Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Company of Strangers

I love the internet. Seriously . .I've been blogging now for around 18 months and I've met such interesting people . . well not literally but most of my blogroll peeps email or Skype which I find really cool. My children once thought me a nutter for having conversations with total strangers but now, one has a blog of her own and the other, no problem with me chatting to a 20 year old or a 60 year old on the other side of the world. Interesting when your children become your minders and warn of internet predators!

One blogger has recently moved here and is living just 10 minutes away and hopefully when she's settled we'll catch up. Another is visiting Australia within the next couple of months. Another planning a visit in the new year. Another is in Ireland as we speak, meeting his bloggers and people he's met via the net for the first time. Others have stopped blogging but email to keep in touch or offer advice on where it's safe to travel in South America (earlier panicky mum needed to know). Others chat online about their lives, their families and the points we have in common and some, who live in my City (yes it is mine, all mine) wish to remain anonymous but still have fun via the blog and share so much. Anonymous, that's targetted at you!

With some I have a bond in angst, life experiences, family, work . . I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and grateful to you for even bothering to pop by. Meeting you is an objective, unless you don't want to be met. I know a few because they're local. I feel like I know a few more because you keep in touch and I want to know others because where else in the world would I come into contact with people like you? I have grannies, poets, photographers . . writers, musicians and students, patients, sled dog trainers, drug addicts, conservationists, libertarians, students, geeks (I loves me geeks), hill climbers, teachers and principals . . younglings and oldies, married and single, hetero and gay . . .you all enrich me with the little things you share.

Blogging has given me an outlet for my own frustrations and concerns as well as an opportunity to stand on my pathetic soap box or to vent some banal spleen or share my thrills and woes in this rather odd journal. Some of you are like me, some are world's apart yet through this odd medium, we collaborate, argue, agree, support, joke, suck up or disagree . . ultimately, we wish each other well. So at the risk of sounding sycophantic, and without dropping any names. Thanks a heap . . .I sleep soundly knowing that some have offered refuge to Clare should she come unstuck overseas and wait with anticipation to meet those of you who venture to the antipodes.

Better still I hope that should I wonder to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Capetown, Hungary, Adelaide, Belfast, England, Adelaide, Queensland, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Mexico, Dubai, Dublin or Belfast . . you'll put on a smile and welcome me into your parlour - and allow me to shout you a drink! Or in your case Ropi . . an ice cream!

Cheers! OK Time to get the roast on!


steph said...

Is that a threat or a promise? ;-)

There's a welcome on the mat for you here ANYTIME, Baino

I can see the headlines now...



Grannymar said...

When you reach Ireland it will be one great big Party!

steph said...

"When" Grannymar?

Have I missed something? I thought I was safe as it was only an "If" ;-)

Thriftcriminal said...

Yep, we like you too. Indeed the party will be mighty.

Nick said...

You're right Baino it's such fun chatting with so many interesting people around the world - as you say, the sort of people you might never meet in your own neck of the woods. As for those who think it's peculiar - is it any less peculiar to watch fictitious soap characters or keep reading about celebs you've never met? Or just reading novels for that matter.

Our end-of-year trip to Oz is firming up btw so you never know, we might actually meet up!

Melissa said...

Well said! Cheers, Baino! I raise my coffee cup to you and all the blogging buddies I've gotten to "know" over these newfangled things called blogs. What an awesome community we share!

Gledwood said...

Strange you say that: lots of people I used to know seem to be GIVING UP... usually after about 6 months to 1 yr when they feel they've run out of stuff to say. How can anyone ever run out when life is always full of surprises good or bad (!!)

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

What we need is a real life blogmeet!

And so now, when are you coming over, so I can take you up the mountain, to the beach, around the coast, to the winelands and then welcome you into my parlour?

Baino said...

Steph: haha . . plans are always fluid Steph, you're safe for now!

Grannymar: you're definitely on the agenda!

Thrifty: With produce from your garden perhaps?

Nick: keep me in the loop, I'd love to throw a prawn on the barbie for you!

Melissa: Too right. I love your slice of life . . I wish I had a drum circle practising in my woods!

Gleds: A few of my blogroll don't blog any more but keep in touch via email which is really nice. I've always got something to say, not always interesting mind but verbose am I.

AV: Would love to but rather visit you somewhere other than SA. I've been to Capetown years ago, it's a beautiful place if not a bit scary. Then again 'winelands' mmmmmmm . . .

Nick said...

No prawns, we're both vegetarian. Maybe some veggie sausages??

Anonymous said...

Yes blah blah blah ... promises like a Fianna Fáil election campaign.

I, on the other hand, deliver. People can testify to that. You too shall feel the glory of the 3-in-1.

Anonymous said...

Heehee, see I'm not really THAT anonymous Baino. Nor the one who commented above! My best friends live in my computer :)

Baino said...

Nick: Bloody vegos . . .I can do a mean dalbaht and rice! End of the year it's easy to be vegie, Lovely stone fruit and fresh veggies - Mango and Avocado season! *licks lips*

Not-so-anonymous: Yes you did and kudos to you! Maybe just one 3-in-1 I don't wanna do a JD! hehehe.

Anony: Just kidding . . .I bet I could spot you on the northern beaches with camera in hand if I could be arsed driving down there!