Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yarpy Real Estate Agents

Despite ClareBear's protestations that I make assumptions and am a racist - might have had something to do with me discouraging her from dating a Tanzanian man she met in a nightclub on Saturday night . . . I do generally have a problem with white South Africans. Whilst I work with one who's quite nice and funny . . . he's definitely got the white supremecist thing going and hasn't lived there for 27 years! Then there's TheBoss's friend Yarpy who has met me on several occasions but was so drunk by the end of each, he reintroduces himself every time he meets me .

But the current irritation comes as a combination of a dyed-in-the wool South African Real Estate Agent. So put that white supremecist, 'I can't make it in my fucked up country so I've come to make lots of money in yours' atttitude with hard sell real estate training and you have an asshole of gargantuan proportions with none other than a hyphenated name (always thought that was pretentious and non committal too - either keep your own name or change it . . it's like being bi-sexual - make up your mind). Anyway he knows we're for sale and keeps telling me that he wants to represent us then in the next breath tells us how shit the block is:

Too many trees (Yes, we like hugging them)
Watercourse (What? in this drought)
Not enough bathrooms (Does the word 'demolition' mean anything to you?)
Asking too much (think of the commission asshole)

Despite deriding our property and asking price, he's still interested. Now he has a buyer who wants 16 blocks - 80 acres - on our side of the street . . .but will only share if we sign an Agent's agreement . . . I don't think so you right wing, fascist, money grubbing, real estate agent - show me the money Yarpie, show me the money!

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