Monday, October 12, 2009

Peeling Back the Layers

I've been tagged with quite a few memes over the past couple of weeks and as usual, time has been enemy mine so, I thought for the next few Mondays, given my affection for alliteration, I'l post a Monday meme, peel back a few layers, remove some of the fuzziness and clear a few things up about me!

Fun with Photoshop!

The first is Five Words - designed to help you get to know someone or confuse the pookanooie out of you. Rowe at Societe Amore gave me five words to explore . . she's a relatively new blogger to me but as a fellow Aussie, I was drawn. I don't have many Aussies in the Baino Blogroll . . .she picked some doozies actually and this was a bit of a challenge.

So here goes with the five words.

I'm not a fan. I like to look smart but I'm no trendsetter and my comfiest fashion items are a pair of black yoga pants and a T shirt and of course the ubiquitous pair of Havianas. I wear corporate suits and shirts to work so getting 'loose' on the weekend is a joy.

Perhaps if I was a size six, had more money than sense or an iota of an idea how to accessorise, I might be a fashion plate but for now . . comfort wins.

Interestingly I had a chat with Heather over at Hokgardner who's children go to school in civilian gear. Out here schoolchildren wear uniforms. They're well priced, good quality and reduce the amount of fashion oriented competition in schools. At least that's our take on it. In the US however, uniforms are considered to stifle creativity. I dunno, I'd rather have kids in school uniform and not distracted by who's wearing the latest gear.

Oooh . . .fwoaaar! I told you she was a n00b. I don't have a spiritual bone in my body except for the awe and amazement I have for the natural world but religion? Nope. Mind you I'm not one of these atheists that has turned my disbelief into a religion either. Each to their own I say. If it's your cup of tea fine but having been brought up a confirmed Anglican with a Welsh Evangelist mother, a Catholic Husband, two children who went through the Catholic education system,and the usual dabbles in Buddhism and whimsy, I think I've seen both sides of the fence. I find organised religion divisive, political, contentious and destructive. I dwell in the Church of life and I like it there.

I'm also not your bungy jumping, heli-skiing, fast car dangerwoman. Sadly, I'm very dull and generally play it safe. I don't even jay walk! Despite that, life has been a huge adventure and hopefully will continue to be so. I have not lived a charmed life . . but then I have. Every time I lament the loss of friends and family, my financial situation, the fact that I feel like I'm treading water and going nowhere . . whenever I have those moments of self-indulgent self-pity and absorption, my daughter is the voice of reason and tells me to look at my experiences as an adventure that some will never have and to be grateful for the ride because I'm so much better off than so many others. I hate it when she's right! Let's face it, I've moved continents, been to 11 schools and 2 states, raised two pretty awesome kids on my own. I can ride a horse, ride a bike, fix stuff, sew stuff, cook stuff. I've travelled large, met people from all races and creeds and am planning the next big trip so . . maybe I'm a little more adventurous than some.

I am happy. Well most of the time. When I'm not happy. I'm very unhappy. I would like more 'joy' but yes, when I think about it, we try too hard to chase happiness. It's constantly punctuated with loss and sadness, pain and remorse, difficulty and obstacles. However, those moments in our lives, make the snippets of happiness that we experience more memorable and important. I'm happy that I'm healthy, alive, employed. I'm happy I've experienced people, marriage, childbirth (well the bit afterwards not during). I'm happy that I have a large family. I'm happy that I have been loved, cuddled and adored. I'm happy that I've had opportunities of birth that others are denied: education, health care, running water and parents who imparted their gentleness and wisdom.

I'm not seeking any high point of earthly bliss or material gain. I just want a comfortable life and a little cash in my pocket. Money will not make me happy but it will help me dispense with most of the things which make me unhappy.

Can't live with 'em . . .can't kill 'em. Simple creatures really. You just have to let them think it was all their idea and they're very clever to have come up with it. Massage their egos and they'll massage your back.

I like men, I love men of course I do! I'm not sure I want to live with one again but I enjoy their company. I'm an outrageous flirt which simply doesn't work with women and I often feel more comfortable standing around the barbie talking about lawn mowers and leaf blowers than handbags and hair do's. I do look around me though and see many women who 'settle' for a man because they need one in their lives. I don't unless it's to take out the garbage or mow the lawn. They're handy for changing light bulbs and carrying eskys.

One thing I don't understand is why so many hot men are gay! I've wasted good chat time on lovely looking men with interesting conversation only to have their 'boyfriend' turn up and ask to be taken home! These days, the men in my life are all either related, married to my friends, a very long way away or are far too young to be contemplated as anything other than 'friends'. And you all know who you are!

Did I do OK? I only managed this because the man of my house, being the one with the shortest working hours, has made a fabulous spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and I haven't had to cook after sitting in a car for almost 90 minutes on what should be a 20 minute drive!

No tags from me because I couldn't possibly single any of you out but feel free to have a go at this one and let me know so I can give you five words to ponder! Email me if you're interested and I'll try my best to throw you a challenge!


Bimbimbie said...

Tsup*!* That was a nice treat for you, no having to cook tonight and yep you did well ... but it sounds like you need to tweek your gaydar just a little Baino ;)

Leah said...

Fun to read--you have satisfied the overly curious not to say nosey streak in me, at least for the second!

Rowe said...

Baino, ten out of ten. Thanks for participating. I had a feeling you would handle each word with effortlessness and fabulosity.

nick said...

