Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wee Wee Wednesday

Take the wee-wee as a small insignificant day . . or one that may have made me wet my pants!

I've decided Wednesday is not hump day, it's the day where stuff happens that brings a smile to my dial. Not big stuff just, not ROFLMHO stuff. Began with a Skype chat that had me giggling by 7:30. Then a slightly tipsy and very chatty Mattie about taking his landlord to court and the need for a liquid lunch after the ordeal (which explained his loquaciousness), while he logged in remotely to my PC. I always find it amusing, watching his little curser zip around my dbserver! I wish I had a little nerdy dude for a cursor . . I hope he didn't delete anything important!

Whizzed out to Glenordinary to feed the old boy who chatted and muttered and walked as slowly as possible for 50 metres before reaching the fence, biting chippy on the ear and tucking into his rolled oats. Chippy getting his cummupence is always hilarious. He's like a short man, everyone wants to beat him up cos he's an arrogant little shit.

Poor, poor best friend Thommo who has two weeks to recover from a nasty bout of bronchitis before swanning over to some remote Greek Island that doesn't have a loo! But jeez she sounds funny . . her larynx is the first to go with the flu and she sounds like a transvestite! Culling CV's was a hoot!

Caught a glimpse of the Argentinian on his lunchtime walk with the iPod plugged in, full business regalia - crisp sage green perfectly ironed shirt and slightly less green equally pressed perfect trousers - white runners and lifting funny little hand weights above his head with wide and high arm swrings in a suburban street, oblivious to traffic stares . . . hilarious! Obviously works cos he's a 'tight' little guy! Discarded 10 job applications for people my age . . .talk about ageist but they simply wouldn't do the job for $30,000 we need a sucker teen to slog all day for that money!

Then received a foetal ultrasound with superimposed head of Stan the Man, advertising his latest achievement . . yep he really isn't gay, the Nickster is pregnant! Go you Dishy Daddy . .you could have been mine . . all mine . . .if only I'd been 12 years younger!

Giggled with Char who thinks that the sunlight reflected off the crane opposite our office is 'romantic' and the climax of my scintillating day, a meeting with a very nice and handsome real estate agent from Cutcliffe's who was seriously trying to sus my situation when all that was going through my head was his name: "Darren Roots!"

Hahah . . well you all know I need a life but "Darren Roots" . . classic!

Then the final realisation that Winter has hit with a vengeance until I looked at the spring weather in Ireland . . .hahaha . . .your spring is as cold as our Winter!

John and Yoko (aka DrummerBoy and Fringlet) are tucked in bed - BEFORE TEA - fully clothed watching a movie so loud that my windows are vibrating). They used the excuse that they were providing privacy for Darren Roots (hahahahaha . . doesn't matter how many times you say it . . damn funny) and I to discuss development opportunities.

Wednesday TV is fantastic so no hanging around the computer tonight so here's a little taste of what I'll be watching. Sorry possums, nothing happening down under so go visit a real blog! But watch the clip first . . .


Babysis said...

Ha Darren many roots do you think there are? How many roots do you think Darren has had? Our old Kitchen guy was called Kevin Roots....rello's??? The Plumber and I had many a laugh at his expense - Kevin Roots chickens, Kevin Roots often, you know that sort of thing....bloody good kitchen guy though....I loved him!

Thriftcriminal said...

Thanks, you just remended me to go looking for clips from Never mind the Buzzcocks back when Mark Lamar was doing it (i.e. it was good).

Nick said...

I would never have known that was Ricky Gervais. No wonder nobody bought their records, they bought David Bowie by mistake!

Anonymous said...


Evening Baino :) Hhehheee

Grannymar said...

Names are a funny thing, at least when they make you laugh you never forget them.

Anonymous said...

Development opportunities? Is that what you hip young people call it these days?


Baino said...

Babysis: Haha . . Mrs Root, Mr Root and all their little Roots . . I'm not immature you great big poopy head! Hahaha . . .

Thrifty: I guess all our TV emanates from others somewhere in the world. We're too cheap to buy the good British comedies etc untli the BBC has a fire sale! I loves me spicks and specks tho!

Nick: How funny is he . . . sounds like Bowie too!

Anony: I'm done by 9:30! Penalty of being up with the sparrows!

Grannymar: I think I would have changed my name if I was in the Real Estate business . . .especially since the last agent left us well and truly 'rooted'.

Anonymous: Thank you for referring to us as 'hip' young people! He wasn't half cute! We can work through some development opportunities any time!

Quickroute said...

you have Argies over there too! - I guess they are everywhere - even the ageists!

Kath Lockett said...

Love it all mate. Ricky Gervais was like a young David Bowie, wasn't he? Love Spicks'n'Specks, it's my favourite telly show and about the only thing I actually carve out time to watch these days.
(loved the Denise and Marina Prior stoush last night)!

Weird Names - my country town was full of VIRGINS and I felt sorry for the fifteen year old girl amongst them who was in my year ten class.... Also some "Nuss" family members... Peter Nuss hated having his name called out in the morning roll with just his first initial - say it with me - P Nuss....

ian said...

Why had you no drama or crisis?

My daughter watches 'Home and Away' and they have a drama every day!

Baino said...

Kath: Excellent! Always good when they bring in a new game. I had my usual lack of success in guessing ANYTHING! Haha . . PNuss . . my sister lives in a street with a very similar name!

Ian: Everyone knows to stay away from McCloud's Daughter's farm because none of the silly cows can ride a horse or drive a tractor without some major disaster happening . . .similarly Neighbour's Ramsey Street is full of scandal, death and disruption so don't live there. As for Summer Bay. I'm not a fan myself but I believe it's similar to Ramsey Street so best avoided.

(Summer Bay is actually Palm Beach our northern most city beach which is very, posh so nothing naughty ever happens there . . it's also filmed very close to where I live at a tatty riding place called Jackeroo Ranch! And believe me NOTHING happens down there!

As for my little corner of the world - nah, no excitement at all.

The Lehners in France said...

OMG I'm with Nick, I thought it looked more like David Bowie. I'd never have guessed Ricky Gervais. I was a youth of the 80's and I've never heard of that group. Great clip though. Debs x