Thursday, October 08, 2009


I'm cheating a big time this week. Mainly because I'm not a collector . . well I have a few things that I collect but nothing that would stand out as a series or a set . .
Theme Thursday's focus today is "Collections". I'm not a shoe person at all. I own a pair of silver Haviana thongs, a pair of black heeled ankle boots, a pair of comfy black flats, a pair of ASIC Gel cross-trainers and a pair of soft leather Moroccan sandals . . . .I've never understood the obsession with shoes and handbags, I guess I'm just not a girly-girl

Marcos Shoe Collection Saved from Phillipine Floods

ABC News, Australia, 8 October 2009

A museum guard's quick thinking saved part of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos's infamous shoe collection when huge floods devastated the nation's capital.

The 200-pair display was moved upstairs just before flood waters swamped the ground floor of the Marikina Shoe Museum on the eastern outskirts of the capital, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

"A guard was able to take most of the pairs to the second floor," city mayor Marides Fernando said. "We will account for them in due time, but our priority right now is still the affected families.

Marikina, the Philippines' shoe production capital, was among the hardest hit areas when Tropical Storm Ketsana dumped record rains in and around Manila on September 26, killing almost 300 people.

Ms Marcos's shoe collection has become one of the most notorious symbols of the luxury and excess she enjoyed during the 20-year reign of her dictator husband, Ferdinand Marcos.

About 3,000 pairs of shoes were found in her quarters at the Malacanang presidential palace after she and her husband fled to US exile amid a bloodless "people power" revolt that ended Marcos rule in 1986.

The former first lady, who returned to the Philippines shortly after her husband died in Hawaii in 1991, has long maintained that she collected so many shoes partly to promote the Marikina industry.

The museum showcases the Marcos collection and an assortment of other footwear worn by former Philippine presidents, senators, ambassadors and Marikina mayors.

Well nice to know something as useless as a shoe collection has survived the ravages of tragedy in the Phillipines! At least someone has their priorities right! *NOT*

Now that's my idea of a shoe collection . . stolen from Maiurkirikilla


Mim said...

I have always had a weakness for shoes - I think because they usually fit no matter what dress size you wear. Then I went and broke my leg and after it healed, found that my feet became different sizes so had to buy new shoes to fit the different sized feet.
I'm calming down about shoes now, it's about comfort now and not much else.

Brian Miller said...

one pair of black dress shoes, one pair of brown, my converse all stars and a pair of flip, i actually have more shoes than i thought. happy tt baino!

Susan at Stony River said...

I *love* shoes I'll admit, but if there was a flood ravaging nearby villages and sweeping people away, I would not be running to the museum screaming "save the SHOES! save the SHOES!".

Just. No. Way.

Watch this guard get a medal for it. pfft.

Candie said...

What is it with you that you always find interesting stuff?You know how to enlight the theme so perfectly!I "praise" you Baino!And I'm right with you on that one,not being a much of a girly girl myself!Those are my kind too,high heels,me?OMG!You want my death,lol!Perhaps,on a hot night to please..but's ok that is evening in your place!lol.Besides,I'm so tall already!Well I'm off subject as usual!Great post!:)

hokgardner said...

The only shoes I collect are running shoes. I counted six pairs at one point. My husband made me get rid of a few.

Anonymous said...

BAH! Priorities, riiiiight! Shoes can be replaced...

Grow Up said...

Books. Lots of books. That's about all I collect.

nick said...

Books indeed. I have the bare minimum of shoes, about six pairs including walking boots. What I collect is books and CDs. And official paperwork. And newspaper cuttings. And old cardboard boxes. And maps.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

thanks to alan I now have a construct for my collecting tendencies - flirting!

not one for shoes or purses either - although I was really into shoes when I was young. I tend to wear my shoes until they literally fall off my feet

ironic, wv is heelcap! said...

Wow! All those people needing help and they saved the shoes? I think they should sell Imelda's collection to help those who lost homes & family members.

I much prefer the flip-flop collection!

Roy said...

Heh, heh! Pretty good take on the theme for someone who isn't a collector. Well done, Baino!

Grannymar said...

