Thursday, May 22, 2008

Love a Man With A Whip!

He's still got it. Less chest, a few more wrinkles, much of the same but different! Just came back from watching his latest with DrummerBoy, armed with a large popcorn, Berry Boost Crush and token Indiana Jones plastic coke cup! Harrison looks great, Karen Allen looks great . . love the kid from Transformers and John Williams music but the Crystal Skull looked like it was filled with GladWrap! Impossible chases, fight scenes, storyline, waterfall crashes and . . . well I won't spoil it for you . . .sci-fi meets adventure flick. Impossible escapism well needed in today's mad world. Two thumbs and both toes up!


Grannymar said...

Called in to say Hello!

This film is not my thing, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Iron Man kicks the face off Harrison Ford.

Kath Lockett said...

LOVED it as well - got to go to the Adelaide premiere on Tuesday morning in exchange for a measly 200 word (or so) review:

Movie review - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
22/05/2008 12:39:00 PM

The fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones and the Unnecessarily Forgettable Secondary Title franchise makes sure that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s 1957 and Indy is back, fighting the dreaded commies instead of Nazis.

The first sign we see of a realistically-ageing Indy is his famous hat being disrespectfully flung out of the car in which he’s been imprisoned, giving us a clue that he’s not yet peacefully retired and writing research papers at home. Cate Blanchett, enjoying her hammy role as the impeccably-groomed Russian scientist Irina Spalko, has her henchmen surround him at gunpoint, and his old pilot Mac urges him to escape like they did in the old days. Indy responds, “We were younger – and we had guns.”

Somehow Jim from Neighbours (Alan Dale) earns a brief cameo and SA’s own Mallee Man wouldn’t have been out of place in the early plot setting. What am I saying, plot? Plot, schmot. There’s a smattering of mummified remains, conquistadors, ancient Mayan symbols, an insane Professor (John Hurt), the mythical city of El Dorado, cobwebs galore, links to Roswell and one hell of a mother ship in waiting. All are unimportant and lost in the explosion of every single action movie cliché Spielberg can crack a whip at, so we simply enjoy the ride.

Karen Allen returns as Indy’s original love interest Marion Ravenwood, looking every bit her age. Thank the Kingdoms of Crystal Skulls everywhere that their passion is reignited and we don’t have to witness him rolling in the hay – or a nest of red ants – with our Cate. Marion has some news for Indy that concerns the greaser drop-out, Shia Lebouf, who can do more than comb his hair and call Indy ‘gramps’. Rip-roaring energy from start to finish that certainly proves they don’t make refrigerators like they used to.

Nick said...

Not my sort of film either, I prefer stuff like Happy Go Lucky. But tell me, why's he carrying what looks like a garden hose? Is that to try and put the fire out? If so, he's left it a bit late.

Emperor Ropi said...

oh, you have seen it, cool I love Indiana Jones movies.

Baino said...

Hello GM, heard you had a lovely afternoon with a Toy Boy . . I thought "Romances" might be more your cup of tea!

Anon: so I've heard. I haven't seen it yet.

Kath: oooh premier . . red carpet. Plush . . nice review too!

Nick: I've loved the Indiana Jones stuff since it first came out. I had a massive crush on Harrison Ford after Star Wars . . .I have very eclectic taste when it comes to film. I should have been a critic!

Ropi: They're good aren't they. Iron man is supposed to be better by all accounts.

Gayé said...

hello hello

We saw Iron Man at *drum roll* Macquarie Gold Class cinema (recliner chairs and wine with cheese platter anyone?) during the week early in the day so it's cheaper! And I absolutely loved it! I want to see Iron Man again.

Thank you for the review and comments, I was planning to see the new Indy for a bit of escapism myself, and now I definitely will. In the meantime, I recomment Iron Man. *drool*


PS: we should get together sometime soon for lunch or something!

PS2: do you know a good beautician in the area? I need pampering. I don't know the Hills at all!

Baino said...

Hello my little Turkish Delight! I've never been to Gold Class . .not for any particular reason just never bothered! That's one thing my kids have up on me!

Try Sanctuary of Health at Norwest Business Park. Just off Norwest Boulevarde 38/ 40 Brookhollow Rd
(02) 8883 3655

OR there's The Temple in Castle Hill and Ella Rouge in the Castle Towers shopping centre.

Lunch definitely, how exciting! You'll be the first OS blogger I'll have met! Email me and we'll set a date. Norwest has some nice restaurants by the lake too . .lovely sitting outside over a leisurely drink on a sunny day. (And no, they didn't pay me to say that! hehe)

Gayé said...

*giggle* little Turkish delight :)
You are the sweetest!
Thank you I will try that address / number. I have no idea where Norwest is, but I bought a lil book of street directory/guide! Imagine that: after Epping around which I know every shop, every corner, every restaurant, it feels like I am in a different world. What's where I have no idea. It's exciting tho. Hopefully this coming week I will have a car WROOM WROOM!
Ok, gimme a week or so, I will drop you a note and we meet. I still have stuff to deal with, get set, set up, start up, organize, ble ble ble ble.
Sitting outside on a sunny day for a leisurely drink sounds divine!
Me thinks on our second date I can take you to Gold CLass ;)

Ernest de Cugnac said...

You have two toes?

Baino said...

Ernie: Welcome and how you happened upon my banal twitterings I can only guess. Relax in the knowledge that I have a full set of digits on all appendages. I've visited your blog . .I am intrigued.