Sunday, April 12, 2009

You've Never Seen Anything Like It . . . Well you probably have . .but

Each year and after first placements in a variety of regional agricultural shows, the Royal Australian Agriculture Society runs the Sydney Easter Show! It's quite an event. I think something like State Fairs in the US. Full of exhibits, animals, fun rides, food, wine and performance.

I swore two years ago I wouldn't go again because of the heat and the crowds and the showbags and the crowds and the pong and the crowds but with little else to do on Good Friday and big kids begging, we hit the showbus and spent the best part of 11 hours with every bogun in Sydney.

Held at the former Olympic site the place was packed with that unique olfactory blend of animal poo, fairy floss and pluto pups. Every other person had a silly fluoro wig and a helium balloon. Children grizzled, youths showed off and the stroller army ploughed through everyone.

Generally we leave the fun park alone and this year didn't even venture near a dagwood dog but took our own picnic of wholemeal rolls and fruit boxes . . .OK we did succumb to some hot chips and barbecue sauce for tea! And I might have had a chocolate thick shake.

Colourful carousel

Copious crowds

Bobbing balloons

Educated equines

Colourful cows

Bucket boy

Boofuls babies . . .

Pacified pigs

Mollycoddled milkers

Fleet farriers

Pretty pussies!

Wubbly Woofas

Various Veg

Fab fruit

Amazing apples

Nasty knits

Reused and recycled

Deliciously decorated

Urban Utes

Twinkly twilight


Polo ponies

Rough riders

Motocross madness

Precision poise

Fiery finale

Captivating carousel

Knackered nutters


Ces said...

WHOAA! What a carnival. The apple sculpture is the BEST! Looks liked everyone got tired!.

Brian Miller said...

wow. looks like a little fun for everyone! My boys would have loved it!

laughingwolf said...

i'm with you, baino... HATE crowds

but this looks like it was fun :D

hokgardner said...

Great alliteration. But the knitting looks far from nasty.

River said...

This is about as close as I like to get to the show. Any show. The crowds and the noise get to me too much. I prefer to avoid migraines if I possibly can. Looks like you all had a great time though. I love the painted cows there.

Megan said...

Yikes! What an Amazing Array!

Like how you snuck in the chocolate shake. :)

Bimbimbie said...

Would have just been worth seeing the bucket boy in action lol*!*

Melanie said...

Im exhausted just taking the visual tour. Hey in picture labelled copius crowds , is there a girl picking her nose. Oh to be blogged for eternity appearing to be picking ones nose. Classic!. Sounds funner than my day. My stupid husband didnt buy me an easter egg and my "diet deal" is that I can only eat an egg if its a gift......Oh and I am a total bogan when it comes to utes, that where you woulda found me:)

Grannymar said...

Mammmmmmie, I wand a ride on the carousel!

Colourful photowalk! Nice pics.

Mrsupole said...

Wow, that looks like a fun day, and I really like those painted cows. I stay away from the fairs here, probably cause it is the same year after year. So I really enjoyed seeing this through your eyes and pictures. I have never seen those painted cows before.

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us.

God bless.

nick said...

Those cakes are something else. A good job I wasn't there or there'd be some serious scoffing going on.

i beati said...

oh my the talents - any flower shows??

Colette Amelia said...

Now that is what we call a fair here! And it sure looks like you packed a lot into your visit.

Great pics!

Quickroute said...

I've been to the US fairs and the biggest in South America which was a bit -yawn - boring and smelly but this looks HUGE!

GayƩ Terzioglu said...

I was going to go this week, but now I won't!!! Great pics, thats why. :) I feel I have seen it all.

Melissa said...

Now *that's* a carnival! Looks like a big fun tiring day! Love the dioramas made out of fruits and veggies. Hope you're having a nice weekend down there!

Baino said...

Actually Ces, these are usually spectacular panels but a little lacking in creativity this year. The fish was tops!

Kids paradise Brian if you can keep them away from the money pit that is the fun park!

I knew it would be busy Wuffa. Everything is closed on Good Friday so all go to the show!

Hok I knew you knitwits would like it that's why I took the picture. I'm sure it's very 'clever' but ugly colours!

Fortunately it wasn't too hot River, crowds smells and heat - perfect combo for a major headache!

Well . .it's the weekend and I needed something sweet to keep my energy up . . .and she accidentally put chocolate flakes on top and . .

Bimbimbie it was hilarious. Grown men catching poo so that their 'girls' didn't soil their legs!