I do like shoes and have them for years. I use shoe trees and clean them regularly. Several pairs are ten years old and still look good. I am a comfort rather than a fashion person. No time for those thongy things between my toes.... I would freeze.

jay said...

I have never understood the shoe collecting thing either, though I do have far more shoes than most. In my case it's because my feet are so hard to fit that when I see a nice pair of shoes which ARE comfy, I have to buy them. Some of my shoes date back twenty years though. Does that help?

And I think it's a perfectly valid post for 'Collections'! Love the flip-flop picture. Um, I mean 'thongs'. LOL!

Holly said...

Love love love the whimsy~Holly

Ed said...

I never wear flip-flops (they shorten your leg muscles and cause stride problems from their design) but I'd take a collection of sandals!

nonamedufus said...

Imelda Marcos...gosh that lady had sole!

laughingwolf said...

moronic stupidity... save mofo SHOES while PEOPLE drown? GRRRRR

e said...

No weakness for shoes here and I'm with laughingwolf on this...Nice Flip Flops, though.

Skip Simpson said...

Why would a person need so many shoes? After all, you only have two feet! And I laughed at the thought of wild-eyed people screaming, "Save the SHOES!!!" LOL! Great take on the theme! Happy TT!

Darlene said...

I have shoes that I thought I had to have and have only worn them a couple of times. I think it's time to clean my closet. ;-)

Jasmine said...

A colourful picture :)

Tom said...

did Andy Warhol do a flip flop painting? My shoe collection rotates: running shoes are demoted to work shoes then to lawn mowing shoes then mud grubbing shoes. Either way, Toby likes to steal them all for a quick chew.

Wings1295 said...

My Mrs. has a thing for shoes, but nothing extravagant. Just normal, useful stuff. Me? I have my sneakers, one pair of dress shoes, and I think one or two pairs of sandals. OH! And my old sneakers for when I have to clean up outside! :)

Renee said...

What a joke. Love Renee xoxo

Not For Jellyfish said...

I'm not all that much of a shoe girl either... That was interesting though! :)

Don't Bug Me! said...

Am I the only one in the world that can't wear flip flops? The little bit that goes in between my toes rubs and rubs until it is so sore that I can't walk with the vile things on my feet - usually takes about 20 minutes. Then it is back to my sensible, oh so comfortable, Clarks sandals.

California Girl said...

I do collect things but they're things like china, crystal, etc. and I developed the habit from my mother. I did collect tiny artifical mice as a kid. There was this cool place in Laguna Beach called "House of the Mouse" and she dressed the little mice up in outfits and created tableaux and I bought one or two every summer when we went there. Loved those damn things.

Hey! Don't miss my collection post. You'll love the photos.

Ces Adorio said...

May her husband rot in hell forever, the Bastard dictator and may she follow him, the Bitch!

Whew! Let me wash my mouth.

I have an award for you my dear.

The Marcoses are evil.

Kandi said...

OMG!! Thank goodness that they saved the shoes!!!!! LOL!

Betsy Brock said...

I love flip flops! You can never have too many pairs! :)

The Jelly Monster said...

Shoes shmoos, hate them never bought a pair in my life!

Who am I kidding, I love them they are my children, I would die without them or if anything happened to babies...

I bought these amazing platform stilletto black leather boots, very sexy! Don't tell maxi...he thinks I've had them forever...shhhhh

xxx said...

I'm not big on shoes or handbag collecting either.

When I lived in Bundeena I noticed a house plastered in abandoned thongs. Apparently they were collected over time from the beach.
Surprisingly it looked good... for a beach house :)

x Ribbon

a. said...

When Meg and I come visit, you'll have to take us flip flop shopping. With breaks for wine, lunch, wine, and more wine.

Megan said...

I second that.

Rowe said...

Baino, your shoe collection sounds similar to mine, I do have about 3 or 4 pairs of heels - I'm a
laydee - that I rarely wear.

kj said...

all these colored flip flops? laughingwolf said it best: who the hell moved these during a human crisis and WTF?


River said...

I have a rather large dust collection, I don't keep it anywhere special, it's just kind of scattered throughout the house....
My main collections are books, cd's and dvd's. I'm all about amusing myself.

Coffee Messiah said...

Not being a collector is no big deal.

