Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Moving On

I don't have it any more, the will or the desire to keep blogging. I enjoy visiting yours but I really haven't got the mojo to maintain this one. I might from time to time if there's something worthy to pop up here photographically. I feel I haven't much to say any more, life's hard, work's difficult, relationships need nurturing and well . . .It's been almost four years of bantering here and I just don't want to do it any more.

Over these past almost four years, I've corresponded with many of you, talked on Skype and you've all been a source of entertainment, inspiration and information. Some have become collaborators, a handful have become life long friends and one in particular, I adore beyond reason. I am eternally grateful for these connections. Should any of you find yourselves on Antipodean shores, I have a room with your name on it and a warm welcome to match.

Yep time's come to say Goodbye. I loved blogging and the friends I've made here. I have little of interest to say and less time or will to say it. I'm writing a little, on Creative Infanticide, posting fortnightly on The Tenth Daugher of Memory, and distracted by not-so-shiny things.  I'm becoming whingey.

Thanks to you all for following for so long. We'll see. I never say never so who knows, I will definitely visit and might pop up in your feeder now and then, or reincarnate the blog in the future but for now it's check out time.  Life is changing and so must I. Keep in touch.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fuckwit

O Hello. I don't think I have many readers left thanks to my lack of visitation but for those who have stuck around,  I value your loyalty.  

I haz a job. Well a long term contract for a big company in quarrying and stuff. So back with a bunch of engineers and Excel spreadsheets which I hate but seem to end up working with. The guys are nice, there's a great canteen and free biscuits so no complaints. And the rate is a little better than the 2nd largest soft drink manufacturer in the world.  Now I just have to live on toast until I can recover from taking a rather expensive month off in April but hey, it's all good. 

So for your Friday pleasure, an idiot convict. Coming from a country populated by the buggers, I guess it's appropriate:

FORKS, Wash. (AP) - An escaped convict was caught following a day on the loose after he knocked on the door of a cabin in the woods - only to find out the man renting the lodge was an off-duty guard at the prison he just fled.
Authorities said 39-year-old James Edward Russell took off from the Olympic Corrections Center near Forks on Tuesday morning. Just after midnight early Wednesday, Russell - still wearing his prison uniform (well that's a dead give away) - went to the cabin, knocked on the door and asked to use the phone, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis.
The guard recognized the red, prison-issue shirt, a scuffle ensued and Russell took off again, Lewis said Thursday. The guard, whose name being withheld by the Department of Corrections, reported the incident and Russell was caught later that morning by other corrections officers about from the facility near Forks, on the Olympic Peninsula.

Oh dear . .  . one born every minute. Have an awesome weekend. I just hope I can get my washing dry, meet up with a long lost friend, buy a wedding outfit, and well   . . . get my creative juices going amid housework and recovery from completely fucking up a spreadsheet today. Thank you to my lovely boss who's only comment was, "Take it easy, just slow down a bit."

Happy second Honeymoon to Tom at Half Moose with a Twist. Trust me, I'd rather be in Mexico right now. Then I don't think they'd appreciate a third wheel.

And this because I'm tired, cranky, over it and sick of feeling whingeratery:

Monday, June 13, 2011

God Bless Some Queen

Well I'm sitting in my lounge room, about to get on with some creative writing. The house is immaculate after 20 people trudging mud through the place and the weekend has been one of contrasts. Wine Club Friday night, the less said about that the better other than yes, I lived up to my reputation as a lush. Got smashed, left my purse and handbag and had to retrieve it the next day but it was good times, thanks for dinner Westy, it was delish.

Sunday was a double whammy with Amy's Kitchen Tea, silly games, wine, tea and cakes . . lots and lots of cakes. I once said I didn't have a sweet tooth but after Saturday, I think that might have been shot down in flames. Of course there were family, friends, presents, guess how many jelly beans in the jar and  . . . . make a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Not a bad effort. 

