Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

I have just had a lovely dinner with two of ClareBear's friends. Bec and Em who have travelled with her to Japan, Italy and Greece just rang out of the blue and invited themselves over much to my absolute joy. These are her closest friends. Bec and I have 'missing Clare' teary's and soon she will be joining her friend in Europe. They are part of my family. They understand that I miss her terribly and giving a hug to these two wonderful young things reminded me how much I miss her. We ate, well Bec did, Em's picky and managed a piece of chicken a bread roll and some ice cream hidden inside a crepe . . but it was lovely. . .not much more to be said than I appreciate you keeping in touch girls. Thanks Adam for being the genial host whilst I fried and flipped. And Em, I'm amazed that you read this banal bit of purility I call a blog. I'm over the moooooon that you're leading the ladies soccer on Sunday and it's a pleasure to be in your company . . thanks for dropping by . . you know you're welcome any time . ..although your contribution to gossip was disappointing. Bec, the hat suits.

Did you know that Panama hats are actually made in Bolivia?

So . . .time for bed Zebidee . . .after all, it's Wednesday!


Grannymar said...


You and I are so lucky with our daughters and their friends.

Thriftcriminal said...

good one. Like the hat and the vid. I'm commenting from my sickbed, despite your man-flu admonishments (actually my sinuses, but anyway)

steph said...

@ Grannymar - it's not about luck. The reality is our daughters and their friends (wonderful young things that they are) are comfortable in our company - it's fair return for the way we dragged 'em up!

@ Thrifty - I sympathise. If your head still hurts like hell when you read this, try a really hot bath and immerse your head. I tell you, it works even if the relief is only temporary!

Baino - your absolute delight in entertaining the girls is palpable. Sounds like a well-timed visit to me.

Right, it's Wednesday night...

time for business! ;-)

Baino said...

Grannymar: that we are . . .lucky with the boy as well, he's a champ!

Thrifty: poor thing . . you must be poorly haven't blogged for three days! I get sinusitis as well, very debilitating so I'll not give you any curry about man flu! Get well soon.

Steph: They're good kids actually, the only two who've kept in touch apart from via Facebook but we go back a long way. Haha . . .no Wednesday business for me . . it's Thursday!

Anonymous said...

The New Zealanders in your clip are hilarious! Watched their debut on telly last ... not Wednesday ;) The 'Robot Song' is addictive and so are those talented boys! Have a good day at work Baino :)

Anonymous said...

'But I want some sugar cubes!' protested Dougal.

Baino said...

Anony: I'm warming to the Flight of the Concords . . love the Robot Song for some odd reason. Clearly we listen to the same radio station!

Anonymous: So close and yet so far out! (said Dylan)

Clare & Jem's Excellent Adventures said...

Did you find these guys on triple j? They're hilarious! I miss you too mum, glad the girls went round, Bec told me she likes to get the 'essence of Clare' when she goes around. I'm thinking of taking out a restraining order.

estevez said...

we loved it!

i will work on some gossip for next time!

ps i can't believe you didn't mention that although yes, i failed to eat the salad on wednesday, i have in fact consumed beef carpaccio before which is something bec cannot claim!!!