I remember when they found out about the marcos, as I worked with a few people from their. Yowee.

Nicely done ; )

And read your previous post, after reading about the dustbowl days (Stories From The Worst Hard Time) well, it ain't pretty.

Glad all is well your way otherwise.


Baino said...

Mim, my bestie too, she still has boots and platforms from the 70s and they're all being worn again

Ha . Brian, you'd do well here! Thongs are a national institution

Suzie, I imagine you in wellies or "gum boots" as we call them most of the time

Dunno Candie but I'm glad I entertain. I was really pressed for time!

Running . . .hmmmm . . no!

That they can and hers all seemed to look the same. Weird since she wore long national dress most of the time

Ah Grow Up is your site working again? I'm a shit reader of books.

Nick! I think I did spy a pair of sandals? . . .maps?

Haha . .Kimy I think Alan would enjoy a flirt , . .me too although I stubbed my toe this morning and even my uber comfy flats hurt!

Yeh Catlady, I'm a flip flop fanatic.

Now Roy, your tan lines give away your footwear of choice!

Jay you surprise me. I thought you would have been into shoes

Amok Amok Amok Holly

Ah maybe so VE but they're very good for your foot muscles apparently. Keep the toes gripping.

Dufus . .Duh!

Yeh well I think it was just one guy Wuffa . . . most of the Pacific rim is having a horror cluster weather experience at the moment. Not unusual in geological terms.

Ha . .E . .sensible is as sensible does . .seriously . . we live in the things during summer

Darls . . .I bet your grandchildren have their eyes on your shoes. Vintage is BIG out here.

Thanks Jaz

Tom where do you work that your stinky runners are appropriate for work?

Wings . .very manly of you

Hehe . . .Renee I know you have a pretty pair of heels in your wardrobe!

Really Jelly . .I'd have put you up there in the shoe collection category

Yes BDM you are a soft sole! Although the most comfortable shoes I ever owned were a pair of Zamberlain hiking boots. They died and I can't afford new ones.

Cali I probably do have 'collections' in other people's eyes but I don't add to them. I seem to have souvenired more chinaware than I need! And three Waterford Decanters . who uses Waterford crystal?

Whoa there feisty feet! Off topic and I know you love shoes!

Otin Tee hee . .you've been very nice to me on the blogs lately. I'm overcome with 'Awwww"

Yeh yeh . .I know, I remember the boot expedition. . .Thank God he's a man . .he'll never catch on.

River there's a pacific Island somewhere (north of Cairns) and they keep finding single thongs on the beach. Can you count how many pairs you've lost in the sand . .I can't

I'd wear heels Rowe if I wasn't worried about falling off them. Must admit, my boots have a 3 inch heel but that's way high enough.

I know jk . an enthusiast at the least. . .

Haha . .River, after last week, I have a pretty large dust collection also! Me too but these days we download shhhh!

G'day to you too CM . . nah . . .in the end you know, you die and someone has to deal with your 'collections'. Only three months ago we got rid of my Dad's international beer collection . .not worth drinking but maybe worth keeping who knows. Gone now.

Thanks everyone . .not a bad turnout for a hasty post. I love yer bones!

i beati said...

I can't stand closed in shoes anymore and cannot remember when it happened

nick said...

Funnily enough I don't wear sandals, though I do have a pair of espadrilles. I don't eat muesli either....

Leah said...

I love shoes but not to the extent of that crazy lady, obviously!

The flip flops are so pretty.

Dreamhaven said...

I had a boyfriend a few years ago who had a high heel fetish. He must have bought me 6 pairs of high heeled sandals. When we broke up, he kept his favorite pair because he didn't want me to wear them for anyone else.
As for me, I normally have only 3 or 4 pairs.

laughingwolf said...

still, poor optics, as they say :(

Baino said...

iBeati I stubbed my toe yesterday and my shoes killed! Back in thongs this morning. . God I love the weekend!

Oooh espadrilles . . how very metro of you Nicky noo!

I'd probably like them more if they were less expensive Leah. But I haven't worn more than a small heeled shoe for decades.

Dreamhaven that's a bit quirky!

hmmm . . quite so dawg!

lettuce said...

very cool photo

dytudtyujdytdgh said...