Monday, June 29, 2009

Soapy Challenge and Hair of the Dog

Ah so you all know where this is even if the surf was a bit flat . .

Really? You dont'?

'course you do? . . .

Perhaps now?

Maybe now?

Surely you do?

Really? You don't?
OK Well it's not really Summer Bay . .
It's Palm Beach the last 'city' beach on the northern end of Barrenjoey Peninsular . . and the location for "Neighbours" rival . . "Home and Away". Even the surf life-saving club has the Home and Away banner blearing for filming. It's really Palm Beach SLSC

Home of Hairy the 10 month old Briard

And even more Hairy

Yep . . and more Hairy . .
And of course Harry my friend's standard Poodle. .who's not so hairy . .

. . And Harry and Hairy

And possibly one of the most gorgeous winter evenings
I've enjoyed in a long, long time!

Pittwater . . the harbour side of Palm Beach . . about 5pm last Sunday . . . just beautiful.
I'm still walking off the fish 'n chips. Lemon Meringue Pie, Chocolate pudding and Vanilla cake. And I haven't got a sweet tooth! Who am I kidding. Please click and enjoy them . .


nick said...

I thought it was one of those beaches between Coogee and Bondi but then I didn't recognise the grassy bit. Lemon meringue pie, chocolate pudding and vanilla cake all at once? I couldn't manage that, I would feel queasy indeed.

hokgardner said...


I really need to visit Australia. I think it's my kind of place.

Renee said...

Wow Helen that is so beautiful. Is Hairy your dog, what a beautiful dog.

How lucky you are to be able to go there. I don't know the tv show of course but the place is amazing.

I love to see pictures where my friends live.

So thanks for showing me the pictures where you live (I know you don't live right there but still, you can get there.)

Love to you dear friend.

Renee xoxoxo

Brian Miller said...

beautiful beach and sunset to close out the day! your companions seemed to have a bit of fun as well. all teeth in that one shot. just a wee sweet tooth, smiles.

laughingwolf said...

neat, sweet, petite :)

Grannymar said...

Now I want Lemon meringue pie. Another great photo-walk.

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow--what photos from the beach. They're amazing. And yes, I too want some lemon meringue pie after reading that. I hope you brought plenty back with you!

Moon said...

Just wonderful ... peaceful, and beautiful x

Ropi said...

Nice photos. In Croatia I will rather take photos about cities and less about the sea. My mother complained about that last year. I took like 100 pictures about Roman and byzantine statue amd coloumn ruins (I took photos one by one) and like 3 photos of the sea and 1 family photo where the family is not in the centre. :P
Anyway this year I am responible for the camera again. HAHAHAHA!!!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Gorgeous - and that last shot - simply magic. And no, I didn't recognise the beach. But it's lovely (home and away notwithstanding...) ;-)

kj said...

oh baino, i can just feel this beauty and your perfect evening. these shots are magnificent!

reminds me of course of parts of the east coast of the USA. there is nothing like water...

and whose dog?


kj said...

oh, i have to mention the desserts. you've having a sweet time of it, aren't you dear?


subtorp77 said...

Baino, simply wonderful snaps!

Don't Bug Me! said...

My God - I couldn't manage that many desserts and I do have a sweet tooth!

Baino said...

Nah, wasn't that huge Nick, a little tasting plate with miniature puds! Delish.

Very pretty part of the city down in Avalon and Palm beach.

No Renee, I was visiting friends. Harry belongs to them. Hairy was another random on the beach. Very wiggly pup!

It was a pretty amazing evening actually Brian beautiful light. I think I'll move there when I'm rich.

No so Petite Wuffa. Harry is a standard poodle so big as an Alsatian!

Great cafe GM right on the water in the sunshine.

Suze I was seriously pogged, hence the little walk after 'lunch' . . I'm not sure it did any good mind!

Well Ropi, I look forward to seeing some of them. Not so many ruins here but plenty of sea!

Yeh AV shame about the show. You're either a Neighbours person or a Home and Away person or . .well I fall into the 'neither' category.

kj Just some random beach walker. His mother was much better behaved but this one went ballistic!

Cute aren't they Subby?

DBM, they were little . .honest!

Candie Bracci said...

I just love that post!The pictures are beautiful and I know those two soaps for having lived in U.K.,it was really famous!But didn't like it,well..french people..ya know..boring!LOL :D

Candie Bracci said...

"Home and...away" just remember the music,lol,there are things you don't forget,that live with you in a corner of your mind for the rest of your life...Gee..thanks Baino for reminding me!LOL ;D

Leah said...

That last picture is spectacular. And I think I'm a little bit in love with Hairy.

River said...

It's a beautiful beach, but I didn't recognise it at all. I'm not a fan of Home And Away and haven't watched it since the first season ended. Lemon meringue pie huh? (adds to shopping list...)

Kate said...

One of my daughter's favourite soaps tho for the life of me I don't know why!!

Ces said...

A lot of water! I love seeing the dogs having a great time!

Taffy's Mum said...

I knew where it was - it was the lighthouse that gave it away. (Oh and the fact that I have been there!)

Great photos of the dogs having fun too and my mouth is watering at the thought of food - wished I hadn't skipped lunch now but been in back to back meetings :(