Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm MIL . .

My son married the love of his 24 year old life this weekend and it was totally, totally, flawless and fantastic. Except for Aunty Rita who's handbag caught on fire . . . . Love you both to bits have a wonderful honeymoon (although they were grounded for five hours at Kingsford Smith)

Wedding Speech:
"Hi, I'm Helen, the grooms mum.
Thank you all for coming to celebrate this pretty awesome event.  Thanks too, to Alvedus and Dahlia for helping these two make this an awesomely special day.
You all look stunning. Simply stunning.

I'm very proud of Adam and Amy. They've worked hard to put this together and with no help from me and I think you'll agree everything looks gorgeous.  The food's delish and the company's not bad either. I thought it hilarious that Adam wanted a tiered cake and diamonds in his wedding ring, "Why should Amy get all the sparkles!" If I didn't know better . . . . 

We loved Amy from the moment we met her. She ticked all the boxes (yes we have a checklist for prospective daughters and sons-in-law). She was tall (very tall), beautifully dressed and coiffed. Polite, chatty, confident. There was a moment when I wondered what a scruffy boy like Adam was doing with a glamour puss like her. But like me, she saw the real Adam - funny, talented, intelligent, romantic and a guy with the same values as her.  Also a man who can scrub up well when he needs to.

I knew they were in love the minute she allowed him to mess up her hair and touch her fringe!  We affectionately referred to her as the 'fringelet' because she was so possessive of that little crop of hair that hides her beautiful eyebrows.  I knew they were in love when she managed to get him clubbing, dancing, dressing in a suit. I knew they were in love when I saw the way they snuggled on the couch, looked sad when they had to say goodbye, laughed and goofed in their photos.  I knew they were in love when he allowed her to call him 'Honey', when he took photos of his proposed outfits on his iPhone to gain her approval before they went out.  I knew they were in love watching them make pizza on Friday night. I knew they were in love when he started making his bed before Amy came round.

I'm also very proud of Adam. If pride's a sin, then sue me.  He's a kid who's grown up without a dad in the house of women, and I wouldn't have been at all surprised if he turned out to be rather effeminate. Quite the reverse, he's definitely a man's man but he's adopted the important things from living in such an environment. Besides embracing what might be called feminine arts such as cooking, he's  my Mr Fixit, my computer technician, my evening companion and my friend - He's arguably the funniest man I have ever met.  I'll miss him terribly when he's gone because I'll have to put the bins out and carry my own esky!  And God help us all if I have to learn how to drive the tractor in order to mow the lawn - You are coming home to mow the lawn?

Sadly, neither of Adam's maternal grandparents are alive to see this event. Adam's Nana died before he really had a chance to know her but he did have 14 wonderful years with his Grandpa and we're both eternally grateful for the influence that amazing man had on my lovely boy.  Two others have also had a very positive influence on him and happily they are able to be here today, Bet and Art, Adam's paternal grandparents - You've been very special people in Adam's life and now in Amy's. 

Adam, Amy, you two are made for each other. In many way's you're chalk and cheese but where it counts you're like two pieces of the same puzzle, locked beautifully together to make a whole.  Both sides of the argument, yin and yang, complementary flavours,  music and lyric, words and pictures, wind and wings. One is hopeless without the other. Together, you can soar.

I'm really awed to have you as a daughter in law Amy, although frankly, I've always felt like you were.  And I'm overwhelmed that my darling boy  has found the girl of his dreams. It's what he's always wanted.

There's a rather nice Celtic tradition and having Welsh heritage made me think of it.  The Lovespoon was the invitation to commence a romance between a boy and a girl, and the origin of the word 'spooning' .  More importantly, the spoon is symbolic for providing physical and emotional sustenance, a perfect family life and a promise to care for each other over coming years. 

It's a little smaller than I thought, I still can't measure anything properly but it's a little reminder of your heritage and a little portend of a happy future together. I wish you both only good things. Love, health, happiness . . 
Please join me in wishing them both everything wonderful for their future together. 

Can I get pissed now?"
Two Groomsmen, One Groom, One Groomschick  . . .all very rude to the photographer

Gotta get the hair right
The Double Windsor no longer a challenge

Had to stop off at one of the Groomsmen's sister's house for a bottle opener. He needed a calming beer

Arrived nice and early  . . . Another beer

No sign of nerves

Larking about before 'she' arrives
Ah, she's coming. . .
Yep, finally arrived
Giving her away
Mr and Mrs Bainbridge

 All Done and Dusted

 Outside the Church
Nibblies while they're having photos
Not quite a waltz
Party times
He got his tiered cake. That little brown thing is the Love Spoon
After Party begins

Four degrees and they decide to swim
Cold much?
Hearty Breakfast
Gifts . . Adam's impressed with the frypan
That's as close as you get - Honeymooning in Bali