Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sloth and the Other Six

Well today has been a cool grey day . . I've spent the bulk of it alone with motivation levels at zero apart from bringing in the washing and filling a new rabbit hole . . my couch has been my friend and my heater's working overtime.

so here they are and in no particular order:

Greed . . . I caved and bought chips for lunch. Not just a small chips, gravy and a couple of fish pieces but large and ate . . well about a third. I was so greedy and so mesmerised by the smell that I over-ordered and gave most of it to the best fed dog in Australia. Apologies to the starving nations of the world . . the smell made me do it!

Gluttony . . well on top of the chips, we're planning a roast for dinner however there's only Adam and I at home, so when I should be having a salad it's an excessive proposition but he likes his mum's roast dinner! Today I have eaten Omelette Tante Suzette for breakfast, chips and gravy for lunch and will back up for some medium rare Scotch fillet and the requisite roasted accoutrement's for dinner . . .someone will have to roll me to bed!

Wrath . . seriously, the last thing I want to do on a lazy Sunday is wield a shovel and block up a hole underneath the coping stones of the swimming pool to stop rabbits eating the gardenias and beginning tunnels that make the Vietnamese look like amateurs (especially underneath the pool). The bastards have undermined our paddock to the point that I cannot bring my horses home without major excavations, I'm expecting the shed (which is actually a double garage) to just drop 12 inches into the subsoil at any moment with a bang and a 'puff' of dust. At least chipmunks and squirrels don't dig away at your foundations! I am ready to Pindane the whole friggin' colony if it wasn't for the risk of dogs eating the poisoned rabbits (someone told me that pellets mixed with dry plaster of Paris was an efficient rodent deterrent . . .I just can't bring myself to kill animals via constipation). Looks like I have a holy garden during il Papa's visit!

Envy . . two young 21 year old females with perfect hair and skin have just invaded my peace in skin tight black leggings, Nike runners, pink layers and scarves, carefully but effectively wound around their dainty throats, to assist DrummerBoy (soon to be renamed Maintenance Man) in handing out letterbox leaflets to promote his garden maintenance side interest. One look at their nubile bodies, long and shapely legs and ability to raise a knee to tie their shoelaces whilst standing on one leg and well . . .I WANT A BODY LIKE THAT! . . .NOW BIATCHES!

Pride . . .well I am proud of my boy who's current position isn't quite working out. It's more labouring than gardening as the upper middle class want outdoor rooms, decks, pergolas and $3000 barbecues with outdoor kitchens. The only plant being the odd mondo grass line or a black boy amid the Cowra pebbles. So . . he's starting his own little maintenance business on the side! We are now the owners of a decent Rover Mower, petrol hedge clippers and a whipper snipper and a number of other new garden maintenance power tools which have yet to be 'exercised' on my own scrappy back yard. I'm actually very proud of my little entrepreneur.

Sloth . . describes my behaviour today to a 'T' . . .I woke at 3:30am . . yep the insomnia is back and some guru told me to get out of bed . . read, make a cuppa, watch telly . . anything other than staying in bed which is basically for sex and sleep apparently (neither of which are occuring in my bed at the moment!). Unable to return to my slumber, it's now 3:30pm and I've been awake for 12 hours . . .I've watched the entire series 3 of Scrubs and Two DVD's and am only writing here because the Arts show has a session on jazz percussion which sounds like a bunch of wankers plonking around on kitchen utensils. The only exercise I have entertained is filling in abovementioned rabbit hole and folding my washing . . .I'm exhausted.

As for Lust . . well yes I have it . . as yet recently unsatisfied but it hasn't been high on the agenda . . .I'm thinking about posting a personal for a Sunday fairweather companion:

Strong independent woman in need of motivation seeks Sunday companion with an interest in getting OUT of bed. Must be able to motivate me to get off my ass and actually get dressed before 11am and enjoy late brunch. Has to be clean -shaven with sparkling personality.
Casual sex possible but unlikely if you watch football on telly
or refer to breasts as fun bags

Sorted . . .


Bimbimbie said...

It's been a greyish blue sky Sunday up here too. My highlight was catching forty winks at midday when the sun managed to come out for a while so I thought I'd better do the right thing and try to make a deposit of vitamin E into my bones not sure if the sun got through my woolen layers though*!* It's chip weather I made some chip wedges last night and thought hmmm another potato should do it ;)

Goodness I hope our hares don't go inviting any rabbits to live with them I have enough hole filling from the bandicoots. I'm pleased you don't want to cause death by constipation but appreciate what a big danger they are for your horses - hadn't thought about that before.

Good luck to your son, I think he's onto a winner ... there seems to be a growth in the number of perfect skin, hair, nails (either sexes) who have a fear of garden maintenance*!*

All the best with your advert hmmmm
what about a Tassie Devil?

Love the baby sloth picis *!*

laughingwolf said...

lol ...sorry baino, but found this post amusing ;)

cutie pics, and g'luck to your son

Anonymous said...

Now that is a fantastic post, I often think about the seven deadly sins, didn't realise that Scrubs is part of that !.. I will rot in Hell, Mrs M is fed up with me doing JD type flashbacks and thoughts !

I too am awake early, Another blog of mine will be about body clocks .. can you change them ???

Thriftcriminal said...

I want to be a sloth.

Anonymous said...

Your sloth reached these shores and I have become a victim.

It has taken so long for me to comment I have forgotten what I wanted to say.

Megan said...

I am stealing this idea for a post of my own. I'll tell everyone it was yours first though...

Anonymous said...

Chips and gravy I understand but...

chips, gravy and fish pieces...Nah!

You got it bad , Baino ;-)

An absolute favourite here after a few scoops is...

my slow-cooked beef bourguignon served with big greasy chips from the local take-away ~ dee-lish!

Best of luck to the maintenance man in his new endeavour!

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

I haven't left home in over 48 hours! Could this be a global virus?

Baino said...

Bimbimbie it was jut one of those days and this morning I feel very guilty for waiving the weekend (that should be the 8th sin!)So how do I get rid of the rabbits! fwoooaar!

LW: I live to amuse!

Thanks Moon if you work out the body clock thing gimme some hints. I'm an awful sleeper. And no Scrubs isn't a sin but I guess watching the entire series in one day might be pushing the boundaries! Peace out!

Thrifty you have to wait until the girls have left home!

Poor GrannyMar . . sorry for infecting you . . .now I know what they mean by a computer virus!

Megan go for it, I'll buzz over tonight and check progress.

Steph . . see what I mean? One or the other should have been enough but I was hungry and thought I could tackle the lot (the gravy comes separately). Beef and chips? Surely they must be French Fries.

Quickie now I don't feel so bad at least I did a run up to chippie and DVD store! (well a slow walk)

Anonymous said...

It's my turn to be late! I see the Pope's visit is having 'some' influence on you :)

Baino said...

Haha Anon . . at least you arrived! Very chic party girl! Yep. This week is Pope week so tune in . . something serious . .something funny and maybe if I have time someting philosophical!

laughingwolf said...

and ye do it so well, too ;)

Baino said...

LW awww fanks!

Anonymous said...

Loving the advert. You really should publish it, then you can show us all the replies so we can laugh at them!!

And good on the Drummer. An entrepreneur in the family eh, Baino?! x