Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tropical Climes and Wedding Chimes

Well as usual I've been a hopeless blogger and an even worse follower. Participating in the Tenth Daughter of Memory, River of Mnemosyne Challenge takes up my free time. Well along with the odd Friend's Christmas, girls pyjama parties (no, absolutely no photographs), dinners with friends and a lot of Skype and Facebook activity plus a 45 hour working week.

My family is now intact after Clare returning from a four month South American adventure and a soccer tour of Europe (yawn). 

The weekend of the 3rd February, my sweet niece Hannah married her lover. The weather was ominous. Flooding along the Pacific Highway, our main arterial road around the country and for a moment, we had worries that we'd not be able to make the six hour drive or worse still her outdoor wedding might be deluged. 

For anyone living with a bag over their head, the world's weather has gone crazy and for the past three months, we've had probably half a dozen summer days, the rest, torrential rain, cool temperatures and overcast skies. No risk of melanoma this year, that's for sure. It's wet, cool, gloomy and frankly a horrible summer. Then a Skype conversation with my Skyman and he's putting aircon on in LA at midday in the middle of February...go figure. My Dutch friend hasn't enough ice for their annual 200km skate event and London's bathed in snow.

But this was a moment of glorious sunshine even though it was a little grey. She is a gorgeous girl, radiant, cheeky, loads of fun, great company and marrying a man from one of those million acre properties you only hear about in far north Queensland. It was a fabulous wedding, a marvellous weekend at a rather nice resort in Coff's Harbour (although I'm not sure about the water dragons in the swimming pool or the turkeys that kept nibbling my toes every time I sat out in our little courtyard) and apart from a lot of driving with very silly people, good times. So, share the love and the critters.

Having said that, the Honeymooners have just posted on Facebook that Hannah caught a 2 metre shark on a handline.  She's a keeper I guess....

Our Apartment at Anuka Breakfree

Bush Turkeys...Everywhere

Poshed up

Dragon out of water

Hannah and Patrick.....love the view

Indoors / Outdoors

The Prodigal Returns, slides and splashes

Hellooooo Possum

We hired it...Looks way smaller on the outside
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Paynter....May you mules often and string in the odd White Pointer . Love your bones kids. Now, Valentine's day is it not?   Happy one to you who have one. Commiserations to those of us who wish....then, be careful what you wish for.  And poo you who went to bed and left me with no Skypechat....bler.