Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Week of Weirdness and of No Particular Interest to Anyone

It's been a strange week. I have a visitor who's been working on Cruise ships but originally from the US. He's young,love-sick and depressed over a recent relationship breakup and killing time before heading home, or on some other adventure. It's hard to mend a wounded heart, especially when there's (in my opinion) little hope of short term repair. I feel very sad for him and just want to hug him all the time but don't want to make him cry. Anyway, I'll keep him busy until he heads, moves forward or whatever.

I've been estranged from my brother, 2 years my junior, since he moved out six years ago. Yesterday this lean figure wondered up to the shed, fiddled around a bit, then strolled back. It was him. Older, shakier, thinner. The once long mane of chestnut hair, cropped and balding. His moustache and goatee, decidedly grey. He's finally completing the house that he started six years ago, up in the blue mountains and checking out some furniture he'd left behind. It was a reconciliation of sorts. Uncomfortable, awkward but we exchanged numbers, I gave him a warm hug and I promised to visit once he'd moved in about three weeks from now. I hate family rifts and mine's been rifting for a variety of reasons over the past few years. It was good to connect and hopefully, the start of a better relationship between us. I thought he'd 'divorced' his family but I think he's ready to somehow rekindle what was once a close relationship. Hope floats.

We had a baby. Well my nephew's wife had a baby. They live next door and today, Charlie Dunn (also my father's name), all 8.1lbs of him comes home to cause havoc. He took a while to reach the world as his mum was induced on Tuesday night, then had a caesar the following Wednesday but all worked out in the wash and my youngest brother and his wife are now the first grandparents in our generation. I'm just glad it wasn't me!

Had an intense meeting with a large developer who banged on about joint ventures and putting powerlines underground. All it would cost is $165,000. My reaction? "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......" Yep, I left the meeting early before I burst into tears at the apparent hopelessness of selling this bloody block. Then had a call from a real estate agent who has an 'offer'. I'm not holding my breath, this particular agent is very naive so we'll meet on Monday and I'll give him the lay of the land so to speak. See if his buyer is still interested.

My laptop USB died. This is a problem because I can't upload photos or use my wireless headset when I'm talking on Skype. So, Bill the local computer guy came and fixed it. The $210 quote ended up being $407, more than the damn thing was worth so I went crazy on credit and bought a new desktop. I know, silly purchase given my financial situation but hey, I'll claim it on tax somehow and finally have a stable and reliable platform for my online shenanigans. I miss the discipline of sitting in front of a screen, in a stationary position. I haven't written a word since for months so hopefully, the regimen of just getting into position will get the juices flowing. Bring on November and the return of The Tenth Daughter of makes me write, it makes me happy.

Finally, my company has designated a three week compulsory leave period over Christmas. This is awesome and problematic. It will use up my entire paid leave entitlement at a time of year when everyone seems to be on holiday or out of the country. But, if a certain person pulls his finger out and comes to visit. Could end up being a delightful summer break.

So...enough about's weirdness in your neck of the woods?

Sunday, October 07, 2012

And....We're Back...sort of

A few months ago, I closed a site that had encouraged me to write - about everything - due to waning interest. Constraints of time, dissatisfaction with the format and well, some imagined intimidation at being 'judged' for your work (which I like actually) caused interest to dwindle. Since then, a few of us have been flailing in the world of writing and miss the challenge and contributions. My point? The Tenth Daughter of Memory is returning and this is as good a place as any to let you know that JeffScape has decided to attempt a relaunch of sorts.

However... things have changed.

The new system in mind provides longer periods of both submitting and voting, as well as limits the types of entries a specific Muse will accept.  The system, so far, looks wonderful on paper, but it is obvious to those involved that said system will undoubtedly run into problems.

Which means what, exactly?

Which means that, starting in November, The Tenth Daughter of Memory is going to launch a 3-cycle "beta test" to try out the next system, with the hopes of having a full relaunch in time for the "4th Annual River of Mnemosyne"  challenge.

The beta test will be all-volunteer and done in private, and, well, we need volunteers.

Anyone interested in either participating or administrating, please email us at

Having written bugger all for the last few months, I for one am delighted that it's being revived. Bigger, better, simpler? Who knows but it's one helluva ride. Come join in the fun.