Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hate is a Word Outside My Vocab - But Here Goes Anyway

Well you know the old adage, 'Don't get mad get even'? I'm not quite there yet but found this at Wings place and frankly it's fun. My apologies once again to the Madhouse because I've spent 11 hours today searching and applying for jobs but I do have an old post on Crush which I highly recommend.

Actually the word 'hate' is not in my vocabulary but here goes . . .Nothing personal just the opportunity to sound off and be nasty . . . I'm not normally nasty . .but tonight . . .

So, here we go:

  1. Most Hated Food: Rice pudding. My mother used to make it with a brown skin on top and it tasted like boiled lumpy milk with a touch of charcoal.

  2. Most Hated Person: Hate is a strong word but I have a couple Kim Jong Il, complete despotic moron who's starving his people and finding money for nuclear warheads and Mugabe ranks up there as well!

  3. Most Hated Job: Strawberry picker . .too tempting not to eat . . too hard on the knees and too cheap at $1.00 a tray

  4. Most Hated City: Port Elizabeth SA because someone carjacked my auntie's car then just burned it for the helluvit.

  5. Most Hated Band: Any boy band with sweeping leg movements, white suits and szhoozshy hair . . "Don't matter who you are or where you've been . . ."

  6. Most Hated Website: and I'm sure there are many more like them. Grow up and come into this Century.

  7. Most Hated TV Program: Deal or No Deal . . WTF? Every night? Prime Time?

  8. Most Hated Movie: Teeth . .you don't wanna know where they are!

  9. Most Hated Artist: Oooooh . . .difficult . .I like her as a quiz show participant but Kelly Clarkson makes my ears bleed!

  10. Most Hated Book: The Bible and the Qua ran . .full of shit and yes before you get on your moral high horses, I've read both. Ok let me temper that by saying that the lessons learned are valuable, the morals preached admirable but the effect these two books have on the world at large - unforgivable.

  11. Most Hated Shop: Minotaur in Elizabeth Street Melbourne because I want a full sized Alien repilca and a model of the starship Enterprise. I hate you because they're expensive and I don't have room for your pop culture trivia in my house but oh how you make me covet! (see what the Bible does to you?)

  12. Most Hated Organization: Anything right wing fascist, neo Nazi, communist, bovver booted thuggery. Oh and Friends of Humphry B Bear, three fingered, non trouser wearing, mute bear that has bored children for 3 generations.

  13. Most Hated Historical Event: Holocaust . .because we haven't learned and we're watching it happen in Somalia, Zimbabwe and many other places where bigotry is king and oil is absent

  14. Most Hated Sport: Erm all of 'em (except ones with horseys in them - I lubs horseys) . . I am sick of watching 15 minutes of current affairs on the news followed by 15 minutes of thugs being brought up before the NRL tribunal for . . .statutory rape . . .drunk and disorderly . . .head-high tackles . . for goodness sake boys, you're paid a shit load of money and you ARE role models so BEHAVE!

  15. Most Hated Piece of Tech: Mobile phones on public transport or in public areas. You don't need to talk that loud or go into detail about your latest sexual exploit at the bus stop!

  16. Most Hated Annual Event: Bainbridge Family Tree - I know I should relish my background, my rellies, my heritage but a picnic in Auburn Botanical gardens with raffle of home made oddities and free lollies for the younglings and ageing aunts who try to remember your name while spitting out water crackers . . .too, too, much. I've done it for 25 years except the one year where it fell on my birthday and I cried shy. . . .they've got smart . .they now give us 12 months notice.

  17. Most Hated Daily Task: Washing up . . I so wish I hadn't replaced my dishwasher after having my flooded kitchen repaired.
    I thought we'd be out of here in a couple of years. Four years later and I'm washing up . .all the time!

  18. Most Hated Comedian: Any female comedian who makes jokes about menstruation. It's not funny. Not now, not then, not ever. It's a curse. The crimson wave is not in the least bit comedic, it has prevented women from becoming the superpower they deserve to be, so don't share it with a mixed audience. Not in any way shape or form. Don't try to popularise it . . . it's a week each month (if you're regular *new post inspiration*) . . are you reading this men? One week out of THREE . .unfair . . totally disabling and embarrassing bullshit. Not even paid lip service by the male bastions of business!

Thanks Wings I feel so much better now . . .sorry Kate, next week I promise . . .and really? I don't know a person I could actually label with the word hate.

Tomorrow is dedicated to relaxation, dressin like a girl, vegetable shopping and catching up on blogs.


Ribbon said...

sounds like you're more of a lover than a hater...
happy relaxtion day tomorrow

we've had a sprinkle of rain, which is exciting for us

best wishes

Susan said...

