Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Blues

It's as if the fates knew. I posted this rather 'OMG I'm 55 and not dealing with it' post and the text was magically deleted as I posted photographs. I can hear one close to my heart yelling "OFFS stop whingerating." He has a point.

No. I did not have a happy birthday (although I had a pleasant one) because I'm in total denial that the woman in the mirror has any semblance to me. I am not older nor wiser. In fact I'm less knowledgeable than ever, and the older I get...the less I know. But, my children took me out for lunch on what can only be described as an awesome spring day.  Friends and family (well my sister) wished me well. I am not happy about my age or who I am right now.  I'm in the wrong time, place, century, country. Not depressed. Just aware of my situation. But...I'm alive, clothed, fed, housed, working...nothing really to complain about and I must admit that when the sun shines here... all else seems to fade.  Thank you my darlings for lunch and the gifts. Neither were necessary but both totally appreciated. I love you to distraction. You are my reason for being.

Mr and Mrs Bainbridge deciding where we should go
Ripples Milson's Point

Yes it really does look that awesome

Random Wedding . .

Sweet dessert . . is that an oxymoron

Intrepid traveller . . off again on Wednesday

Lovely homebody . . .total champion

My family . . . like diamonds . . small but precious

Single white female... rennovator's dream . . .for lease, great views

Apres Lunch barista . . .all I have is a plunger :(