Actually Mel it was a girl that won the Ute class in a bright pink thing with "Bubblegum" for the license plate! They did a parade around the showground . .very noisy. Nasty hubby! Withhold privileges!

The carousel was lovely I must admit Grannymar and the Ferris Wheel looked pretty cool at night as well.

Mrsupole, they were a 'schools' project. Kids painted them with images and messages about dairy and natural resource management.

Nick I'm not even sure there was actually any 'cake' under the icing but the sugar work was incredibly intricate. It would take a load of patience and a very steady hand!

iBeati we did go into the horticulture pavilion but it was a bit disappointing so no pics taken.

Collette I imagine it to be similar to the State Fairs but frankly, it lacks the 'class' that Americans manage to introduce to these things . . bit rough around the edges out here!

Pretty big Quickie. Goes for 5 days over the Easter weekend and has exhibits from all over the state. About 800,000 people attend. Quite a lot for a city of just 2 mill!

It's pretty good Gaye if you can stand the crowds. We avoid the funfair if at all possible and get a seat in the arena at about 5 otherwise you miss out. Although we did waste 20 minutes of our lives shuffling through the showbag pavillion and never bought anything!

Thanks Mel. Recovery day today it's been a busy Easter. We missed a lot though. Didn't get to the chooks or flying pigs!

Snowbrush said...

Ah, but you DO have colorful cows in Australia! I would be ashamed for you to see our American cows.

I was surprised to see a Confederate flag down there, as I thought it was purely an American symbol.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. Ces sent me.

subtorp77 said...

Never have I seen so much; all in one place! And the veggie set-up( and those enormous books! ). I'd be knackered out, as well, after touring here all day! Well done, Baino :)

BT said...

Lovely and interesting photos Baino. Those balancing cars and motorcycle madness folk were at the Canberra Show. I was there last March. Luckily it wasn't too hot. We then went to Sydney and it was reasonable there too. I don't like the heat.
Love the last photo! Well done for doing your stuff for the kids.

California Girl said...

Looks like a great deal of fun crowds or no. I love fairs and the animals are the best part (for me). In New England, the fairs are held in the Fall. Alot of apple crisp is served up with Italian sausage and pepper subs. Apples are plentiful, of course, and the air is crisp, sometimes cold, sometimes rainy, often sunny & bright. There are horse pulls (they pull heavy objects) and woodsman chopping contests. I just like to visit the cows and draft horses and goats and chickens. I love the smell of a barn. The rides are a big attraction but so expensive now. And the carnies. Those folk sure know how to hawk a ride!

kj said...

i love the cows almost as much as that guy bending over with the horse affectionately what, embracing him?

baino, when you get a chance, would you drop by my blog for a minute? thank you very much.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I've been in Oz for over 30 years and I've NEVER been to an Easter Show! Your pictures might actually persuade me! And I loved your alliteration.

Ronda Laveen said...

11 hours? What a marathoner are you. You got some fantastic pics. I especially like the motorcycle caught hang-time. I read the ferrier one too quick. The first time, I thought you wrote "Fleet Fairies." Good Day.

Baino said...

Hello Snowbrush . .if Ces says jump you better say 'How High!' Actually the Fed flag is very popular with the Ute fraternity. Stands for revolution et al!

Subby one day, yep not too far away, I am so so so going to a New England Fair and hopefully with one or two blogpals!

BT welcome aboard the blither that is bain. You went to Canberra? God why? Actually I am one of very few Australians who quite like Canberra. Autumn is a nice time to travel here. Warm days. Cool nights.

Cali . .I want to see it. Really I do. One thing Americans do so so well is 'events' and parades and fairs . . .I'm with you too. I love the smell of vegiesaurus poo!

Horses are very cuddly kj. . .especially if you have a treat in your pocket. And thank you for the lovely 'tribute' . . ffs. . .I am bending under the weight of my crown . ."Please rise for her profane magesty . . Queen Baino"

Oh Rinkly sprinkly dinkly . .you must go . .try the Brisbane Show. Just wait until you see my onomatopoeia!

Haha Ronda, my farrier would die a slow death if I called him a fairy. They're tough dudes! And 11 hours is great exercise for the pelvic floor (cos I don't do public loos) . .my Yogi would be proud!

steph said...

Can't decide which would be worse..

to be called a colourful cow or a pacified pig!

Enjoyed your pics thanks.

lettuce said...


how could you!


Baino said...

Aww Lettuce, I knew I'd upset the knit wits . . I mean I'm sure the patterns are lovely but the colours? They all look like nana mats. Big up to the cleverness of the knitters though.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks for bringing us along! a fun time....great photos!!!!