Saturday, August 11, 2012

Int Pit!

Alright you whingers. A few loyal followers have been asking me to post which makes me feel just a little loved. Since I'm vain and like the adoration, here goes.  

I work for a large mining/quarrying company and we're building a graniodorite quarry in the NSW Southern Highlands. It's a 2 year contract, expiring in November 2013. Basically we're blowing a big hole in the ground and putting in a load of automated crushers and conveyors to make concrete aggregate, road base, rail base etc. I'm the Project Administrator for a team of engineers. All of whom I like immensely with the exception of one. There's always one. Although in this case, he's just an old grandpa (even though he's only 2 years older than me), with a huge misogynistic chip on his shoulder. Fortunately, I don't report to him so just ignore him. The best bit? I get to go on site once a month, wear uber sexy hi visibility gear and super comfy steel capped boots and feel like one of the boys. I love this reflective stuff. Sadly, my office job isn't busy enough and I spend most of my day bored, unable to access Facebook or Blogs and just staring blindly into spreadsheets. 
On another note:
I'm attempting albeit poorly to launch into some sort of writing field and my main avenue to hone my skills is no longer around. . Unfortunately, dwindling interest in our writing blog The Tenth Daughter of Memory has seen it close down. The links are still there so if you fancy a short story now and then, go have a look. They're weird, wonderful and always challenging. 

So, your task should you choose to accept is to find me and my three remaining writing pals, a site with a difference. One that doesn't have a thousand sycophantic "OMG I love your poems" comments. One where people actually read your work. One that offers critiques for writing. One that might be a little competitive and hey, even perhaps a theme or two to spark off the imagination. I need the pressure of a challenge and the discipline of critical analysis to keep up the writing. Perhaps I'll do what Tom's doing and create a Blurb book for posterity...then again...I should probably do that Grammar course.
See you when the wind breaks.

Big diggery thing (Excavator) and big rock crushy thing

Beginnings of big silo crushy thing, made in Portugal

Mine site in the middle of nowhere

Pretending to blow stuff up
The man who loves blowing things up after he's blown things up

Blowing things up