need it! And yes, my nickname is Nell . .unflattering as it is, I didn't choose it but some habits are hard to break!

jay said...

I'm with River too. I've had so many turn-downs on the grounds of 'overqualified', so has OH. And these days, if a resume isn't easy reading, so they can scan the salient facts in a few seconds, it goes in the bin, sadly.

You really ought to be able to land a job with all that lot going for you though, didn't you? Fingers crossed!

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

I think they take one look at your CV and go "Shite, we can't afford her" and go for the next one in line with 1/3rd of the skills and experience...

Renee said...

Helen I cannot believe all the things you can do.

Basically you can run a company.

Very impressive dear friend.


Ronda Laveen said...

What a great idea to post your resume! You are clearly very skilled and your future employer will be lucky to have you.

Loved the bits about the orange and the tea towels. No one els wants to do that sh**.

Baino said...

Jay, close to perfection. kj's editing the CV

Gaye . .you're right and you know, if I could live off the salary BCS were offering, I'd have taken it in a heartbeat.

Oh Renee, replied via email.

Rhonda, whatever it takes, I am nothing if not tenacious.

Grow Up said...

Nice CV. I'm guessing Ireland isn't your target market though.

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

I actually don't know why you can't live off it. Your kids earning money, you don't pay rent... I don't know, some money is worth than nothing, or I could be wrong, too.

Baino said...

Gaye . no I'm not paying rent. I have a massive mortgage. I'm one of four people with equity so it's complicated. I've been very stupid and accrued credit debt thinking that we'd sell sooner. The market went bung and I've been caught short .. email and I'll explain. I'm not ungrateful or fussy at all. I think you misunderstand.
Yes my kids are earning money and each contribute what they can but they're in new businesses . .work has been done, income has yet to be recieved. I hate that you think I'm being fussy!

ebony said...

Wow. I got a headache while reading that stuff. I really need to brush up my English.. Good luck with everything. GAH. This financial crisis isn't very heartening...

reyjr said...

Best of luck in your job hunting. :D