Monday, May 12, 2008

PS3 Was the Death of Me!

OK so it was quite a physical Saturday with much hedgeclipping and whipper snipping machinery and vibration on the fingerlings so on Sunday, the phalanges are feeling a little arthritic and the wrists a bit sore. More potting planting and vibrating and my fingers are decidedly achey by Sunday afternoon. Sunday finished off with Drummerboy being very patient and teaching me how to play Playstation 3 . . .Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Vegas to be polite or R6 as my game younglings refer to it. Besides lacking completely, any real hand/eye coordination on my part, there are four buttons that help you reload, read menus, change from heat seeking to night vision, a button for a grenade thrower then your artillery button (you can choose your weapon) then two wobbly little rotating buttons that move you forward, back, left, right and allow you to look at your surroundings but generally had me running into walls and other obstacles.

I did negotiate some stairs and a wall ladder and managed to descend before being taken out by a sniper. I was the victim of much giggling and a true test of patience for the master who had no problem shimmying around rooftops, repelling down walls and pwning the enemy!

Then there's a little map that tells you where your team mates are and you're supposed to watch that as well as wait for the enemy to ambush you and shoot them appropriately before they kill you. And an irritating woman who keeps telling you to go down back alleys and find alternative routes. For the beginners, you can have up to 10 'spawns' which allow you to get up again after being fatally mutilated by some mad Mexican drug lord . . .get the picture. It's bloody hard and I'm 'woeful' at it. Not the game but the bloody controller. Ok I'm a total nOOb and I was pwned big time despite the multiple spawns. To top it off, I die with a masculine groan!
I'm not chasing a life of all-nighters in front of the PS3 or XBox, just trying to understand why it's so much fun and I would like to get in the first easy peasy preliminary round without being nailed by some virtual terrorist!

This morning, I could hardly type. My hands are sore from Grevillea scratches and knob twiddling . . I have new respect for you gamey dudes . . .it's harder than it looks and very frustrating.

Why is pwned pronounced 'owned'. New language in a new dimension . . I may practice in private and shock the lot of them, however unlikely . . .

*Goes to soak sore fingins in Voltarin*


Anonymous said...

Pwned was initially a typo of 'owned', it can be pronounced pown or own, depending on the person.

And R6 isn't that complicated, not for the 360 anyway, it's a fairly fluid control system. Brilliant game. Vegas and Vegas 2.

At least you didn't try steering with the controller as some girls do when playing racing games.

Thriftcriminal said...

Ouch, hope the hands feel better. I fell out of gaming but was always a PC gamer anyway. The height of my skill was in Descent, flying a spaceship around a mine, able to move in so many different ways it was just daft (slide up, down, left right, roll left, roll right, pitch, yaw, fire lasers, fire rockets, fire smart bombs, forwards, backwards and much much more) so I had it all under control via my mouse and the numpad/arrows.

Ryan said...

pwned can be pronounced owned or powned. if owned, usually because the o and p are next to each other, hence pwned being a common misspelling for owned. did you ever see the number plates on my corolla? PWN33D :P

And i just typed that out after reading anon's comment ;)

WASD and a mouse for life tho, i suck at consoles!

Maybe you should get some R6 practice by coming along with the boys on one of our late night drunken 'spec ops' missions. Actually no that's probably not a good idea lol

Nick said...

Obviously there's something seriously wrong with me, I've never had the slightest interest in play stations or their ilk. Funny, my favourite pastimes are still reading a book, listening to music or walking - or blogging. I don't have a DVD player and I never had a video recorder. I should probably be in a museum of human oddities. Well, male oddities anyway.

Baino said...

Anony: Haven't touched an Xbox so don't know the difference but I'll plug away just to regain a little respect! Actually you can steer with the controller but it's not very responsive. I'm marginally better at Need for Speed (marginally being the operative word)

Thrifty: I remember Descent, we had it years ago but used a joystick much easier. And Fligt Simulator still gets a run now and then. We've also had steering wheel's bolted to the computer desk and foot pedals which is a snack. I'm beginning to think playing on a PC might be the answer.

Thanks for the pwned explanation Ryan, nup never noticed the number plates! And no, putting myself in the face of gamer ridicule is not my idea of a good night out! I'll just share your pizza and retire. Nobody pwns me in public!

Nick: Ah it was 'quality' time with the lad on Mother's day. I think I earned a little kudos for even having a go. It's given me a vague understanding of how 8 boys can stay up until 4am killing people! Actually DrummerBoy noted that it didnt seem right playing it during the day!

Anonymous said...

HAHA, my quality time on Mother's Day was WITHOUT the constant NOISE coming from Playstations! They caught up with their missed time on Monday ... ;P

Anonymous said...

Blogging over video games?!