Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Frippery

I have been in battle with a smartass from a fund manager all day
I have $1.92 in the bank
It is raining very hard and has been all week
Crispy isn't happy cos his KISS cover band is changing lineup
Daz is incommunicado or in love, I've yet to ascertain which
Brian is having a long weekend and drinking Vodka
JD is off with the pixies
Grandad is tearing the health system apart
AV is waxing lyrical in her darkroom
DrummerBoy will be Drumming
ClareBear will be partying
Thommo has her day off
TheBoss has gone on a golfing holiday
K8 is playing nursmaid and cleaning windows
Kate is probably knitting and nursing a migraine
Nonny will be up to high jinks
Anonymous will be taking pics
Terrence is probably tipping cows
Wordnerd will be watching the game
Ian preparing his sermon
Ryan is counting down the days till he gets his shiny new 'ute'
TheBenchwarmer will be drinking coffee, lamenting lost love and smoking too much . . .
If I left anyone out, I'm sorry . . .

So to the rest of my bloggy friends . . . . . . . have a lovely weekend wherever you are. It's all good . . COS IT'S TIME TO GO HOME . . . .

And here's a little Aussie band with a song that I like, I just wish I was young enough to go to their concerts without looking conspicuous - Gyroscope with 'Snakeskin' - not quite what someone my age should enjoy . . .but then, I'm a little different.


Unknown said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Baino - have fun, chill and... yes, well, you know.

And there's something for you over at my place :-)

Unknown said...

Reply to your comment awaits you in Vanilla's lair...

Anonymous said...

hey might forget you, but I will be here.


Unknown said...

8 more cents and you could buy yourself a cheeseburger.

Kate said...

You're right on the knitting, blissfully wrong on the migraine... things have been quiet there for the past week or so, and I'm fully aware that I should be grateful. And I am.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend... mine starts in 11 hours and 42 minutes...

Terence McDanger said...

Cow tipping, it's not big and it's not clever. You never saw the like of it on Hymen Wye. (giggle)

Anonymous said...

No window cleaning for me no more chuck!!! A replacement lady is in the process of induction to drive big yellow, so that should keep the fellow stoner lad window cleaners happy at least! Me, I get to stay home and sample TAT's happy pills on the sly.

A weekend wasted is never a wasted weekend I always say.

Anonymous said...

I only hang wit' 'Ta Pixies, because I am one! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA that song wasn't bad! Have a good one :)

Baino said...

AV: Thanks for the nomination. I'm very flattered.

GM:Gets a bit like that doesn't it?

Ryan: You know how I feel about McDonalds. I'd rather starve.

Kate: Glad the migraines are not bothering you this week and I like your fingerless gloves!

Terrence: Sorry, I forgot your affection for the bovine ladies

K8: Yay you! Well done, now youjust have to be the nursemaid.You'll need some sedation I reckon! Just swallow a few of those Aqua Beads

JD: I know wingnut! But you're also kinda magic!

Anony: Alright isn't it. Heard it on TripleJ on the way to work and it tickled my fancy.