Well, I'm glad that's out of your's to relaxation tomorrow! LOL

Must admit I'm right with you on some of those things.

Tom said...

yeah! You sure do hate a lot of things...but mostly they are good things to hate. What's up with dressin' like a girl? And are you saying you aren't a socker fanatic..? I thought everybody outside the US was!

Brian Miller said...

nice rant. sure you feel better now. having lived in FL once and having met a few of the immigrant strawberry pickers, they would probably agree to steer away. boy bands + kelly clarkson + talking on the cell in a crowded public transportation = my ears bleeding.

Leah said...

I LOVE THIS, so very very much. I was in the hater mood the other day, and this is just, well, so great.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about what you hate!

Ces said...

Now now, feel better? Haha!

Maxi Cane said...

I knew you had it in you.

I haven't seen teeth, but it's on my to do list, hot red heads who explain their lesbian exploits in graphic detail on the phone in my presence is always good.

Menstruation isn't that bad, I did it once and it was hilarious.


nick said...

Funny, I rather like washing up, I find it soothing and relaxing. We tried out a dishwasher for the first time the other day and hated it - too hot, too fiddly to load, too energy-intensive and takes too long. I've returned happily to the old method.

subtorp77 said...

Oooh! Yuck! Rice pudding. Auntie Dorothy always tried to get me to eat her version of it. Haven't touched it in almost 40 years! And your spot on about the rest( no, really ). Now go on and rest up, Baino. You need it after a ventin glike that, wot?

laughingwolf said...

i'll go along with all those i recognize... ozzie stuff, i have no clue about :(

Kate said...

OMG I think we must be related - not seen you at any reunions tho.....????
...most of the answers could have been written by me!

i beati said...

ooohh looks cathartic have to try it

Moon said...

Interesting stuff, and I shouldn't really get involved as I try never ever to use the word hate... as you say, it's too strong, and gets used out of context too often ....

Candie Bracci said...

Hi Baino!You surely put a smile upon my face here!Love that post and identify with many of the things/people you hate!LOL on the 10th and 11th going back on 10th!:D
Great hate post!Have a nice day or evening I guess!;)

ebony said...

WOW. I still can't understand why you said Kelly Clarkson :D! How about Lady GAGA?? I don't like sports either. Sometimes I watch football though.. even though it's so boring! And it's not even because of the men. Well now that you've done all that hating, I hope you have a nice girly time :) - I have no idea of what your up to but be decent!

Grannymar said...

I try not to think about hatred, it gives off negative vibes.

Now I did have a dish washer for years.... alas he died! I still miss him and not just when I wash dishes.

Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* Bet you feel so much lighter offloading all that*!*

jay said...

Ooh, I didn't mind strawberry picking! I ate a LOT, and I still earned quite well. The trick is in the rhythm, don't you know. Of course, I was only about fourteen/fifteen at the time! LOL!

Deal or No Deal? Oh, I'm with you there. All the way. My mother subjects me to it every. single. time. I. visit. And she wonders why I keep putting the trip off ...

Baino said...

Yeh that's me Ribbon. Big softie really although a really hate rice pudding and dictators!

Felt quite good actually, yeh catch up with blogs morning this morning.

Tom? You dress up like a girl? Problem is I've spent the whole week in my hoodies and tracky dacks. Need to spruce up a bit! Actually I'm referring to National Rugby League, American football without the armour and more body contact. Bunch of pea brained thugs.

Haha . . Poor Kelly, she's out here at the moment and quite a nice girl until she starts singing! I did get the sack after 1 day of strawberry picking - I ate too many!

Leah I got your vibe, sometimes you just gotta vent! Better here than at someone else!

Well hello stranger! I thought I'd lost you. Yes I do thank you very much.

Maxi seriously, it's the worst horror movie I've ever seen . . noting to do with red headed lesbians but use your imagination! You tried a period once! HA, Try it for 30 years then come back and tell me it's fun!

And I bet Fairy Liquid makes your hands all soft too Nick?

Hehe . it was fun Subby . . I'm amazed when I see things like rice pudding and mashed potato (not together obviously) on posh restaurant menus . . ordinary food . . very ordinary.

Wuffa what Aussie stuff? Oh Minotaur, you'd love it, full of comics and pop culture and models and toys and . . .it's a wonderland for geeks! I'm guessing you haven't seen NRL football either ... you haven't missed much!

Stranger things have happened Kate, if you're name's Evans, Melville or Bainbridge, we well could be related! Six degrees and all that!

iBeati, it was, and quick and fun!

Moon it's definitely not a word I ever use. OK I 'strongly dislike' except I still stand firm on rice pud and dictators.