Schoolchildren in NI wear uniforms too which avoids all the competitive fashion as you say. Funny though how miniskirts are considered perfectly decent!

Wot, we're only good for changing light bulbs and carrying eskies? You little tease you. You're right though, so many of the gorgeous, considerate guys are gay. If I were a woman, I think I'd be pretty frustrated....

hokgardner said...

Given what my daughters chose to wear to school today, I was wishing, yet again, that we had uniforms.

Kate Hanley said...

Great answers. It's fascinating what you can learn about someone from this meme. I loved your chat about happiness. I think I feel similar. Cheers.

tony said...

Not ALL Hot Men Are Gay!

Brian Miller said...

i echoe tony's sentiment, though some of us are married. lol. a nice glimpse baino. there is happiness in the simplicity of life, the eyes you have (while not for religeon) but seeing the world the way you do is refreshing. be happy, life is a journey and we all wait on baited breath for the next chapter...smiles.

Susan at Stony River said...

Great stuff! I enjoyed your answers and I'm loving your photoshop portrait--that's gorgeous.

California Girl said...

DAMN you're funny! I love the "fwoooar" and the comments on men. So apt.

My word verification is "whaphor". Now, that sounds like something you might have created!

e said...

Cheers to you, Baino! I found this neme fascinating, and thank you for sharing. I may be up to this one, but won't post it immediately, if you'd care to send something my way. Have a great week.

Candie Bracci said...

You did more than OK!I love you as you are!As for men,don't say'll never know!;)be happy today!LOVE

Ropi said...

I beg your pardon but I am not gay! :D :D

...mmm... said...

Don't ever settle for a guy, Baino! :)

Liked this list and learning more about you. Hope your job search is going well.

Darlene said...

Being rather new to your blog (I wandered over from Grannymar's) I am delighted that you wrote this post. Now I feel like I know you a lot better and I share many of your attitudes. I won't tell which ones, but I am sure you have a good idea.

Renee said...

Helen I love it. I have to tell you that picture of you is just gorgeous. You are so beautiful.

Love Renee xoxo

Kate said...

Its good to know there is another honorary bloke around! My son labelled me with that years ago.... but it doesn't make you popular with the girls at all.... ask me if I care?
Nice post lady!

Megan said...

Well done! I enjoyed reading this! Sure, I'll take some words to ponder.

Baino said...

*Tsup*!* Bimbimbie (I never know where to put those asterisks, it's not just my gaydar that needs tweaking these days!

Haha . . Lea I'm a pretty open book really but if curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back!

No worries Rowe, I quite enjoy them "fabulosity" me? Hahaha

Aw Nick, I used to 'hitch' my school uniform to ungodly heights when I was younger!
I'm not commenting on 'frustrated'.

Heather I know what it was like with two at school in uniforms, let alone three in mufti! So what do they do for mufti day? Wear uniforms/

Like attracts Like I think Kate!

Haha . . . well if they're not gay Tony, they're married!

True Brian although I'm not in too much of a hurry for the destination.

Thanks Suze. I'm waiting for my 'formal' lesson from the daughter but it's fun to doodle with.

Haha might steal that to give emphasis to "Fwoaar" . . . ."Fwoarrr . .whaphor!"

I will think of five wonderful words for you e . . .

Well Candy they say you won't find love if you go looking for it! Had my first love, my best love and now if I'm lucky, might grab my last!

Haha . . no Ropi . . you certainly aren't. You fall into both the 'far away' and 'too young' categories! You are in good company though!

Toasty, I've never 'settled'. That's why I'm single! And thanks. I have a 2 year contract at the moment so the search has wound back a little.

Darlene stick around, there are few secrets on this blithery blog.

Renee, I am beautiful when I photoshop the shadows and the crepey neck!

Bah . . .you can keep your girl talk Kate . . .I miss the company of men! And for all the 'right' reasons.

Ah don't think too hard on it Meg . . fingers working without brain in gear!

Babysis said...

Thanks for that Baino - we're so alike really!

Feeling a bit PMSy and found it very grounding - I needed that!

Life really is wonderful.

10 outa 10 - BTW, maybe AB should prepare meals EVERY working night for you?

Otin said...

I think that I have found the female version of myself! I could have written a few of those answeres word for word!

Otin said...


Ces said...

I loved reading this. First of all, I love your photograph. If I ,look at it from afar, it's not fuzzy and you are very pretty! I don't jaywalk either! I find you interesting, besides, I always liked you, you are not very gushy but you don't throw around words without meaning them either. You are not fake, you don't even sound fake but deep down you are very caring and loving. So there!

Kath Lockett said...

Geez Baino, for someone who lacks time you sure manage to write up your five words and associated reasons wonderfully well!

Can you feel my green eyes of jealousy burning holes into you from down here?

.....can I have five words?
.... but I did get give five by Benjamin Solah a few months ago, so they can't be
.....does that make it a bit harder?

Baino said...

Well I find you very interesting and talented and outspoken and funny and honest as well. Thank you Ces. I like to think perhaps I am although at the moment I would trade my right arm for 'attention to detail' which I sadly lack in my work life! I must slow down a bit, read things twice . . .very unhappy to night and angry with myself frankly.

Well Kath I have my allocated blogging times in the evening and banged this one out. I should be on the treadmill or reading a book or two! Words coming up!

Tom said...

great image and insights. See you on the flip side! It's always nice to get a little inside some fellow blogger heads.

Grannymar said...

You did very well my Dear!

I love the photo at the top it looks like a charcoal sketch.