Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dress Me Up Before You Go Go

I feel a bit like Cinderella tonight but my Fairy Godmother hasn't turned up!

One of Stressany's sister's is celebrating a birthday and her completion of Uni as a mature age student so she's having a party. Next door are all abuzz getting their costumes and makeup ready. They have to dress as something which belies their first initial. So far there's:

  • Half Devil Half Angel
  • Death
  • Pommie
  • Scientist (clearly a Mad one)
    Welvis (He's German so can get away with the mis-pronounciation)
  • Bollywood Dancer
  • Country
  • Terrorist
  • Policeman

I wish I was invited but it's a family affair, hers not mine! I love dressups and for some reason my age group seem to have grown out of them with the exception of the American Halloweenies who do it under the pretext of accompanying their Children (I know you just love the getup!). These days the closest we get to being silly is wearing hats on Melbourne Cup day or when the girls get together for a night in with hotel gowns and frilly shower caps! (Don't ask!) or occasionally at Christmas when we wear our silly Santa T's and 'Santa's Little Helper' aprons.

I've been a Tea Bag at a "T" party, a Pillow at a Pyjama party, a patient at a "P" party. Fairy Bread at a Fairy Party, Medusa at Halloween . . .I've been a prostitute at a Pimps and Prostitutes bash, a Sailor and a Swimmer (complete with frilly neck-to-knees). I've been a Cameraman with video in hand and a freckle faced scout - Clare's out done me as a French Maid, Mogatu, Romy (from Romy and Michell), a white tiger (The one that ate Roy), a Fairy and a Poodle . . .even Adam's had a go at being a Pirate and a Wizard and he's not much into the fancy dress scene.

So as I contemplate a night in with DrummerBoy and the Fringelet, Beef Stroganoff and GH3. . it's OK I suppose but I'd rather be at a fancy dress party! *sob* I'd make a really good, good fairy Godmother!

SIL (mad scientist), Hanule,(Half angel, half devil)
Poider the 'pom', Bec from Bollywood


Miles McClagan said...

Oh dear, I can't think of any popular celebrities who are fifteen and sing pop records who I could possibly go to such a dress up party as...whistles idly...

And then I'd be arrested...

The secret of my only ever dress up party, will, alas, remain a secret...

Ces said...

The quartet looks like they are having a great time hamming it up for the camera and probably even a greater time at the party. We still have a lot of "dress up" birthday and weekend parties for adults. Once we had a Hawaiian theme, another an Arab theme, a hat theme and collar-up theme. Last Halloween the men wore masks and tried to startle the older (teenagers) trick or treaters. At work we had an Un-birthday party for our colleague and all wore funny hats (like the Mad Hatter)to her tea-unbirthday party for an hour in one of the conference rooms. Have a good weekend Baino.

Baino said...

Miley I know you've been to a fancy dress party donned out as a Standard Lamp! Whether you meant to or not! (Keep yer knickers on son!)

Hey Ces darls. Good for you. My bunch are all a bit old and boring. I come from a long lines of 'hams' Although brother Pete actually dresses like that on the weekend. He's a Man Utd nutter. Actually Welvis left before I had a chance for a photo but a 6'4"
German with an Elvis outfit on was a sight to behold! You have yourself a lovely weekend too! Now I must get back to Guitar Hero because my future DIL is beating me on 'Easy'! It's a hot time in the old town tonight I tell you!

TCL said...

How does one dress up as a pom? Is it the limey footballer with the bitter attitude?

Ces said...

Oh geez, I just caught up with your blog. I think I am the only conservative Republican visitor you have!

Excellent Adventures said...

Well lets have a dress up party when I get back! There's Adam's glow in the dark party in a couple of months too. You don't need an excuse, lets do it!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love the half angel/half devil!! And you would make a great fairy godmother -- I hope you can go to the next party, dress up is such fun! Thank you for the post about the U.S. election -- it's an exciting time in history ... and I hope it's the start of coming together in the States. I'm tired of tirades and am ready for folks to sit down and figure things out together without any name calling or nastiness. Fingers crossed! :)

Miladysa said...

*wonders if TCL is taking the proverbial...*

Great photies LD

Nothing delights me more than fancy dress! I am already planning my birthday party for 2010 - it's only 18 months away and if I want a decent venue I have to book it now! It is going to be a fancy dress themed affair - although I am going to be posh and call it a "Costumed Masque Ball" with a RoYds twist. Sir H is having palpitations at the thought... he from Yorkshire and can only think of the pennies rather than the fun :D

Bloggers finding themselves in the area will be invited to attend. So - any plans to travel in 2010?

Ropi said...

I celebrate my birthday with doing nothing and ignoring the fact that it is a special day in my life.

Baino said...

Ted he's hardly dressed up apart from the scarf. He's a Manchester United nutter. Our house is called "Old Trafford"

Ces: That makes you very special!

Oooh I forgot about the Glow In the Dark party . . but that's not until January . . .

Melissa her friend made it for $20!
She is half angel half devil that girl so it was very appropriate!
Thanks I think the political debate has died down a bit now and I agree, no more duality and divisiveness. It all got a bit dirty there for a while.

Miladysa - I'm sure he is "Wemberley! . . right?"
Aww a RoYds party would be fantabulous all that fantasy and horror. You should book some function room in a Stately Home or spooky hotel! And I always have plans to travel, it's the timing that's up in the air.

Ropi you're such a grouch!

Megan said...

I am a bit confused as to why you would not be invited.

Baino said...

Hi Megs, it was my sister in law's family do, not mine.

ian said...


We do dressing up in our church every Sunday - it's no big deal ;-)

Babysis said...

Hey we love fancy dress!! I thought that wouldve been obvious by now! Dont call em boring darls!

Hows about a fancy dress christmas and you can come as your favourtie christmas/nativity idol? Or a baked HAM if you so desire!!! Yeah I like that idea more and more!!!

Bring it On!

laughingwolf said...

baino, who sez you can't dress in your fairy godmother suit... and flit about at home? ;) lol

Quickroute said...

but Halloween is over? - fancy dress still going strong obviously!

Jay said...

Do you know, I've never been to a fancy dress party... (she says, wistfully)

They look like a lot of fun! Clearly I move in the wrong circles.

Is it co-incidence that everyone has chosen red and white?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Well, I hope nattering to me helped a bit. I can't think when I last went to a fancy dress party t - I think it must have been about um...28 years ago...and I hosted it! Oops.

Baino said...

Ian that you do but it lacks variety and colour!

Babysis, I'm up for a Chrissy theme whatever it is! Some would say I'm already a 'ham'.

Because Wuffa that would be sadder than not being invited to a party!

Not for me Quickie but yep, love a good dressup!

Jay! Well I'm surprised, very surprised. They are a colour coordinated lot aren't they?

Yep, the natter was indeed nice! As was the beef stroganoff! I can't remember either frankly apart from our Fluoro efforts last June when we had the bonfire but that was mainly to stop our nosey neighbours from calling the firies.

Kath Lockett said...

I went to a Halloween party dressed up as a clove of garlic once - most people didn't guess it straight away, but it sure got me a lot of opening conversation starters!

Excellent Adventures said...

Yeah, I like Babysis' idea. I want to come as a Christmas tree!!!

laughingwolf said...

ohhhhhhhh... i see your point :(