Then raced back on a cold and wet night for our annual June Long Weekend Bonfire. While I felt it might be a good idea to postpone the event due to super soggy firewood and pissing rain, my son was not going to be deterred and with 20 litres of petrol for ammunition the thing went off with a bang, then a fizzle, then a frantic effort to get it going but eventually, we all basked in its warm glow and this morning - just a steaming heap of . . . . well you get the gist. Right, time for a little 'hair of the dog'. (She's exhausted!)

The cupcakes were pretty but the brownies were . . . 

One of three tables well spread

Annika in the Kitchen

Guess what's in Amy's handbag (Purse for you Yanks)

Toilet Tissue Princesses, far left won!

One needs sustenance on a rainy night

Oil drums have their uses

Picnic for pyros

Off with a bang  . . . then a fizzle

Petrol sniffers (Look at the glee on Adam's face)

More fuel to the fire

Sorry Jeffscape, you aint getting this back

Group Meeting. Will it catch in the rain?


Monday, June 06, 2011

Bali Boy (Language Advisory)

After two weeks of empty nestdom an immaculate house and an empty fridge, the whirlwind that is my son returned from 2 weeks holiday in Bali. Now you or I might bring back duty free perfume, a few sarongs and perhaps a batik wall hanging or two but no . . my son buys me an ashtray. Not a tasteful little glass number but one shaped inappropriately and one that cannot be put on display anywhere other than here. One that even the Customs Officers, dubbed their 'catch of the day'

For the photo only . . never to be used again!
Now really! I ask you!

Oh but there was other booty! Bumper stickers that nobody would have the courage to display on their car, sarongs (yeh well they were rather nice), rip off fragrance, 4 pairs of sunnies, 4 wallets about a dozen gaudy peaked caps, 2 pairs of jeans, a backpack and travel bag, copious amounts of beer holders (we like our beer cold so they insulate your fingins . . well . . . need I say more. Thank you darling for thinking of me but I'd rather have a 'real' one. There, I said it.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Vivid Sydney

It's been on before but I've never been, Vivid Light Festival. Despite the current debate about a 'carbon' tax, the electricity was burning hard and fast as Sydney landmarks are lit, flamed and art installments featuring fluorescence placed strategically around Circular Quay, the main Ferry Terminal.  Clare and I ventured in on a cool but pleasant winter's Thursday to check it out. Had an awesome dinner that I can't afford (thank God for credit cards) at Pony and drinks at the Opera Bar. Pretty cool huh? Of course the centrepiece was the Opera House with moving designs projected on it's sails, just gorgeous. 

Customs House redecorated in 20 minutes

Did you know that the plural of Octopus is Octopusses?

Posh "Pony" awesome but expensive

Petit fors - Passionfruit jelly, Green Tea Chocolate Truffles and Lemon Shortbread
Choreographed Fire and the Opera House all lit up

Blue loop? But aint it shparkly

Love this girl and her surrounds

Orange sails past sunset

She is a mighty canvas
Interactive steps
Er fluoro people
 This is Customs house. My video conked out due to a full CF card so thanks to whoever for the visual.

See why I love my city- magical. . have to go . . .ferry to catch.

Friday Dropwit

Well I for one am glad this week is over. A horrible interview experience and the feedback from failed attempts is that I am rather 'abrupt'. Two interviews in torrential Sydney failed to produce results. However, my rep with an agency that I've worked with before has me hired on Monday as EA/Project Assistant with a huge minerals company in Australia so wish me luck. I'll have to temper my personality and become a little more submissive but hey . . I can be what you want me to be. Oh yeah baby . . just tell me what you want. 

Although had 2 lovely evenings with the only woman I'll ever sleep with more about that tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to my son's return from Bali. It was great for a week but I've missed his bones this week. 

Our dropwit is brought this week by Jeffscape, who's had his eye on the ball while I've been stressing and irritable . . a ball takes precedent over a kid who gets the drop while dad attempts to make a catch at . . . a foul ball?

Aww poor little mite. And he didn't make the catch.  

Have a good weekend my lovelies.  Out shopping for mother of the groom gear on Saturday and a 50th celebration on Sunday so . . ready to start fresh on Monday. Oh and I'm attempting to give up the nurrells so wish me luck. They thought I was abrupt last week? Wait until I go five days without a cigarette! Banshees of the world unite.