Candie, I'm glad I put a smile on your face,you sounded a little down in the dumps yesterday!

Ebs, I dont mind Lady Gaga but I wish she's wear some clothes. She's out here too at themoment touring with the Pussy Cat Dolls, talk about the great undressed! I just mean that I've been wondering around looking like a grandpa for four days so time to 'chick' it up a bit!

Haha, GM I'm trying to train my dishwashers, they're not bad but they generate an awful lot of dishes!

Tsup*!* Tsup*!* Bimbimbie, see . .I'm chirping away now!

Jay, I think I was about the same age and we were paid $1.00 a tray but I certainly ate my share of the profits! DOND is the most stupid waste of air time. And it's on right before the news so there' hardly any avoiding it!

Kath Lockett said...

Beautiful - we need more of this, Baino - channel that rage, hate and so forth into another post that REALLY shows us who and what pisses you off!

Ces said...

What do you mean stranger? Heheh. HATE is heavy word. It requires so much emotion and the less of it the better but I am not beyond reproach. There are things, acts and people I HATE!. Foremost I hate people, especially parents who abuse their children. I have seen so many of those. A part of me died everytime I wrapped the body of a child with old untreated skull fractures and ignorant parents who name their children Vagina and Placenta. May they burn in hell for their stupidity.

Wow! Whew!
Where did that come from? I was just talking about blessings and love over at Renees. Whew!

Deep breath...

Ces said...

I mean the abusive parents go to hell, not the dead abused children.

Ces said...

Baino, you know I listen to you. I went to that website that you so hate and found a gem:

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."

- Thomas Jefferson.

Melissa said...

This was great, Baino! I was nodding and laughing throughout. :) Except the Holocaust bit ... Darfur, too. We haven't learned.

Hope something comes through on the job front soon! xo

Wings said...

Great bunch of items! I actually like rice pudding, but preferably the non-charcoal tasting variety.

And I have heard of "Teeth" and I dunno, just haven't wanted to add that one to my Netflix queue. Egad!

Renee said...

Is it weird to say I love your hate list.

Love this.

And you were so right on so many.

Except I love rice pudding.


kj said...

hahaha sweet friend, i'd like to see you throwing raw eggs at a brick wall. i think that would do you a world of good.

you think strawberry picker is the worse job? oh, i could tell you stories.

i like when you do this kind of post. rant on please. love love

Baino said...

Well Kath there's been some rage channelling here today I'll tell you. Just applied for a job with Corrective Services (no not a prison guard, just admin) and fuck me to Friday it took me five hours! Rage doesn't cut it!

Ces I can understand that too . . what human beings do to each other sometimes is beyond disgusting and suspends all belief. You're remarkable for staying sane considered some of the things you've seen (oh hai! Did I say sane hehehe)

That is indeed a gem. Smart man that Thomas Jefferson! Actually it's not the site I hate as some of the really vilifying redneck comments. Then I was guided to it by a redneck so what should I have expected. Similarly, I suspect the left have equally unbalanced views. So glad I'm piggy in the middle. So glad you're my friend despite my slightly lefty leanings!

Ah Mel I forgot Darfur . . true there are a stack of places where life just sux .. I guess I hate bigotry and mistreatment wherever it occurs. Ah, I'm just applying and applying. I need to speak with those perky breasted Lilly Allen looky likies and let them know I need some temp work to tide me over! Biatches!

Wings, not in front of the children! Seriously, someone else put it on while I was staying at their house for a laugh (yeh Kahler it's all your fault) and frankly we did laugh because it was so disgusting and so badly acted but . . .I think you can leave that one off your horror list! And damn you man! Now I have to do the love one!

Renee, if you love rice pudding, I have to put you Winnepegians in the same basket as the Queenslanders . . stark raving loonies the lot of you!

kj . .eggs? Wasted on walls when I could make a delicious omelette . .nah, my ranting is strictly verbal. If I feel the need to thwack anything I just throw a stick for the dog!

Oh . .one more hate . .I HATE getting stuck in spam filters . . .MILES MCLAGAN . . wherever you are, my comments are getting stuck in your SPAM and since you have no email, I have no other way of telling you! Fish me out or I'm flying over to Syrup and I'll know you . .don't you think I won't!

Ronda Laveen said...

I have GOT to know where those teeth were> My mind is making up all kinds of stuff.

I know all about the strawberry pickin.' The berries grow great here. Nice rant!

Dot-Com said...

Hate IS a strong word, and you seem too positive to really hate :-) Dislike, sure. But not hate.

Have a good one and relax lots!

River said...

I try to keep "hate" out of my vocabulary too, and as an emotion, out of my life. It's so destuctive, more so to the hater than the hated.